Saturday, May 30, 2009

♫“June is bustin’ out all over…”♫

♫“June is bustin’ out all over…”♫
“♫…all over the meadow and the hill.

Buds are bustin’ outa bushes
and the rompin’ river pushes,
the little wheel that wheels beside the mill.♪
♫“June is bustin’ out all over…♫

the feeling is getting so intense,
that the young Virginia Creepers
have been huggin' the bejeepers
out of all the Morning Glories on the fence...
“♫…because it's June...

♫“just because it's June, June, June!”♫

I did our June blog two days early because we will be leaving in the morning for a mission health visit to the Argentina Resistencia Mission.

We will have 7 zone conferences, 2 days there are 2 each, and will return Saturday, June 6. It is always exciting to work with the mission president and his wife and the young Elders and Sisters. Walt is doing a great work here helping missionaries take care of their medical needs.

We are excited to go where our oldest daughter, Janie, served from August 1984 to February 1986 when it was all the Argentina Rosario Mission. When our youngest son, Brian, went June 1992 to June 1994, it had been divided into the Argentina Resistencia Mission.

Then June 21 to 30th we've been invited by the president and wife of the Argentina Mendoza Mission to return for our second visit to them since we were there last November. We wish all the mission presidents would invite us for a visit. Tomorrow will make the 7th mission of the 14 that we will have been invited to visit.

We just learned that our neighbors are helping take care of our lawn between the time that Julie & John have moved back to Utah and that someone moves in. Julie had arranged for another family to move in, but now they've been transferred to Idaho Falls. However, we are happy that perhaps a newlywed couple (whom we love both them and their families) will be able to live in our home from July on until we're back the end of March 2010.

Walt got tears when he heard about the neighbors helping with the lawn and said: "We surely do live in a wonderful neighborhood!" We are very grateful. Thank you.

If you go to Julie's blog from my link here, you will see about Julie and John's move and their feelings about it. We will miss them so much! "Hardly worth goin' home for if they won't be there anymore," Walt said.

Since I won't be blogging next week, here's something I'd like to share that I put in missionary Sister Fisher, our granddaughter's and my mother's letters this week.
A few quotes from L. Aldin Porter's 1999 General Conference talk "Destiny" about the Plan of Salvation. [This is what all we missionaries are trying to share with the world that is available because of the Atonement of the Savior.]
"...We cannot make wise, long-range decisions unless we understand that there is purpose here and recognize and understand at least some aspects of the merciful plan of the great Creator.
“It is clear that our Heavenly Father had a plan laid out for the accomplishment of His purposes. In the scriptures we read of the many names of the plan: “the great plan of happiness,” “the plan of redemption,” “the merciful plan of the great Creator,” “the plan of salvation,” “the plan of justice,” and “the great plan of the Eternal God.”

“Each name emphasizes one aspect or another of the plan. But in reality there is only one plan called by many names through which God means to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of ['Aimee Fisher, Verna Albertson, Eileen Petersen, Walt Petersen...., in actuality all men and women.']"

We'll be back to blog next week. Hope you all have a great first week of June! :)
Our surviving laptop has gone weird this week and won't let me load photos in from my camera, and this morning it won't let me browse any stored photos from "My pictures..." And a couple of weeks ago the sound stopped. We've checked all the audio buttons...but no sound. Que lastima!


The Call's said...

You always know what to say. Your words remind me so much of my mother's when she was still in this world with me.

Can't wait to hear about next week on your blog.

Que lastima about your lap top is right.

The VIPs said...

I love that song- now I'm going to have to go watch Carousel : )

Jogusboy said...

Yay June! Almost to Summer Vacation!

Janiece said...

Kira and I would like to visit before Spring in Argentina is gone...
It is cold at home this week...
Crazy weather!

Brewer Bunch said...

and who can forget David's rendition, "Julie's bustin out all over..."??!! ;)

I hope your visit has gone well! Love you and miss you.