Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Halloween songs for kids...

This goes with the cutline about "Bore a Hole in Muley's Horn..."
Did you all know this is what Grampa Bide Prescott used to do with "little Walty"?
Happy Autumn....and Happy Halloween from our home to yours.

A few past Autumn scenes...
"Happy Fall Ya'all" has new meaning for Aimee this Autumn...

where she may pick up a Soutern accent from the Okies...
Goodbye to our scarecrows until the Autumn of 2010...
(photo disappeared when I tried closing in the cutlines...what's the "undo" function key?)

One more "Bore a hole in Muley's horn..." with 16-mo old Maddie before we leave for 18 months.

She will be almost 3 years old when we return the end of March 2010.

Yes, just a year ago we had arrived at the city with the famous
"Pink Building", aka "Casa Rosada"...Oct. 2008
How many cousins are caught by the Uncles in this
second generation "Boogeyman" game?
Grama 'n Grampa helped Janie can peaches last Autumn.
Grampa and Aimee are harvesting more than peaches this Autumn,
since they are both serving in Oklahoma, the other in Argentina.
One of the things we're excited about this Autumn is
counting down the days till Dale & Connie come to visit us in December!
October is General Conference Grampa watches it with
two of his grandchildren...Josh and Anna.
October 2007 - Grampa loved helping our neighbor remodel their home.
October 2006 - Daniel brought lots of clothes for the orphanage in Guatemala
for his Eagle Scout project.
October 2006 - It wasn't "trick or treat" time...but Aimee gave her favorite necklace to this Guatemala orphan because the little girl took a fancy to it.
Jackson and Jacee helping Grampa can peaches.
We will always remember Grama A in her beautiful home built by Grampa A.
Autumn means canning peaches...Jacee and Jackson helped Grampa 'n Grama in Sept 2007

More snatches of our 7 days with Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi...Oct. 8

We just thought Grampa would get to spend Day 2 with us.
On our way to the subway Elder Petersen got a call from a Sr. Missionary having afibralation, so Grampa got his stethoscope from the area office and we bid him adieu. He spent the day at the heart clinic with this elder Elder, and the five of us headed for the City Bus Tour.
(Julie, I could only get my cutlines to go under the photos on the first one I did
...which shows up last on the blog. I need some blogging lessons from Sayda.)
City bus tour...Heidi took 155 photos on the tour...and we only did half of the tour.
But then in a city of 13,000,000 -- half is still
6 1/2 million worth of people to see!
Headphones for English narration.
Second stop on city bus tour is for lunch, some tango, and shopping at LaBoca--old Italian quarter of the city by the tourist center.
Heidi tangoes in Argentina...
Katie doing the tango in Buenos Aires...
Daniel doing the tango in LaBoca, Capital Federal, Argentina.
"So, what are we going to eat in Argentina?" Katie asked her Mom before they came.
Good thing chicken and french fries are universal.
When Grampa called to say he was back and that the Sr. Missionary had been started on coumidin to have follow-up, we got off the bus tour, walked to the nearest subway, discovering that it seems all 13 million Argentines were trying to get home from work on the same subway.
"My kids have a new understanding of 'packed like sardines,' " Janie said.
After supper in the apartment we watched "Chariots of Fire"...but jet lag put the kids to sleep before it finished.
How great it was just to be together. What a blessing that "families are forever!"
Each day we are more thankful for the Atonement of the Savior making Eternal Families possible. We pray to endure with joy to the end.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another ingrown toenail...

Before we catch up with the rest of Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi's visit, and also put some photos in from our last week's mission health visit to the Argentina Cordoba's what's going on this morning in the area office...
We are so sad for this Elder who has had about 4 ingrown toenails during the year we have been here. He came in this morning to have it taken care of....again. Ouch!
He's happy to have it taken care of so he can walk again without pain.
Monday morning, back at the area office, and two young Elders from the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission who came to visit us. After the infected toenail is taken care of, the Oreos also help bring smiles. Plus these Elders got about 5 big spoonfuls of peanut butter in a plastic baggie to each make a peanut butter sandwich from for their lunch today on their P-day.
Peanut butter is hardly ever in the stores here...and when it is, it costs $8 USD for the smallest size jar!
We're thankful for Janie bringing us 3 big jars of of which we've given to Jose' in the area office for all his expertise in helping Walt and Daniel know how to buy their tickets for the big soccer playoff game between Argentina and Peru for Oct. 10 when they were here.
Jose' was also their guide in getting them to the game, and what to be careful of going and coming to the stadium.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some snatches of our great 7 days with Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi...

Day apartment from airport, unpacking the treasures they brought us from the States...Like peanut butter, tomato soup, mapeline, Ranch and Cataline Salad Dressing...many things they do not have here....oh, good brown sugar and chocolate chips...
Sorry, now we've got to leave to go to Zone Conference #2 in Cordoba...
Hope to blog more today after the Z.C.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hope to blog Janie, Daniel, Katie, Heidi's wonderful visit by tomorrow...

A couple of things we saw in Argentina......... my photos are in my other computer.
We had 7 days of fun, fun, fun...and one mishap, that I hope to blog by tomorrow.

Lost some photos than were taken on my camera's internal memory when the memory card filled. I have it on the lowest pixels but it will only hold 88 photos, versus the 900 it used to hold. How do I get it to hold more photos like it used to?

Any camera gurus out there to help?

Also...on my mind, when I can get snippets of time to work a little on my Mom's life story...

I've been unsuccessful in a Google search for the jump rope rhyme words for: "Not last night but the night before twenty-four robbers came to our door..." My mother wanted to put it in her life story of one of the jump rope songs they sang...but she can't remember any more of it.

Does anyone know the rest of the words?

We'll be going on a misson health visit to the Argentina Cordoba Mission zone conferences, Monday, Oct. 19 through Saturday, Oct. 24.
Thanks. Eileen

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi are here!

They're here! Welcome, Fishers!
Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi have arrived safely!
They don't look like they've traveled for 22 hours since leaving Rexburg yesterday morning.
Yes, families are forever!!!