Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Halloween songs for kids...

This goes with the cutline about "Bore a Hole in Muley's Horn..."
Did you all know this is what Grampa Bide Prescott used to do with "little Walty"?
Happy Autumn....and Happy Halloween from our home to yours.

A few past Autumn scenes...
"Happy Fall Ya'all" has new meaning for Aimee this Autumn...

where she may pick up a Soutern accent from the Okies...
Goodbye to our scarecrows until the Autumn of 2010...
(photo disappeared when I tried closing in the cutlines...what's the "undo" function key?)

One more "Bore a hole in Muley's horn..." with 16-mo old Maddie before we leave for 18 months.

She will be almost 3 years old when we return the end of March 2010.

Yes, just a year ago we had arrived at the city with the famous
"Pink Building", aka "Casa Rosada"...Oct. 2008
How many cousins are caught by the Uncles in this
second generation "Boogeyman" game?
Grama 'n Grampa helped Janie can peaches last Autumn.
Grampa and Aimee are harvesting more than peaches this Autumn,
since they are both serving in Oklahoma, the other in Argentina.
One of the things we're excited about this Autumn is
counting down the days till Dale & Connie come to visit us in December!
October is General Conference Grampa watches it with
two of his grandchildren...Josh and Anna.
October 2007 - Grampa loved helping our neighbor remodel their home.
October 2006 - Daniel brought lots of clothes for the orphanage in Guatemala
for his Eagle Scout project.
October 2006 - It wasn't "trick or treat" time...but Aimee gave her favorite necklace to this Guatemala orphan because the little girl took a fancy to it.
Jackson and Jacee helping Grampa can peaches.
We will always remember Grama A in her beautiful home built by Grampa A.
Autumn means canning peaches...Jacee and Jackson helped Grampa 'n Grama in Sept 2007

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SAYDA said...

I love all the pictures. I love your family. You are the best mom/grandmother in the world!