Thursday, August 25, 2016

Traces of Time . . . August 22-28, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ August 22, 2016 
August 28, 2016
in IDAHO ~

How do these Spring and Summer months 
zoom by so quickly? 

Monday - August 22, 2016

 We went to the funeral of Beulah Hanks who grew up in View, then married Phillip Hanks and they raised their family on a ranch in Star Ward area. 

Tuesday - August 23, 2016

Walt is getting excited about a trip that Steve proposed when he was with us last Friday, which he is calling the "Vandal Legacy Tour", to drive  up to northern Idaho to Moscow where Walt graduated from June 1959 in pre-med.  

Gary also wants to go, and they are asking any of the other siblings to join us who would be able to go.  He is thinking October would be the best time to plan for.

I asked Walt to get me his University of Idaho annual "The Gem of the Mountains" for his last two years there, but he couldn't find them. We both remember looking at them--we think during the past year and 10 months since we've returned from El Salvador.  So we looked everywhere we could think of--but haven't found them.

Any one all this looking ended up with a more organizing of our office-den.

At 2:15 the "scammers" called me on the telephone.  The man with the accent asked if everything was working okay on the computer.  I told him it was.  I also told him that our computer man said that he did not represent a real company.
"What??" he asked
(I told Walt it was the scammers calling, and Walt told me to just hang up, which I did.)

They called right back, and I just clicked the "off" button.
I then called the police and they sent a lady policeman to come to our home to fill out a report about them.

We'll see what happens from here.

Aaron Larson did a "team viewer" to help with my computer and removed the scammers icons from my screen.  He checked out everything and said it looked okay.

He is also coming sometime this week to check it in person.

Wednesday - August 24, 2016

We rendezvoused with Dale and Connie at the Twin Falls Temple today to do the 3:00 session.
Connie took this photo with me in it.

For my turn to choose where to go to dinner, I chose "Norm's Family Dining."
A year or so ago, it got the top award for best "Mom 'n Pop" place.  Their specialty is chicken fried steak, which Dale and I ordered.  It did not disappoint.  Walt got breaded veal cutlet and Connie got trout grilled without any breading.
Everyone was satisfied with their choices!
I had been hankering for a piece of pie since no one at the Cassia County Fair last week had pie.  So Walt and I shared a piece of chocolate cream pie.
Since 2nd Avenue South by Norm's went straight east to the old highway back to Burley, we drove that route back home.
We stopped to check out the Caldron Linn historical marker.
It said "Linn" meant waterfall.
During the Spring runoff this is quite the sight. Toward the end of summer it's not so spectacular but still interesting.
It's hard to find but we have gone there about three times.
This map pin points where it is.
Well, this overall view might be clearer.
Walt said as he drove over to Burley: "I like this car more and more."
We like driving on the old Highway 30 by the farm lands. Walt tried to get a photo of the South Hills, but they barely show on the horizon.
Most of the crops have been or are about ready to harvest.
We enjoyed a quiet night when we got back to Burley.

Thursday - August 25, 2016

Walt's high priest leader, David Hansen, called this morning to say our stake is doing a mock disaster drill and asked him to call each of his home teaching families and report back before 6:00 this evening.
(Later we found out that 50% of the ward was able to be contacted.  I guess 30% do not have telephones or current addresses.)

Friday - August 26, 2016

Today we celebrate two birthdays in our family.
Jen is 42 years old today.  She is always so busy with her seven children.  Here's Jen & Jerry.
Happy Birthday to Jen - August 26 -- 42 today.

 Their schools begin the day after Labor Day, so they're still busy school shopping.
Seth & Sarah are in 9th grade, which is in the high school.
Ben in

And it's also Dale C. Petersen's birthday - 77 today.
He is Walt's brother.
Happy Birthday to Dale.

Saturday - August 27, 2016
At the funeral for Elaine Fowles, Walt got to talk with his best friend from their Wendell High School Class of 1952--Rulon Chandler. 
Rulon and Carolyn had been serving in the New York Palmyra Mission the same time.  Neil and Donna Chandler Anderson are on the right.  Donna is Rulon's sister.
Yes, we were all friends in Wendell.
Connie came over because her daughter Lori Hess Robins had been best friends with Becky Fowles Taylor at Burley High School.  Our David was also in Becky's class.
I'm sad I didn't get a photo of Becky.  She's even cuter than she was in high school and still has that sparkly personality.
We went to the burial at the Pleasant View Cemetery here in town.
This is a tender tradition when the casket bearers--usually sons and/or grandsons put their flowers on the casket.
Bob Ward who is Elaine's brother from Almo, walks with a cane and has a hard time getting around.  He was sitting in one of the chairs. Bob' wife, Nancy, had Walt talk with her daughter and son, whom Walt had delivered.  Steve, on the left, is the son, who as a teenager was in that motorcycle accident that took his leg off.
He is the one running their big ranch at Almo now.  Debra lives in Draper by the temple.
Ilene Mai and June Tilley--both widows, too, were best friends with Elaine in going to concerts, plays, and many social events plus doing much service together.  Ilene and Elaine were both volunteers at the hospital on Mondays.
Ilene Mai is always so attentive to be sure she gets me in a photo so that we will have some photos of me.

Sunday - August 28, 2016

Partaking of the Sacrament each Sunday renews our covenant of baptism and gives us a fresh start.

As the Sacrament prayers say 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Traces of Time . . . August 15-21, 2016th

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ August 15, 2016 
August 21, 2016
in IDAHO ~

How do these Spring and Summer months 
zoom by so quickly? 

August 15-20 - Cassia County Fair Week

Monday - August 15, 2016

 I was browsing for "news of the day" anda all kinds of menus
popped up. I didn't know enough to recognize that it was a scam.  What a mess !  
Now when I type the letters pop up all over the place.

Tuesday - August 16, 2016
I had an appointment with Dr. Spackman for a 3-month check on my diabetes.

We went over to the Stake Fair Booth for lunch  this afternoon.

Tuesday was the Burley 3rd Ward day to man the Burley West Stake Fair Booth. Gary and Colleen McCall were on duty this afternoon, along with other Third Warders.  Gary grilled us some great cheeseburgers!
Here are some other ward members working in the fair booth.
Here's Daavid Hansen working behind the scenes.
Kathy Loveless Marker and Megan Helms.
Here's our friends, Kenna Wyatt, from Pella Ward who was in her third year with her husband Neal in overseeing the Oakley Stake Booth.  Neal and Kenna are the parents of Candace Wyatt King in our Burley 3rd Ward.

Wednesday - August 17, 2016
Fair Parade...

Then we went to the temple.

Connie took a photo with me in it.

Thursday - August 18, 2016

This morning Walt got his feet checked by Dr. Weinstein, which he does every 9 weeks.
We had a serendipity by talking with Keri Carpenter Wilson, her husband Blair Wilson--whom Walt took care of his parents for many years--and their darling daughter Brinley who is on the sophomore volley ball team at Burley High School.  Brinley's older sister is on a college volley ball team.
And most of you might know that Keri's sister, Krishna was an All American in volley ball...we think at the University of Utah....but we are not positive of the University.
Then we stopped in to talk with Rick Larsen at Bighorn Sales across from Smith's, who had been looking since January for a good, old, used Cadillac DeVille for us. He had also found us our pickup back in November of 2015 when we first got back from El Salvador.  We are now planning to have him sell it for us.  It mainly sits in the drive way and hardly gets used.  Walt was the family physician for Rick and June and family for years and delivered most all of their children.  Walt was also the physician for Rick's parents in Rupert.  Rick is an outstanding person and honest in all ways.  The men he referred us to in Twin Falls were also very honest and upright.

We had a Dutch Oven dinner tonight at the Fair.
We talked with many friends. 
We are so happy that Jerry Thaxton was chosen as Parade Marshall this year! He does so much for so many.

Julie Woodford, next to Walt is our outstanding Burley Librarian.
More County Fair photos...
There's always a long line at Moncur's Dutch Oven Dinner Booth.  We split a dinner and it was just the right amount.
We went into the 4-H building and saw that our Burley West Stake Relief Society display got a Red Ribbon this year for second place. (Last year we got a Blue Ribbon for first place.)
The Burley Stake Relief Society took the Blue Ribbon this year for First Place.
Oakley Stake RS took the White Ribbon for Third Place.  I didn't get a photo of their booth.  They didn't have very many items entered.
Here's more photos of our Burley West Stake RS Booth.
Another view of our Burley West Stake RS Booth.
And another view....
And the final photo I took of our BWStake RS Booth.  We had a lot of items entered.  I was impressed when Amber Grayson, 1c in our Burley Third Ward Relief Society Presidency, told us she had entered 8 items!
I didn't get my Mom's antique basin and pitcher down there this year like I did last year--as a display only since our Fair doesn't have an "Antiques' Division."
I thought the patriotic and old-fashioned theme for the display was so well done. I loved the old milk can on the end.
I think this family photo was in the Art Building.  I liked this idea of the whole family together, then the couples and separate family photos around it.  On second thought, I think it was in one of the Stake RS Booths.
But there were a lot of wonderful photos in the Art Building.
We saw Derlin Taylor and Jerry Johnson who were both Aaronic Priesthood youth in Burley 7th Ward when Walt was the Bishop.  Jerry's wife is the daughter of Carol Handy.
She helped me remember all her Mom's sisters.  I think there were 6 sisters and one brother: Betty Shelby, Wilma Parrish, Wanda Stanger, LaRae _____, and .....I think it was Barbara?  But can't remember for sure.  I should have written it down at the time. She told me their maiden name and I can't remember that now.  They lived in Oakley.  Wanda Stanger is Ilene Mai's mother.  We loved all those sisters!

It's so good to have Derlin and Nancy Taylor back in Burley after their three years as the Mission President and wife of the Mission President of the Washington VanCouver Mission.

It's always good to see Jerry Johnson and is wife.  They live in Utah.  Jerry's wife reminded Walt that he had flown her to Boise after Jerry's mission farewell so she could catch her flight on to Portland.
We got a scone each day--to share.  The Soroptomists Booth always had a long line, but it helped this year that they had help from several different local businesses to build on and double the size of their booth.  The line moved a lot faster!
Friday - August 19, 2016

Steve, on way from Boise to his home in Saratoga Springs, Utah, stopped to have supper with us at the Fair.

We saw several more friends....
Darlene Whitesides with two of her daughters: Leann and Laura. Laura was in Janie's Burley High School Class of 1981.
She just moved from California to Colorado.
We saw Susan Toner.  Steve worked for David Toner one summer on is farm.
We saw Bob Martin and his wife.  He was a referee for many years at the high school football and basketball games.
We saw
We saw Bob Ward, rancher from Almo.  He, his wife Nancy (who had just gone to buy him a corn dog) and family were faithful patients for years.
We saw Dr. Fred Wood in the Republican Booth.  He has been an Idaho legislator for many years.  
Also we saw Hollie Parrish, who was in our Burley 7th Ward years ago.
Steve could not believe that Dr. Wood remembered sewing him up when he was in 7th grade and fell through a glass door at our ward building one evening when Walt and I were at a medical meeting in Twin Falls.
It took over 100 stitches on his right arm and side.
We saw
We saw Loren and Linda Johnson Holyoak.
We saw Carolyn Taylor.

Then we stopped in to see the Mellings.
Kaye, Scott, Kirt, John and Mariel are here. David was here Tuesday when Kirt did penning and sorting.
Scott was at his 30-year BHS class reunion.

Here's one with Kaye.

Saturday - August 20, 2016

Tonight we dashed over for a late snack on the Fair's last night.   Melanie Wrigley came over t0 talk with us. She is the BHS Class of 1984--between Gary and Steve.
 We talked with our many more friends, including Neal and  Kenna Wyatt. This is their last year to be over the Oakley Stake booth.

 We weren't ever able to get a maple bar from the Declo Booth this year.  The line was always way too long for us to stand in.  So the "free maple bar" ticket we won at the Dental Booth in the Commercial Building was given to a young Dad at the end of the line when we were leaving Saturday night.

Yes, my one "Western" shirt and Walt's 2 Western shirts got washed every night. 

Goodbye for another year, Cassia County Fair 

We will return again next summer to see 

more Burley friends.

Sunday - August 21, 2016

We were renewed again as we partook of the Sacrament during our 3-hour block of Church.

Tonight we talked with Glen Larson at the viewing for Beulah Hanks. His daughter, Corrine, had just left this afternoon to return to Washington D.C. with her family.
At the end of this Sabbath Day, we hope you have had a day 
of peace and rest.

Walt and I are thankful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We know that God lives, loves us and knows our names, the names of our children, our grandcildren, our great-grandchildren, and everyone's names.
We know that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and Savior.
We know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration.
We know that President Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet for the entire world today.
We know that the Bible is true as far as it is translated correctly.
We know that the Book of Mormon is true and is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
We know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true Church on the earth today.

Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, Idaho - August 21, 2016.