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Traces of Time . . . September 18-24, 2017

Traces of Time . . .   
This week 
September 18, 2017 
September 24, 2017

End of Summer - Start of Autumn
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Thursday - September 21, 2017

Today we went to see
Karma Lambert who is
convalescing at Parkview Rehabilitation
Center after breaking her femur a second
time and having a double rod put in it.
 A new season of "Serendipity Book Club"
has begun--the third Thursday of each
month September through May.
For "Whet Your Appetite" each one
told a favorite highlight of their summer.
 Karen Robins reviewed the book
"The Glass Castle--a Memoir" by Jeanette Walls.
Bonnie Hansen, the new vice president,
took charge tonight for our new president,
Marilyn Gibbons, who had to be in Salt Lake City.
 It's quite a sad true story about a
dysfunctional poor family.
 Karen always does a great job
when she gives her book reviews.
A notable thing about this photo, also,
is that it shows the wonderful photos of
The Bakers thirteen children on this wall.
 The new presidency carried on with giving
fun door prizes from the dollar store.  
June is trying to
choose which one she should take.

 "I can't decide..."
  "How do I choose?"
She is happy with her choice!
Delicious brownies and ice cream
were served for refreshments.
 Bonnie Hansen baked two sets of
brownies... perhaps because the first 
batch somehow got burned.
 Here are 11 of the 12 who 
were able to come...
First row: Bonnie Hansen, Jennie Egbert,
June Tilley, Ilene Mai.
Second row: The hostess, Diana Baker.
Then Judy Ward, Delores Green, Bonnie Fronk,
Gladys Harrison, Carol Cheney, and Karen Robins.
Bonnie Fronk took this photo for 
Eileen Petersen to be in it. 

It is always a joy to be together.
We thank Diana Baker for hosting
the start of our 2017-2018 season
of book club in her lovely home.

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Sunday - September 24, 2017

Today was Sam's "Farewell"
He spoke in Sacrament Meeting today
at the Rexburg 14th Ward
(photos coming)

Janie needs the wedding photo of
Andrew and Nellie Katie Olson Petersen
Married 12 Oct 19o4

October is coming . . .


another one...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Traces of Time . . . September 11-17, 2017

Traces of Time . . .   
This week 
September 11, 2017 
September 17, 2017

End of Summer - Start of Autumn

Monday - September 11, 2017

Today I saw the "goal" below on our great-niece's blog.  Rebecca Bunn Vipperman is outstanding in all ways.  We'd like to share this "goal" from her blog as something we could all use as a goal in our lives.

Becky, we love you and your husband and your three darling children.  We are happy to have you back in Idaho - and not just anywhere in Idaho, but in our beloved hometown of Wendell.


To live content with small means-- to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich-- to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly, to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart--to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely--await occasions, never hurry; in a word, to let the spiritual unbidden and unconcious, grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.

-William Ellery Channing
"My Symphony"y
I have never read this before.  It is great.

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Wednesday - September 13, 2017

Walt and his brother at the temple today.
Walt and me at the temple today.
 We went to Maxie's for dinner.
 Connie got to come to dinner with us.
T We went to the Stake Cultural Activity 
which was a Performance giving tribute
to the Trek our Stake went on to
Martin's Cove this past August.
I didn't get any photos of the performance,
but Walt got to talk with our good friend,
Bob Beck, after. 
We have good memories of working with 
Bob and Gayle in the Singles' Ward back
in 2000-2004.
 Our stake president's wife, Bonnie,
and daughter Kristie came out just then.
The King Fine Arts Center is
such a wonderful place for these
big productions.

Thursday - September 14, 2017

Today we went to the funeral 
for Lavera Ship.

She was buried at Pleasant View
Gary and Deborah Jones 
were her home teachers in 11th Ward.

 Some of her Burley 3rd Ward friends...
Bonnie Hansen, Kathleen Hedberg, Ruth
Melling, and Michelle Gerratt.
 This shows the beautiful white casket.
 They took a photo of
Walt and me.
 I loved her white casket.
Lavera was an  R.N. and gave
much service in her life.
 We went to Institute after the funeral.
 Sister Blauer has great ideas to
focus on the lesson.
These golden coins had the scripture
for today's lesson to focus on 

We went to the viewing of
Robert "Randy" Head who is
the adopted Dad of Teresa Miller,
whom LaRae and I visit teach.

As it turns out, his wife's mother is 
a niece of my Aunt Hazel Owens Huffaker.
Small world!

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Traces of Time . . . September 4-10, 2017

Traces of Time . . .   
This week 
September 4, 2017 
September 10, 2017

Start of Autumn

Monday - September 4, 2017
Today Glen Petersen, Walt's cousin,
surprised us by stopping by on his
way back to Utah.
He flew in Friday night  to SLC and
stayed with his daughter.
He had driven to Twin on Saturday morning
to see his son, Brandon.
They went to Jerome to see Noah, Brandon's 9 y-o son play his first little league football game.
Glen said the pads and helmet were almost
bigger than he is.
It was so fun to talk with Glen.
We had not seen him for many years.
He told us Julie couldn't come 
because she had such a bad cold and cough.
Glen headed on to Utah to drive around his
home in Garland and some of his old stomping grounds.
He was excited to surprise Audrey and his other sisters.

Someone's going to be 80 years old 

on Septembe 8, 2017

but her birthday is being celebrated today!

80th Birthday Open House for




Cousins from Idaho... 
Walter Ray Petersen came
110 miles from Burley to Tremonton.

Dale and Connie Petersen came 145 miles 
from Twin Falls, Idaho .
Walt remembers Audrey at age 7--almost 8--
when he worked his first summer there in 1945;
then the next summer she would have been almost 9.
Walt got to know and love Uncle Stan and Aunt Vida
and their family those two summers he
worked there.

Glen's here...
He didn't tell them he was coming from Denver area...
So he came several hundred miles...
 Kim kept the secret so her Mom could be surprised...
 These three look like Petersens all right!
This shows up in better light of the three 
Petersen cousins --- Walt and Dale,
sons of Ray Petersen,
and Glen Petersen - son of Ray's brother, Stanley.
 Kim, who helped plan this party for her Mom,
took lots of fun photos...
 Kim asked Glen to M.C. the program.
He shared some fun memories of his oldest sister.

 Then he asked Audrey's sisters, children,
grandchildren, any other family and friends
to share their memories and feelings about Audrey.
"She was my surrogate Mother, she helped me in
so many ways, she was always there for me, 
she loved and helped me always--
she gets to know people wherever she is,
I want to be just like her when I grow up; 
she is discerning and caring,
she goes out of her way to help anyone..."
were just a few of the comments shared.

 Her siblings from right:
Jean - #6, Karla, #9, MaryKate #8,
Glen, #3, Audrey #1, Lareen #7.
Not able to come, Lester #5.
Deceased Beth #2; and Gayle #4,
who was killed at age 28 in the same accident
on March 2, 1973 when Stan and Vida were killed
when a drunk driver ran into the VolksWagon van
that Gayle and her husband had just bought in Tucson, AZ.
Uncle Stan was just age 47, Aunt Vida age 54.
Gayle's baby was just a few months old.
These four were buried in the Garland, Utah,
Cemetery on March 9, 1973.

These siblings love and support each other.

Lareen with her husband David Fox.
They are building a new home in Tremonton.
Audrey is sitting next to her sister-in-law.
She told how well Audrey took care of her
when she broke her arm...(or was it a broken leg?)
I should have taken notes.  My memory isn't
as good as it used to be.
Here is a fun plaque that Lareen's daughter
gave to her Aunt Audrey.
When Kim brought out this birthday cupcake,
everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Audrey.
Five years ago...
Audrey's 75th Birthday Book
What I like about you...

What a fun 75th birthday book this is.
Some more fun family photos...
They will probably make her an
80th Birthday book now.
LOTS of great family photos.
Audrey and Ken
Audrey and Ken and family
Pamela, (son), and Kim

 We headed back to Idaho about four o'clock.

One last view of the beautiful view o0f
the Wasatch Mountains from the Hibler's
back yard of their beautiful home.
We stopped for dinner at Snowville
and filled the car with gasoline
before heading on to Idaho.
We got home to Burley about 7:10.
Dale and Connie headed on to their
home in Twin Falls, which is about
an hour drive from Burley--with
all the road construction on Interstate 84.
On the old Highway 30, it's about 50 minutes.
Connie got to chat a minute with our
great neighbor--Irene Blayney.
We were happy to be able to join in the
celebration of our cousin 
Audrey Petersen Hibler's
80th birthday.
And we loved being with our other
Petersen cousins, too.
As Dale said to one of them:
"It's nice to get together
when it isn't a funeral."
When cousins are growing up together,
playing and having fun,
we never think about the years
going by so fast and all of a sudden,
here we are in our 60s, 70s, and 80s!
And we're the oldest generation now!!
Hardly any uncles and aunts left above us anymore.
I do have one uncle and aunt left on my Mom's side:
Her brother, Uncle Don Huffaker, age 88
(who will be 89 on Oct. 1)
Uncle Don lives at his home in Salt Lake
--Sugar City area (maybe it's Holiday area)
with his wife Marcele.
I'm looking for a photo of Uncle Don and Aunt Marcele,
but this is all I came up with...
The Huffaker Reunion--about 1983--at the Smokey Pugmire
Lodge by Alturas Lake.
Mom's youngest sister,
my Aunt Eleanor Huffaker Harmon, who turned
age 87 on March 30th.
She is living at a Senior Center in Boise.
She has been a widow for 12 years.
Most of her 7 children live in the Boise area.

Here's a photo of my Aunt
Eleanor Huffaker Harmon - 2011 at age 81

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
We had our car serviced today by Smith's Repair...Dell and Dan Smith.  They were recommended to Walt by Rick Larsen of Big Horn Car Sales.  Walt is very impressed with them.  We had a new motor mount put on and the transmission serviced.

Wednesday - September 6, 2017
Today we are still enjoying the bouquet of flowers
that Brian and Jennifer got for us when they made
their surprise visit on Aug.25-16.
  Walt bicycles 30 minutes each morning.
   I decided to make whole wheat pancakes.
  We love this recipe---made with the kernals of wheat
thrown right into the blender.
These are just like my Grama Huffaker's ww pancakes
that she made most every morning on the farm...
along with a hot cereal, then ham or bacon or sausage,
fried spuds, a fruit, and milk or hot chocolate.

When she served breakfast at 8:00 a.m., Grampa
had already been out working since 4:00 a.m. 
  My first batch stuck to the fry pan...
 Walt was helping with the scrambled eggs.
  He also helped cook the pancakes.
  Once in a while we do have a hot breakfast.
Most of the time we have a high-bran cereal breakfast.
  We love to rendezvous at the temple each Wendesday
with Dale and Connie.
  We are all four well enough most Wednesdays
to do the 3:00 session together.
  It was Connie's turn to choose the restaurant
for dinner together. We got home about 7:30.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

 LaRae and I have a new gal on our Visiting Teaching list.
We were happy to meet Teresa Miller today.
Her sister, Kate Hubbard, also came just as we did.
  Teresa's son, Adam, was just home from Jr. High.
We were sad to learn that the next day, Sep. 8,
Teresa's father who adopted her at age 16--
Robert "Randy" Head, age 76 of Paul, Idaho,
passed away.  

Friday, September 8, 2017

This is one of the biggest rivalries in the state! If you show up at 7:00 it will be tough to find a seat!
It's also the night we remember and honor the heroes and victims of 9-11. You don't want to miss it!!
 — at Burley High School.
Burley vs Minico

September 8, 2017

Leaving Utah at 2:00pm
Schedule: Supper 5pm
Roast in oven – 12:00 Noon
Potatoes—peeled 12;00 “
Corn on cob—4:45 boiled
Tossed Salad
Fluff Jell-o
Rolls – mix at 2pm
Dessert--Apple Pie
Walt peel apples 2pm
Eileen make crust “
Bake at 3pm

Leave for game at 6pm
Game at 7pm
After treat game:
Apple pie alamode

Sat, Sep 9 – 9:00 a.m.
Breakfast at Charlie’s
then drive up to Mt. Harrison.
Sat afternoon...
Gary and Steve head to Utah for
BYU Cougars vs Utah Utes Football 8:15 Sat in Provo.

Message from Steve at 1:40 p.m. this afternoon...

Steve says: "I'm ready with Burley cap and Bobcat growl towel - circa 1984."   

We're getting ready, too.
Grampa always peels the apples for apple pie.
"Give 'em a smile, Walter Ray..."
Hmmm, don't know if that counts or not. 
 They said "Wear green tonight, 
so I'm ready..."
We hope you all have a great weekend.
We're sure praying for those in the
path of Hurricane Irma...and
now a Hurricane José is coming.


Gary and Steve got here at 5:07 p.m.

We had dinner and got to the Bobcat Football Field
about 6:30...a short wind squal and rain sprinkle
had happened as we got in the car.
Trina Osterhout Geary greeted us.
Their son, Ben, is #88 on the team.

Steve saw another classmate in front of us--
Kim Jeppson, so he got to talk with her.

Fun to be at the new (to us) football field.
 Sky divers...
on the...

football field...

Football game near 9-11 they
honor First Responders...

Hands over heart for the National Anthem...

At half time Walt's close friend,
Gary Jones, comes to talk with him.
 Gary and Steve...#7s
 Second half kick off...
 Great cheerleaders...
 How fun to be with two of our sons
to reminisce about their football
days at Burley High School...
 Fun night...
Going to watch the fire works...
 Checking out the chart...
 Walt said: "The print is too little 
and there are no pictures..."

Saturday - September 9, 2017
This morning we stopped to talk with Ruth...

Then we saw The Bray's on their 50th
wedding anniversary.
Breakfast at Charlie's
...always good food.
Steve takes the lid off the shaker
when he puts pepper on his omlet.
Always great to be with our kids.
"Please take a photo of the four of us."
 "Just a little closer, please."
Driving up to Mt. Harrison.
Burley is 4200 feet; Mt. Harrison 6000 something.
It was a clear day...most of the smoke
has cleared out from the forest fires.
Looking at the crash site of the
B-24 bomber of Feb. 1945.
Nine crew members were killed.

Steve said: "Just a 200 feet higher and
they would have cleared the summit in
the snow storm and dense fog."
There's a Horse Thief Lake somewhere.
Great view of Burley.
Clear day...
View of Oakley from the west side.
The look out tower is to spotforest
fires caused from lightning.

Helping Dad walk back...

Lots to see...
Lake Cleveland...
Not a lot of fishermen today.
Back home...
It's always hard to say goodbye!
Now...just the two of us for a while...
Walt asked the boys to finish the pie...
now we have the "left-over" apples and crust
to munch on.
Janice called at 3:30 to say they had just
gotten to the Marriott Hotel in Burley.
Her 50-year Gooding High School Class Reunion
was last night for dinner in Twin at Canyon Crest
and in Gooding today for the picnic.
Now they are celebrating the rest of Jeff's birthday
here in Burley.
We will have dinner together this evening at 5:30.

We took them to Morey's Steak House

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We went to our Church block 10:50 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.
Our speakers in Sacrament Meeting were Elder Knudsen, a new missionary just arrived from Southern California. He added that he will be returning "home" to New York where his parents just moved after he entered the MTC last month.
He shared what he loves about the hymn "I Believe in Christ."
This hymn references 2:Nephi 25:23, 26.
23 For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do...
26 And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.
Elder Knudsen ended his talk by saying: "Christ is the Holy One of Israel.  Because of his Atonement for us we can repent and become better."

Our next speaker was Alison Burgess.  She said she told someone that she hadn't given a talk in Church for a long time. Evidently Bro. Pierce overheard her, and the next week called her to give a talk.  And then she said the moral to this story is to never say it's been a long time since you've given a talk in Church.

The topic given her was "Trials in Life."  We all have trials she began as she quoted the hymn by Eliza R. Snow "Though Deep'ning Trials" 


  1. 1. Though deep’ning trials throng your way,
    Press on, press on, ye Saints of God!
    Ere long the resurrection day
    Will spread its life and truth abroad,
    Will spread its life and truth abroad.
  2. 2. Though outward ills await us here,
    The time, at longest, is not long
    Ere Jesus Christ will reappear,
    Surrounded by a glorious throng,
    Surrounded by a glorious throng.
  3. 3. Lift up your hearts in praise to God;
    Let your rejoicings never cease.
    Though tribulations rage abroad,
    Christ says, “In me ye shall have peace.”
    Christ says, “In me ye shall have peace.”
  4. 4. What though our rights have been assailed?
    What though by foes we’ve been despoiled?
    Jehovah’s promise has not failed;
    Jehovah’s purpose is not foiled.
    Jehovah’s purpose is not foiled.
  5. 5. This work is moving on apace,
    And great events are rolling forth;
    The kingdom of the latter days,
    The “little stone,” must fill the earth.
    The “little stone,” must fill the earth.
  6. 6. Though Satan rage, ’tis all in vain;
    The words the ancient prophet spoke
    Sure as the throne of God remain;
    Nor men nor devils can revoke.
    Nor men nor devils can revoke.
  7. 7. All glory to his holy name
    Who sends his faithful servants forth
    To prove the nations, to proclaim
    Salvation’s tidings through the earth.
    Salvation’s tidings through the earth.
  8. Text: Eliza R. Snow, 1804–1887
    Music: George Careless, 1839–1932

Alison thought it was interesting that Eliza was the oldest sister of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow. She shared a story about a Welsh coal miner who was injured in a coal mine when a big chunk of coal fell on his head.  The doctor didn't think he would live through the night. He was given a priesthood blessing and did live, although the accident had caused him to lose his eyesight.  He came to Zion across the Atlantic Ocean, then pulled a hand cart. His wife died before they got to the Salt Lake Valley. President Brigham Young learned about his sacrifices and that he could play the harp.  The Prophet  arranged for him to be given a harp. He played for many people throughout his life.

"We were not just sent to earth to get a body but to endure to the end [with joy]."
Alison shared a person trial they had when their VolksWagon broke down on their way home from an attempted trip to Yellowstone. They had actually turned back because of car trouble.  But out of Arco the car stopped functioning at all. They were stranded at a rest area for 9 hours with their two (?or three) little kids.  It overwhelmed how many people came to help them...some family, some strangers.  A lady they did not know got them the trailer needed to load their car to be towed back to Burley.   
We can overcome our trials and continue to go forward in life.

Amber Green sang "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd."  She has a beautiful voice and we all love to hear her sing. Kathleen Hedberg, who is now our ward organist, accompanied her on the piano.  Kathleen does so many good things for so many in and out of our ward.  We love Kathleen. 

Our closing speaker was Mitch Young.  He is the son of Brent and Cindy Young and is a science teacher at Burley High School.  The topic given to him was gratitude.  He began by telling about the ten lepers and the one out of the ten who came back to thank the Savior for healing them.  In those days, there was no known medical cure for leprosy as there is today. Lepers were outcast.
Mitch said all ten lepers were probably very grateful for being cured, but only the one actually turned back to personally tell the Savior thank you.

Mitch told about a very poor family in his mission in Mozambeek, South Africa.   Syria and JaMal lived in a mud hut about 8x6 feet with their 3 children. Jamal's job was far away and he had to be gone a month at a time.  The mother walked a mile and a half each way to Church each Sudnay holding one baby in front, one in back, and holding the hand of her 4 year old.  When Jamal was able to return home, the first thing he did was pay his tithing from their small income.
They were thankful for everything!   

Mitch said that he always makes mistakes but because of the Atonement he can be forgiven and go forward.

He quoted from "President Uchtdorf's
April 2014 General Conference talk "Grateful in Any Circumstances" that we can be happy in a world of unhappiness.  You have chosen to be happy because God has promised to give us all He has.

Because of our having been in Sacrament Meeting, not only were we able to partake of the Sacrament to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ always, but we were taught to remember to believe in Jesus Christ, overcome our trials, and be grateful for all we have.  

We are thankful for the Sabbath Day to be so edified and for our spirits being uplifted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           This photo is when we were in San Salvador, El Salvador 
December 2011

The Church is true.
God lives and loves us.
Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and Savior.
Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration.
The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet today.
Families are sealed in the temple forever because of the Restored Priesthood Temple Ordinances.
We leave this testimony at the end of this Sabbath Day - September 10, 2017.
Walter and Eileen Petersen - Burley, IDAHO