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This week in El Salvador...July 14-20, 2014
July 14 - Monday...
Preparation Day...aka "P-Day"
We did our weekly grocery shopping at the big Super Selectos, then we pull out our little carts at the temple auxiliary building to transport the supplies to the second floor.
We saw a billboard advertising "Second Big Mac 99 cents..." so we had our first Big Mac, along with Elder y Hna. Haroldsen.
Monday Family Home Evening was hosted by Elder Roberto y Hna. Irma Caballero.  Actually they traded with us because they will have family visiting here next week.
    Their lesson was from an article by David B. Haight from the January 1991 Liahona -- our family home evenings are in Spanish now because the two counselors and their wives are attending with us.   The lesson was from Elder David B. Haight's October 1990 General Conference talk:

Temples and Work Therein 
Elder David B. Haight [1906-2004]
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
"Temples are the most sacred places of worship on earth where sacred ordinances are performed—ordinances which pertain to salvation and exaltation in the kingdom of God. Each one is literally a house of the Lord—a place where He and His spirit may dwell, where He may come or send others to confer priesthood blessings and to give revelation to His people.

Temples built especially to the Lord have been erected in all ages. Moses built a tabernacle in the wilderness for the children of Israel. Solomon built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem. The Nephites built sacred temples. Joseph Smith built houses of the Lord in Kirtland and Nauvoo, and succeeding prophets have built temples throughout the world. These have all been initiated and built under the direction and revelation of God." ...see Ensign, Nov. 1990 for the rest of the article.
It's always good for us to learn more about the temple.
Here we are left to right: Pte. Rafael y Hna. Aida Majano, Elder Roberto y Hna. Irma Caballero, Pte. Walter y Hna. Eileen Petersen, Pte. Eduardo y Hna. Consuelo Alas, Elder DeVar y Hna. Sharon Haroldsen.
The Caballeros served Salvadorean plantain Enpanadas with beans and poleada and the drink was atol of toasted corn.

July 15 - Tuesday...
We had a day with no shift and caught up on computer work in our apartment. We did drive Daniel and Kelly to their volunteer work at the San Rafael Hospital.
When we picked them up in the afternoon, we stopped and picked up the beautiful rocking chair they had chosen for their remembrance of their three months here. It was just a little place that makes fine furniture and pretty woven items.
I'm so sad I didn't think to take a photo of their showroom in front of the owner's little home along the very street we drive by on the way to the "Children's Home of Hope and Love," and the San Rafael Hospital.  
Here's Daniel loading the chair into the back of the van.  It fit exactly with no room to spare.
Here's Kelly happily sitting on their new furniture purchase.
After supper we had a treat of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.
July 16 - Wednesday...
We had the morning/afternoon shift at the temple - 5:20 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Later that afternoon we saw these volunteers hitching a ride as we drove toward the San Rafael Hospital.
July 17 - Thursday...
We had the afternoon/evening shift 12:30 noon to 9:45 p.m.
It's heartwarming to be with our temple workers and greet the temple patrons who come each day.
July 18 - Friday...
We were invited to a missionary farewell dinner for Diego López at the home of Waldo and Silvia Reyes.
We were the first guests to arrive at 7:00, so I walked around the five tables set up in the back yard to show the different color scheme for each one, starting with the blue...
It was just getting dark, so the second table I thought was dark blue from a distance...
...but when we got up to it, it was just what Daniel said it was: purple.
Here is the yellow golden table...
...the green table, and

...the red table.  So there was seating for 45...
...but at 8:00 when dinner was served, they set up another long table to accommodate everyone.  (Shown in the center back of the photo.)
The menu: Pupusas with all the trimmings...
We enjoyed them with the freshly made cabbage sides.
It's always fun to watch them shape the pupusas and throw them on the hot grill.  They had just taken a grill-full off, ready to start another grill full.
And now it's 5:21 and we're off to Diego's missionary setting apart at the Church.  
We got back at 7:30 and had our Sunday dinner dessert: Strawberry shortcake.
    Continuing with Friday evening at Reyes home...
Hna. Reyes had the returned missionaries get up and had specific questions to ask the "older" group...which she said had been back 20-30 years. Walt didn't know if he should get up because come August it will be 60 years since he left for his mission in Uruguay/Paraguay.
She then had the younger returned missionaries answer questions like what should you always do and/or what should you never do on a mission.
After this little program when everyone had lined up for the pupusas, Daniel and Kelly couldn't resist dancing to the wonderful music they had playing--some of the tunes were way back from the 1950's!
Then we all enjoyed the delicious food and fruit drinks: Naranja (fresh orange juice, frozen and slushed), and/or Mora (blackberry).
Kelly and Daniel blended right in with the proper way to eat pupusas: With your fingers!  [I cannot enjoy them without eating them with a fork.  The locals have come to accept my doing that.]
Diego came over and told us he had no idea there would be so many people there. Here he is (fourth from left) with his Aunt & Uncle and cousins, whom he lived with in New York for his three years of high school.  They have just moved to Florida and flew in to San Salvador to see him before he leaves on July 22. 
Diego with his Dad and Mom.
And Diego with us... 

By the time I got around to taking the host and hostess photos with Diego, Waldo was driving the pupusa chefs home.  Here is Silvia Reyes with Diego and his Mom, Gladis.
We knew we'd feel like these guys who were all tuckered out before the fiesta ended.  By the time we got home and into bed, we had to be up in 4 hours to open the temple doors at four o'clock Saturday morning.
July 19 - Saturday
Yes, we had the morning shift and were able to get through eight hours before we got back to our apartment for a long nap.
I guess I was too tired to take any photos on Saturday.
July 20 - Sunday  
President Petersen left early this morning (before six o'clock) for the one-hour drive to Santa Ana and a Regional Correlation Council.
But the meeting was only three hours long versus the 5-6 hours it's been before. So he was back to the apartment sleeping when I came in from our 3-hour block.
Daniel and Kelly helped cook our steak and baked potatoes dinner and we saved the strawberry shortcake dessert for after the setting apart of two missionaries this early evening.
     (I forgot to take any photos at dinner.)

President López set apart his youngest son, Diego tonight.
The photos are with the priesthood leaders who were asked to stand in for each setting apart.
Left to right: President Walter Petersen, Bishop Eduardo Figueroa, José Peña, Elder Diego López, and President Jaime López, father of the new missionary.  Elder López has been called to the Brazil _________ Mission. 
He also set apart Elder Oscar Soto for his Panamá Panamá City Mission.    Left to right: Elder Diego López, new missionary; President López, Hno. Ben Markland, First Counselor in our Bishopric; Elder Oscar Soto, new missionary; Bishop Eduardo Figueroa; and Hno. Oscar Herrera, Second Counselor in our Bishopric, Campestre Ward, Los Heroes Stake.
Here is Elder Soto with his mother, brother, and grandmother. He enters the MTC in Guatemala on Tuesday, July 22.
Elder Diego is here with his father, and his mother Gladis.  Diego is waiting for his Brazil visa to come, so he is going to be starting in the El Salvador Santa Ana Mission this week.
Here are some of the members who were able to come to the setting apart.
Here's one side of the room...
And here's the other side of the room...
Here's Karina Artiga, our wonderful Relief Society president; Gladis López, mother of Elder Diego López, and Hna. Sharon Haroldsen, a full-time temple missionary.
 President Petersen had some words of wisdom to share with Hna. Concepción Soto. He thinks mothers of missionaries should all be given a gold star for letting their sons and daughters be away from home so long when they are serving the Lord on missions.
We got a great photo of Daniel and Kelly as we went out the front door of our chapel. 
We also got a shot of Daniel with his new buddy, Abinidi Oliva.
We tried to get a shot with Abinidi smiling but he was having none of that.  But he did give Daniel a low five.
Then Daniel took a photo of us before we all made the 2 minute walk up to our apartment building.
We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
Families are forever.
Friends are forever.
Look to the Temple for restored Priesthood ordinances.
The crowning ordinance takes place in 
the sealing rooms in the temple.
The sealing ordinance is the
most powerful force in the universe.
Walt and I pray we may be worthy
to have our temple marriage be
sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.

Walt & Eileen Petersen

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This week in El Salvador...July 7-13

This week...
Monday, July 7
   Kelly's parents went to the airport for this 1:00 flight back home to Boston.  It has been a great week with Rich & Robin Baker.
We drove the missionaries to Price Smart and then to lunch at The Royal--our favorite Chinese place.   The Thompsons have not found one yet in Guatemala.  We had a great 4-day visit with President y Hna. Thompson.
We're off to a funeral. Just finished training of temple workers from 3;00=5:00. It's raining -- hard.
Back later to finish this post.
Hope you're having a great Sabbath Day.
We were at this funeral for 3 1/2 hours.  From 6:00-7:30 we were waiting for them to bring the casket to the funeral home.  At 7:30 the Bishop asked Walt if he would be the concluding speaker.  At 8:00 they started the service without the casket having arrived.
At 9:00 when the service finished, we went into the other room for the viewing of Hna. Calderon who had passed away at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning, July 13.
So I hope to finish this post in the next day or two.
We have no shift at the temple on Tuesday.

We spoke this morning at the Ayutuxtepeque Ward.  Try to say that fast.  We left at 8:20, returned at 12:45 noon.
Daniel and Kelly had the potatoes all ready to go with the saucy pork chops we had cooking in the crock pot when we got back so we could eat in time to leave for the temple at 2:15.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.
Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer for the whole world.
Thank heavens for restored temple priesthood ordinances that bind families for eternity.
 Of this we testify. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Walt and Eileen Petersen - San Salvador, El Salvador

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Traces of Time ... A Life Sketch I just put on Family Search

Friday, July 11, 2014...doing some family history.
A e-mail came saying we could join Ancestry, findmypast, and one other.  So I've been doing that.  Can't get the last two "joins" to work.

But "Story" popped up for familysearch or Ancestry, so I copied what I'd done of my life sketch up to 1989 for the "Gooding County Roots" book done for Idaho's Centennial.
    I have updated it to now.
    Then I read that stories of "live" people would not be accepted for family search.  So I copied  this, and am saving it on our blog.

Traces of Time  
Life Sketch of 
Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen 

 TIME: Here are some of my traces of time on this earth...

 A Wendell girl who is happy to have married a Wendell boy is Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen. Although her parents Arnold George and Verna Beth Huffaker Albertson were living in Wendell, she was born in the Twin Falls hospital on December 15, 1938, six-weeks premature. Her carpenter father built her an incubator with a light-bulb heat so she could finally leave the hospital. 
 A vivid childhood memory is all the confetti and celebration in Long Beach, California, the day the war ended 
in August 1945 when I was six.

 They then returned to Idaho from her dad's wartime shipbuilding job. I was an only child for ten years because of the medical complications my Mom had when I was born her doctor had told her she would probably not be able to have more children. However, our family had a happy surprise 
when my sister, Janice Lynn, 
was born 8Jun1949 
in Wendell, Idaho.

 (Wendell was a little farming town of 1,000 people.) 

 Eileen graduated from Wendell High school as salutatorian and the American Legion outstanding girl in 1957 (but I need to add that we only had a class of 42). Janice was in third grade. 

 In December of 1957 her parents moved to Gooding, Idaho, where her mother had been hired as a secretary for the head of the Southern Idaho Production Credit Association. 
 Eileen's father, as a carpenter, worked all over Magic Valley on many construction projects. He said he could drive to all these jobs from Gooding and he didn't want Verna driving every day on that 10-mile rode between Wendell and Gooding in the winter storms.

 (Sorry to drive some of you crazy with my mixture of tenses,
but not sorry enough to worry about editing it now.) 

From Henager's Business college Eileen worked in the Executive Offices of First Security Bank in downtown Salt Lake City helping with their newsletters for three states. 

 During the summer of 1960 (between her two years at BYU (Brigham Young University) while working at the Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital in Gooding, 
she started dating and became pinned to Walt Petersen, 
engaged in December, and 
they were married June 14, 1961, 
n the Salt Lake Temple. 

 Eileen then helped her medical student husband pay the expenses of his last two years at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, by working as a medical secretary in the hematology department at the Jewish Hospital.
(I didn't even know what the word meant when I was hired!) 

 Their first child, Mary Jane "Janie," was born in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, 24 Jun 1963, on the day Walt started his internship. Gary Alan was born in Ft. Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas, 24 Apr 1965.

Their next five children were all born in 
Burley, Cassia County, Idaho: 
 Steven Ray, 12 Dec 1966; 
 David Byrum, 12 Oct 1969; Julie Beth, 17 Feb 1971; 
 Brian Walter, 24 Mar 1973; 
and Jennifer Eileen, 26 Aug 1974. 

 Eileen was president of the Idaho Medical Association Auxiliary in 1982-83, and served on their state board for ten years, including several years as editor of the newsletter that went to over 950 physicians' spouses in Idaho. 

 Her interest in journalism started as high school editor, and has included a life story of her grandparents, Dave and Ella Huffaker, 
a food storage booklet, 
two ward reunion booklets 
and seven stake calendar/directories. 
 She gave food storage workshops 
and has served in many church callings,
 including ward and stake Y.W. presidency, 
Y.W. president, primary president, 
and taught in all auxiliaries, 
including Gospel Doctrine class. 

 She is currently adding the photos to her mother's life story 
that her Mom and she started in 1980, 
when Verna turned 80. 
 There are 450 double-spaced pages so far. 

 It's true, as Mac McNutt told Eileen long ago: 
"Eileen, enjoy all these children--
one day you will wake up 
and they will all be gone."  

And in the fall of 1992 that was true. 
They were all graduated from Burley High School 
and Jennifer followed her six siblings 
to Brigham Young University. 
 All seven have degrees from BYU 
and their four sons have advanced degrees. 

 Janie served in the Argentina Rosario Mission 1984-1986. 
 Gary served in the Korea Seoul Mission - 1984-1986. 
 Steven served in the Massachusetts Boston Mission - 1986-1988. David served in the California Ventura 
Spanish-speaking Mission 1989-1991. 
 Brian served in the Argentina Resitencia Mission 1992-1994. Jennifer served in the Guatemala City 
Guatemala North Mission 1995-1996. 

Our Posterity to July 2014 includes our 7 children, 
their spouses, and 
33 grandchildren 
with two more on the way 
in September and October 2014. 
 All seven have been sealed in the temple. 
 And the two married grandchildren 
were sealed by their Grandfather. 

 Idaho is a great place to raise a family 
and we are grateful for our roots in Gooding County. 

 In 1995 we were called as mission president and wife to the México Mérida Mission in the Yucatán Peninsula. We started with 126 missionaries and 
in July 1998 finished 
with 170 Elderes and Hermanas. 
 During the middle Christmas of 1996, 
all our children and grandchildren 
were able to come be with us. 
 Walt's brother Dale and 
his sister Phyllis, 
plus Eileen's mother 
were able to come visit us in November 1997 when 
President Gordon B. Hinckley visited our mission. 

 When we returned to Burley, Idaho, Walt worked for seven more years as a family physician, retiring on January 14, 2005. 
 We were called to serve a medical mission to Central America from March 2005 to February 2007. 
 We lived in Guatemala City and 
Walt was the medical advisor for 10 missions 
and about 2,000 missionaries 
in Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, 
Honduras, Nicaragua, 
Costa Rica, and Panama. 

 To commemorate our return home this time our kids planned a family reunion for us to all rendezvous at Disneyland, 
which is one of our favorite family-friendly places to be. 
 We were called to serve in the Boise Idaho Temple 
on the Saturday mid-shift 
from March 2007 to March 2008. 
It was a 2 hour 40 minute drive each way.

 Walt was also called to serve on the 
Twin Falls Idaho Temple building committee. 
 Just after the dedication of this 128th temple 
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
on August 24, 2008, 
we served another medical mission 
from September 2008 to March 2010 
in the South America South Area--
Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. 

Walt watched over the health o
f 2,500 missionaries in 12 missions. 
Walt had served his first mission 
in Uruguay 1954-1957. 
 During this mission he received 
4,000 calls from the 
mission presidents' wives and missionaries. 
How he knows there were 
this many calls is 
because my duty was to keep 
a record in the computer 
of each missionary health concern 
and what he recommended. 

 When we returned to Idaho, 
we told our children and grandchildren: 
"This was our last mission...
three missions for a total of 
six and one-half years. 
We're home for good now." 

 We were called as workers in the Twin Falls Temple for the Wednesday afternoon/evening Spanish-speaking shift. 
 In September of 2010 Walt was called 
as a sealer for the temple 
and we were assigned to do two shifts, 
the second being the mid shift on Thursdays. 

 A year and one month after we returned from Argentina 
we were called by President Henry B. Eyring's secretary 
for an appointment with him. 
 On April 19, 2011, President Eyring t
old us that the Prophet had been given 
a list with our names on it. 
He prayed about it 
and President Monson has asked 
me to call you to be the 
president and matron of the new 
San Salvador El Salvador Temple. 
 Will you accept? 

I believe what Walt's mother taught him: 
"Never turn down a calling." 

 President Eyring told us that the temple was scheduled 
to be dedicated on August 21, 
and they would like us to be there
 a month before that 
for President Petersen, and his two local counselors
--that he was to choose--would need to interview 
about 400 members to become temple workers. 

 I was relieved that we would be able 
to be home on June 14, 2011 
for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. 
 Our kids hosted a wonderful 
Open House for us in June 
for this milestone in our life. 

 We were also in the process o
f changing our garage turned teenage game room 
to now being a bedroom on the first floor 
for my 91-year-old mother to come live with us.

 She had been living for two years at Highland Cove 
where my sister, Janice, 
had arranged for her to be watched over 
since at age 89 her sight and hearing were failing, 
and she wasn't able to safely drive. 
 She was currently becoming 
more confused and 
did not qualify for the 
"independent" section of this facility. 

 Now we didn't know what we would do about having 
"Grama A." being taken care of. 

Julie said: 
"We want to have Grama A come to live with us." 
 What a blessing that turned out to be for 
Grama A during the last two years of her life. 

 She passed away on July 31, 2013, 
at the age of 93 1/2. 
 We are so grateful for Julie and John 
caring for her during that time. 
 And we are grateful for Janice 
also doing so much for her during 
our absence during our four missions together. 

 As I type this for family search 
on July 10, 2014, we have a little over 
three months until we return 
once again to our home 
in Idaho on November 1. 

 Well, I guess we will be flying out of El Salvador 
on October 31 since the 
new temple president and matron 
are arriving on October 30 
from their home in Costa Rica. 

 We have four families in Utah--
Gary, Steve, and Julie are in Saratoga Springs, 
and David in Draper; 
Janie is in Rexburg, Idaho; 
Brian is in Tennessee,
 and Jennifer in Minnesota. 
 They are urging us to move closer to family. 
 We may one day do this 
since Walt is now 80 and I am 75. 

 Walt had back surgery in May 2012; 
then open heart surgery on March 19 this year. 
 He and I are both doing well 
and believe we will be able 
to finish this 3-year-3-month call. 

We have been going by this little saying I found: 
"Idaho born, and Idaho bred, 
And when we die, we'll be Idaho dead." 

 Before that time comes, 
I leave you with my testimony of 
the truthfulness of The Gospel of Jesus Christ 
restored by Joseph Smith,
 the Prophet of the Restoration. 
I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. 
 President Thomas S. Monson is the 
Prophet of God today for the whole world. 
 Jesus Christ is the Son of God, 
our Savior and Redeemer. 
What a blessing to be able to be 
forgiven of the things I have done wrong. 

 I long for His Glorious Second Coming. 
 I honor the Priesthood of God. 
 My wish is to always obey 
the commandments of God 
and be true to my covenants--
baptism, temple, and whatever 
is asked by our loving Heavenly Father. 

 I look forward to thanking them all in person, 
including our Heavenly Mother. 
 I am thankful for every blessing in my life. 

 My prayer is that I may 
be worthy to be with 
my eternal sweetheart, 
Walter Ray Petersen forever 
and may our children, their spouses 
and our grandchildren and beyond 
receive the righteous desires of their hearts 
and be loyal to the great heritage 
we have from our ancestors 
and The Church of Jesus Christ
 of Latter-day Saints. 

 Eileen A. Petersen - July 10, 2014 

 Grandparents: Paternal 
Clarence Albertson 1887 Idaho - 1955 Idaho 
Blanche Ilene Hartwell 1894 Utah - 1966 Idaho 

Grandparents: Maternal 
Simpson David Huffaker 1891 Idaho-1982 Idaho 
Ella Louise Morris 1891 Utah -1982 Idaho 

Great-Grandparents: Paternal 
Charles Albertson 1845 Ohio - 1911 Kansas (but lived in Idaho) Mary Ann Hepworth 1854 Utah - 1892 Idaho 
Byron Joseph Hartwell 1872 Utah-1949 Idaho 
Jane "Janie" Dunn 1873 Utah-1944 Idaho 

Great-Grandparents: Maternal 
Welby Richardson Huffaker 1862 Utah-1915 Idaho 
Martha Winn 1864 Utah-1894 Idaho 
Franklin Newberry Morris 1860 Utah-1936 Canada 
Elizabeth Ann Mitchell 1860 England-1938 Canada 

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This week in El Salvador...June 30 to July 6

June 30 to July 6...
A great week with family and friends
June 30 - Monday
Started with a Gringa Brunch at the home of Shaulee Curtis.
Left to right: Shaulee Curtis, Eileen Petersen, Stephanie Dawson, Sharon Haroldsen, Jeanne Udall, and Delena Markland holding Dixie.
Shaulee and Bret Curtis leave this U.S. Embassy FBI assignment on July 16.  They will be in Arizona for their next assignment.  Here she is holding one of Delena's twins, with Meilee, her 5-year old daughter in front.
We enjoy being together and speaking the whole time in English.
We all felt like Delena when Shaulee had us take items that she can't use up and is not planning to take with her.
Just as I got back from the Brunch, it was time for Kelly's parents to arrive from the airport.  L-R: Rich Baker, Daniel and Kelly Fisher, Robin Baker. Kelly's parents will be here one week from Boston.
(When Walt was notified via phone that they were within 20 minutes to the temple complex, he went over and told Kelly that the plane had been delayed for three hours in Miami.  Kelly did not have a happy face until he told her the truth!)
We drove up the volcano mountain to the LaPampa restaurant for lunch.
Daniel and Rich both ordered rabbit.  I thought I got a photo of it, but guess I didn't.  Here's some of the appetizer of chorizos, clams or oysters, mushrooms and fried tortillas.
Then we went to the El Boqueron Volcano. The four jovens hiked up while we perused the museum.
Walt donned the tipica shirt.
Monday evening Family Home Evening with the Udall's giving the lesson: Everyone sharing their favorite scripture.
Mine was: Moses 1:39 " work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of..." Los Udall, Haroldsen, Caballero, Alas, Majano, and Petersen.  
This is my favorite scripture to personalize.
Everyone chose great scriptures.
We were practicing to be an example of short spiritual thoughts for preparation meetings.
She served delicious lemon bars and milk.
July 1 - Tuesday
Daniel & Kelly, Rich & Robin headed to stay overnight at the beach at Costa del Sol.
We had the afternoon shift at the temple - 12:30 noon to 9:45 p.m.
July 2 - Wednesday
We had a day with no shift, and the temple presidency was postponed to Thursday morning, so we drove our temple missionaries to Price Smart.
   Then we had a good looong nap.
   We were tickled when Daniel called in the last afternoon to say they had decided to stay another night at the beach home in Costa del Sol. 
   The Bakers said: "This is the most beautiful place we've ever been."
Photo of Elder Udall helping us get our groceries from the grocery cart they have for us to bring everything up to the second floor apartments.
July 3 - Thursday
We had the morning shift, so we were up at 4:15 a.m. and opened the temple at 5:25.  The Santa Ana Thursday morning workers get up really early to be ready to leave in their van for the hour drive to be at the temple by 5:30 a.m.
After a nap nine hours later, we cooked potatoes and eggs.  When they cooled enough, Walt peeled them all while I was making crust for three pies.  They he peeled 22 apples and I did two for three pies.  (As I put the first two pies in the oven, and walked over to the table there was half of the sugar/cinnamon/nutmeg mixture still sitting in the big measuring cup.  I had only stirred in half of it and gotten distracted.  So I hurried and sprinkled some sugar on top of the pie in the oven. It made the outer crust looked burnt as it baked.)  So two of the pies were much less sweet than the third one. Always a first!
The Fishers and Bakers arrived that evening just as I was taking the first two pies out of the oven and putting in the third one.
They raved about the great time they had on their three days at the
beautiful Pacific Coast beach and beach home.
We also got the potato salad mixed together. Daniel and Kelly carried it over to put in their fridge for the big shin dig the next day.
July 4, Friday  The Fourth of July
The Fishers and Bakers enjoyed the "Ruta de Flores" this day...a 70 kilometer drive through several villages and at some times of the year many flowers to see. However, this day was not one of those days. They still had a good time.
We had an Independence Day Picnic for our presidency and temple missionaries.  
Everyone brought something delicious and we enjoyed a great typical 4TH of JULY meal.
 "♫♪What's more American than hot dogs, potato salad, apple pie and ice cream?  I am, I am, I AM!" ♪♫
We were so excited that Lon and Nancy Thompson arrived from Guatemala before the picnic was over.
Lon has recently been called as the Second Counselor in the Guatemala Temple Presidency and Nancy has been called as an Assistant to the Matron.  They are overwhelmed by this but we know they will do a great job!
We then dashed over to our afternoon/evening temple shift.
The Lord sent those select Founding Fathers to earth at the same time to be the leaders in gaining the Independence for this promised land to be free so that His Gospel could be restored.  This great Restoration brought forth sacred Priesthood Temple Ordinances to enable us to be endowed from On High and to sealed as husband and wife and children for TIME AND FOR ALL ETERNITY!                                                   July 5 - Saturday
We had a day with no temple shift, so got to go on one of the adventures with Daniel & Kelly, Rich & Robin.  We started out being driven to the center of the capital city of El Salvador: San Salvador.  We wanted to see the government palace....but when we pulled up in front it was all locked up: "Not open on Saturdays."
Very sad!
Our next planned stop was to the main Catholic Cathedral of the country.  It has beautiful stained glass windows.
Then we were dropped off to walk along the many booths set up along the busy streets.  There was lots of traffic and shoppers.
It was quite the adventure.  For a treat they chose frozen chocolate and nut covered bananas.
Daniel found a great Germany soccer shirt.
Then we were whisked off to the national zoo.  It's always fun to go to a zoo. Robin is a birder so we spent most of our time in the Aviary.
Our last stop before returning to the temple was to the Artisians.
Guess I didn't take a photo there, but here's the group leaving the zoo.
We got back to the temple complex just in time to grab a quick bite of lunch and then walk over to the temple in time to do that last session on Saturday: 4:00 p.m.
Looked like a rain storm was about to burst, but we made it back to the apartment okay.
We had Hawaiian Haystacks for a light supper, then heard fireworks...
...but by the time I found my camera and got out to the terrace patio...the finalé erupted in gold and silver blaze of sparkles, then was gone before I could get a photo.  Here's the temple, though, which is always beautiful. (To the right you can see the smoke from the fireworks.)
July 6 - Sunday
I took some photos on my new iPad after Church, but I don't know how to get them downloaded into my computer. (Daniel will have to teach me that tomorrow.)
Sunday afternoon Walt drove us  to the Love and Hope Children's Home where Rich and Robin had a huge duffle bag of items to donate. 
Mandy said: "What a lot of great things! We need everyone one of those items. We so appreciate it!  We were down to just little tiny toddler tooth brushes, and our kids and teens couldn't brush their teeth very well with them."

The four of them walked over to the park where some of the boys were playing soccer. We picked them up in the van, then drove up the El Boqueron mountain to the Reyes home.
The Reyes are always so kind and loving to show us and our family and friends through their beautiful home.
Walt made good time getting back to the apartment to put the final touches on the roast beef "fast breaker" dinner.
It's been so great having the Thompsons--Lon and Nancy here to visit for a few days.  Here they are with Los Alas. They had come over to talk with them about an hour before dinner was served while we were gone.

President Lon Thompson wanted a photo of me taking a photo of the good. 
I said: "Well, if we ever get a recipe book made from all the great foods all our temple missionaries have brought to our pot luck dinners, I'll have photos to put in with most of the recipes."
We felt like all 20 enjoyed this typical "Mormon Sunday Roast Beef Dinner."
Here are the Majanos and Reyes talking.
Someone's hand is blocking Hna. Udall's face.
Walt went around to talk with everyone.
Here he is with Kelly and Daniel, with Kelly's Mom and Dad to the left of her.
Presidente y Hna. Alas needed to leave a little early to be with their family when their granddaughter opened her mission call, so I took their photo before everyone was finished with dessert.
Here are also Los Cabrello y Los Haroldsen.
And then we got the group photo: Left to right--couples: DeVar & Sharon Haroldsen, Roberto & Irma Caballero, Walt & Eileen Petersen, Lon & Nancy Thompson, Rafael & Aida Majano, Mike & Jeanne Udall, Waldo & Silvia Reyes, Kelly Fisher (Daniel taking the photo), and Rich & Robin Baker, Kelly's parents here from Boston.
To include, Kelly dashed over to have Daniel go get in the photo.
So he hurried over and sat in the chair where Kelly had been sitting...trying to pose like the hermanas were.
A great ending to this Fast Day.
We love our family and friends.
FAMILIES ARE FOREVER because of Priesthood Temple Ordinances which I talked about above in this post.
We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
May we always be grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and for His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Great Atonement.
May we always be thankful for the freedoms we have in our Great United States of America.
And we feel so blessed to have been able to serve in other countries and meet so many throughout Central and South America.
Of these truths we testify and give thanks.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  Walt & Eileen Petersen - San Salvador, El Salvador for three months and three weeks longer.