Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Traces of Time . . . February 1-7, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ February 1, 2016 
February 7, 2016
in IDAHO ~
February 1, 2016 - Monday ~ ~ Family Home Evening

We were moving slowly today.  We thought we were going to meet with our attorney, Doug Whipple, about some legal matters, but the papers didn't get finished.

I had an appointment this afternoon with Kyli Peterson, the Burley Hospital dietitician to go over the diabetic information on foods. There are several plans, I chose the portion plan--veggies, fruits, protein........

Then we went to the viewing of Kent Lyons.  He is one of the few master builders in Burley.  He built the home we have lived in for 44 1/2 years.  The original owners were transferred from Boise Cascade three years after they had Kent build their home.  We bought it in 1971, and had it remodeled a little and added on to 7 years later.

He had built his casket and a matching one for his wife, Kathleen.  The workmanship is exquisite!

Kent passed away on Wednesday, January 27 in Pocatello at age 88 from complications following surgery.  He loved the Navajos and their artistry so had two small Navajo blankets placed beside him in the casket.

I thought it was so touching that they had his work boots in the display of his special possessions.
They also had some of his favorite paintings.  I think this is one of the places he had enjoyed traveling to.
This set of architect drawings represented the many buildings he had built.  His son Warren said in the funeral the next day that he had asked his Dad to make a list of all the homes and businesses he had built.  Kent thought it sounded too "obituary-ish" and never made the list.  
A few of the places he built that were mentioned were Dr. Terhune's home on the river, Max Craner's home, the Dairy Queen, and Price's Cafe.
Here are some of Kent's favorite books and records of classic music--Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.
"Bach gave us God's Word.  Mozart gave us God's Laughter. Beethoven gave us God's Fire.  God gave us Music that we might pray without words." --from a German Opera House.
Here are Kent and Kathleen--either when they were dating or early in their marriage.  I often wondered if Kent knew how handsome he was, and what a charming smile he had. I don't think so.  His brother mentioned in his talk at the funeral that Kent was a man without guile.  
Here is a recent photo of them.  They still look young in their 80's!
Here is the family photo with their five children and spouses, 15 grandchildren and __ great grandchildren.

F A M I L I E S   A R E   F O R E V E R
In the slide show there was one of Kent and two of his workers on the porch of the home we're living in. His son and grandsons mentioned in the funeral that everything he built was done with exactness: square, level, and plumb!
And head taught his children: "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"
It was cold when we came out of the viewing, but Walt let me hurry and snap this picture of him.  Walt and I have said "goodbye from this earthly life" to another dear friend.

February 2, 2016 - Tuesday
We were happy that the Lyons family had a sunny day for the funeral.

Some quotes at the funeral were...from his son, Warren, in the Life Sketch:
"My Dad was just worn out."
My Dad said he loved being a builder because he could step back at the end of the day and see the progress.
He didn't scold me when I told him I didn't want to be a builder--which would have made 4 generations of builders in the family.  He told me to pursue my dream.

My Dad was spontaneous. He would come home from work and say: "Let's drive up to Lake Cleveland to go fishing and roast some hot dogs."
He loved to hike and was like a Billy goat climbing up mountains. He knew the name of every rock. He passed his love of nature on to his kids and grandkids.

He loved classical music, operas, music of the masters--Beethoven, Bach, Mozart....
We decorated our Christmas tree to ♫♪ Zorba, the Greek♪♫.

Show up every day.
Appreciate nature.
Love your fellowman and discern if they need a helping hand.
Whether building a house or a life, you didn't need to hear my Dad speak, just watch what he did.

"Grandchildren Memories"
Grandson, Trent:
He did some building for me when I was remodeling my old house in Draper. He built some beautiful cabinets and brought them down from Burley.  When he finished doing so much work on my house, I handed him $500. He refused to take it. So I gave it to Grama without him knowing and told her it was for them to do something fun they've been wanting to do.  This was in November.

On Christmas morning there was an envelope from them, with a note from Grandpa.  I kept $100 for the cost of the supplies, and with the other $400 I bought goats for a family in Africa.  He knew that if he gave back the money to me, I'd just find another way to give return it to him.

Grandson, Michael: Last summer we were together on the Oregon coast that he loved. He had a great sense of humor. He always supported me. He would ride with me in my old, old car that I called a "rusty bucket of bolts." 


February 3, 2016 - Wednesday

♫♪Wednesday is a special day, it's when to the temple we are on our way!♪♫

♫♪...because guess who, with whom we rendezvous?♫♪
...our, brother and sisters that's who!♪♫
♫♪ and Dale and Connie had names for us to do.
It was my turn to choose where to go eat, so I chose Mexican food at LaCasita's.
It's just across the South Bridge, (way back when the "Singing Bridge," then first turn to the right.
"La Casita" means "little house."
It's the best kept secret in Twin Falls for delicious, inexpensive South-of-the-Border cuisine.
Since we were already so far south, we chose to take the old Highway 30 back to Burley.  Before we got to the open road, we passed the "Shake Out" drive inn and couldn't resist seeing if their milkshakes are as delicious as always...they are.  We just got small ones...
We drove by Burley High School just as the buses had pulled in.  It was exciting to see the beehive of activity of the teens everywhere .

February 4, 2016 - Thursday

Walt is working on our budget.  The look on his face indicates why he majored in medicine and not in bookkeeping.
In the evening we went to Lex Kunau's viewing. He was 94 and passed away from complications with pneumonia.  He was an outstanding businessman in Burley.  
His wood casket was very beautiful.
"Skiing was very high on Lex's list of favorites.  His affiliation with the ski schools at both Pomerelle and Sun Valley ski resots went on for decades."
His ski boots, skis, and poles were uniquely displayed in this flower arrangement.
Here are just a few of the many floral arrangements that were sent to show the deep love and gratitude so many have for this gentle giant of a man!  Lex is survived by his wife Celia of 68 years, his three daughters, and eight grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Anne.
February 5, 2016 - Friday
Seems like we had a funeral every week in January, and now in February, this is the second funeral this week.

We went to the funeral for Lex Kunau this morning.  The Methodist Church is a beautiful building.  Walt commented that all the good things said about Lex were absolutely true.
Don Dean gave a great Eulogy.

The printed program had thirteen photos, so I told Walt we could put thirteen photos in his funeral program.
"I don't need any photos in my program," he replied.

He and his wife, Celia Moorman, were married in Burley on November 30, 1947.  Last November they celebrated 68 years together.

Here's the printed funeral service program.  Jeff Rasmussen accompanied Rob Newman for his two vocal solos. Kevin Allred accompanied himself on the guitar.  
Everything was done very well.
Lex and Celia were faithful members of the Burley United Methodist Church.
Lex started skiing at age 15 and skied for the next 70 years, until age 85, from 1936 to 2006. He would have seen a lot of changes in ski equipment during that time.

"Another of the significant contributions of Lex was aiding in the procurement and development of boat marinas on local waterways, which resulted in the naming of the Lex Kunau Park on the Snake River in his honor."
And one of my favorite photos in the printed program is the one of Lex standing in the middle of Jim Roper on the left, and Lex's younger brother Glen (3 years younger Glen told us Thursday night at the viewing) in their sailor suits as young boys.
Walt needed to go pick up an antibiotic at the pharmacy so we didn't go to the cemetery for the Vault Interment at the Pleasant View Cemetery.

I didn't get a photo of Walt until he had undone his tie, but I like this casual photo of him.
Walt took a photo of me as I was leaving for a haircut appointment with Jenny after the funeral.
I didn't remember to get an "after the haircut" photo until that evening, so I put my jacket on over my pajamas.

February 6, 2016 - Saturday

                         Arnold George Albertson
Dec. 8, 1912-Feb. 6, 1982
34 Years ago
Still miss you, Dad.

Arnold, 1946 - Just after World War II - back from building ships at the Long Beach, California Ship Yards.  Age 34
(I was just learning how to scan when I put this photo in, so I didn't get it cropped correctly, and the margins are wierd.)
June 1962 Arnold-age 49; Verna 42; Eileen, age 23; Janice, age 13.
   Eileen and Walt 1st Wedding anniversary - home in Gooding, Idaho, from St. Louis where Walt had just finished his 3rd year of medical school.

Arnold and Verna - 
September 1962 - 25th Wedding Anniversary
Arnold - 1967 Last ten years of employment - He was the head carpenter for Tupper Ware in Jerome, Idaho. He retired at age 65 in 1977.  His hair never did go grey.
We watched the Republican Debate tonight.  When the debates end, Walt always asks: "Who are you voting for?"And my answer is always: "I don't know."
I like what Kirt said: "Maybe there will be no majority at the Republican Convention, and they will have to ask Mitt Romney to step in and save the day."
Walt had folded some clothes during the debate and this is how I found him when I came back from checking something in the office den just as the debate ended.  I think he was stir crazy. He'd only gotten outside for a few minutes today to bring in the mail.
He did remember to take his cane today when he walked out to the mailbox.  He caught the UTI early enough this time that the antibiotic has knocked the infection before it got bad like the three times before when he's been hospitalized because of it.

February 7, 2016 - Sunday - Fast Sunday


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Traces of Time . . . January 25-31, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ January 25, 2016 
January 31, 2016
in IDAHO ~

January 25, 2016 - Monday ~ ~ Family Home Evening
Walt and I went to dinner with Dave and Marilyn Gibbons for the monthly neighborhood Empty Nesters' Family Home Evening. 

January 26, 2016 - Tuesday
Karen Taylor called to tell us that D Taylor had a heart attack last night. When he was taken to the Emergency Room they also diagnosed him with pneumonia.  We went to see him this afternoon in the ICU at the Regional Medical Center here in Burley.  He was in good spirits.   [After tests and EKG's it was determined that it was not a heart attack, but instead it was the pneumonia that caused his chest pain that mimicked a heart attack.  D was discharged Thursday and we went to his home to see him and Karen on Friday.]

January 27, 2016 - Wednesday
Today we drove to Twin Falls for the weekly temple session we do. We called Dale and Connie as we were crossing the Hansen Bridge, which we do every Wednesday to tell them when we're about to arrive at the temple.
After 4-5 rings, "No answer," I said.  Then I remembered and said to Walt: "Oh, they drove to St. George Monday to spend a few days there." [Their Christmas present to each other.]
In the 11:00 session we did there were 43 sisters and 17 brothers.  It's the biggest session we've been in at the Twin Falls Temple.

After the session, we had lunch at Wendy's. A pretty blond gal said to us: "I bet I know where you've been.
Hugh Mortenson, his wife and daughter moved to Twin Falls a couple of years ago from Grand Junction.  They are friends with Steve and Connie Kelly. Connie is Uncle Tom and Aunt Marge Prescott's daughter.  Small world!

As Walt was looking at The Voice, a local, weekly newspaper, he saw the movies listed for the Century Stadium 5 here in Burley and asked: "Do you want to go see Star Wars tonight?"
So we went to the movies. The last movie we saw here was last June with Steve when he came to see Walt in the hospital and we saw "The Coleville Incident."

"a long time ago in a galaxy 

far, far away..." I liked it a lot.  Walt kinda liked it, but since he hasn't really followed Star Wars that much, he didn't understand the significance of the appearances of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and [very brief appearance of]Mark Hamill 38 years after their first appearance in the original Star Wars in 1977.

And the search for Luke Skywalker...
Star Wars History
·         Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)
·         Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
·         Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)
·         Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)
·         Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)
·         Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)
·         Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
 Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of various characters "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."
I have liked the Star Wars series from the start because of the theme of Good triumphing over Evil.

January 28, 2016 - Thursday
I almost forgot the highlight of this week and this year:
Introducing Taitum Eileen Anderson

We became great-grandparents.  
Taitum Eileen Anderson was born to Katie and Parker Anderson in Rexburg, Idaho.
Taitum is the first grandchild of Janie & Shawn Fisher, Rexburg.
Katie Eileen Fisher Anderson is the third child, second daughter of Janie & Shawn.  
Taitum weighed 6 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches long.  She was born at 2:00 p.m. on this Thursday, January 28, 2016.
We welcome this precious new baby into our family with open arms.
Children: 7 -- check
Grandchildren: 35 -- check
Great-grandcildren: 1 -- check
We are happy to be great-grandparents.
Walt & Eileen Petersen -- Excited to have this new generation come forth in our family!

Walt worked most of the morning on budget financial plans but by about 1:00 I found him having a nap on the carpet between the living room and the dining room.

That evening we had some much needed help with some furniture in the family room.
Our home teacher, Eric Pierce, and Steve Ormond helped switch the coach and the love seat around after they had helped move them in December to make room for the Christmas tree in the corner of the family room.
January 29, 2016 - Friday
Kathleen Hedberg comes almost every Friday morning to help us for two hours with family history.  She has helped Walt find Walt's Grandmother Nellie Katie Olson Petersen's family names in Sweden back to the 1700's.
January 30, 2016 - Saturday
We went to the graveside service for Robert "Bob" H. Hinkley. He and Barbara had lived in Burley many years. Barbara was a nurse at the Burley Hospital for many years.  She said Bob had had dementia for three years and she had been at his side helping all that time.  Some days he knew who she was and some days he didn't.

I thought I got a photo at the cemetery, but I guess I didn't.  I think Susan Young is going to send me some of the photos she took.

Our good friends Neal and Kenna Wyatt were there, too.
We four had lunch together at the Upper Crust just across the Heyburn Bridge.  Their potato soup was delicious. Walt and Neal liked their BLT's, but Kenna said she liked the turkey avocado sandwich better than the turkey cranberry one she got today.
                                               We had a great time talking to each other for an hour or more.

I took this picture so we could remember their hours.
And I took this photo because this is how I feel about Walter Ray Petersen--my eternal sweetheart.
We finished out Saturday evening by watching Lawrence Welk...a show first broadcast in 1975 called "Masterpiece songs."

January 31, 2016 - Sunday
Of course, the focus of Sacrament Meeting is to partake of the sacrament in remembrance of our Savior and His Atonement for each of us.  We do want to "always remember Him."

There were three excellent talks today.  Craig Helms was asked by the Bishop to share his testimony about the blessings of the temple.  
Sister Stephanie Haynes was given the topic

Sister Ruth Melling's topic was "The First Vision and Faith."

In Sunday School Lesson 5-- "Hearken to the Truth, and Give Heed Unto It," the purpose was to inspire us to follow Nephi's example of faith and willing obedience."

The Priesthood and Relief Society combined for the fifth Sunday where the Bishop shared the Burley 3rd Ward Goals for this year, and the Idaho Area Priorities.   Some of which are: 
Sacrament meeting attendance, Sabbath day observance, Temple ordinances.  

We taught a very knowledgeable couple their 4th lesson in the Temple Preparation Seminar.

Ruth Melling had invited us to dinner, along with her son Kirt, 

the two missionary sisters for our ward, Sister Lima and Sister __________.
James and Lizzy Lara.
and Ruth.
The dinner was delicious--chicken casserole, green beans, tossed green salad, along with red gelatin salad with raspberries in it topped with whipped cream, and lime gelatin whipped with cool whip with crushed pineapple in it.  I forgot to take a photo of all that, but did get a picture of dessert: chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.
We enjoyed getting to know the missionaries and the Lara's.
Kirt drove up last night as a surprise for his Mom.  He came to listen to her talk in Sacrament Meeting and also to spend a couple of days with her.  Kirt and all of her kids have been very attentive to Ruth, always, and especially since Don passed away last August.
Ruth is a very Elect Lady and we have loved having her and Don and family as our neighbors for over 40 years.
We pray that you have each had a restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.  We leave our Testimony with you that we along with the testimonies this day of Brother Helms, Sister Haynes, Sister Melling, Brother Watts, and Bishop Gerratt that we know that:

Heavenly Father lives and loves each one of us.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and fulfilled his foreordination to come to earth to become our Redeemer and Savior by His Atonement for each one of us.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph Smith to have him restore all of Their Truths to the Earth.

Joseph Smith fulfilled his foreordination to fulfill his calling to do as he was asked by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, becoming the Restorer of All Truth.

The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and is true, as is the Bible "as far as it is translated correctly."

Thomas S. Monson is the Living Prophet on the Earth today.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.

The Temple Priesthood Ordinances have been restored to the Earth as part of The Great Restoration.  These ordinances seal families together forever.

Of these truths we testify on this Sabbath Day - January 31, 2016.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, I D A H O