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Traces of Time . . . October 8-14, 2018

Traces of Time . . .

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THIS WEEK - OCTOBER 8-14, 2018

We drove home from Rexburg.
This evening after supper, Walt didn't see the door of the dishwasher was open, tripped on it and felt like he had broken his left hip.

 The Saratoga Springs Fire Department
para-medics arrived within 5 minutes 
of John's 911 call.

We are so thankful for their
fast action and expertise.
Brian advised us to have Dad
taken to the Utah Valley Hospital.
They did an EKG and got x-rays right away.
All four kids were there very quickly...Gary, Steve, David and Julie.  The boys gave their Dad
a Priesthood blessing.
The x-rays confirmed that the left hip was broken.  Intertrochanteric fracture.
Walt was admitted to the fourth floor -
490 East Tower - Orthopedic Surgery floor 
about ten o'clock.
It's such a blessing to be so close to have family
with so much help and support.

 Walt was taken to surgery at 3:00
this afternoon. 
Dr. Barker started surgery at 4:00.
At 5:20 Dr. Barker came to tell
Julie and me that the surgery
went very well.
Walt was back to his room
at 6:30.
Steve with his Dad.
Julie with her Dad.
Walt slept a lot.
He has had great nurses.
Dr. Bailey was his
trauma service physician.
Walt walked the first day post op
quite well, then as all the anathesia
was worn off, he didn't walk as well.
The physical therapists have done a great job.
 Janie drove down from Rexburg to see her Dad.
Julie and Maddie came to see
Grampa after Julie taught
Maddie's pre-teen BYU  
Ballroom Dance Team.

  Saying goodbye to 490 East Tower... Walt leaves Utah Valley Hospital - 
                                Provo, Utah
Saying "Hello to Pointe Meadows Rehab Center...

This new facility near the
Pointe of the Mountaine
opened in August 2017.
Walt became disoriented being moved to another place...but that's normal.
Julie stayed all night with
Dad tonight.
She said he got up several times during the
night and was disoriented...which is normal
with the trauma he has had since his
fall on Monday. 
That was so kind of Julie to let me
have a night's sleep at home
after staying with Walt in his
hospital room on Monday,
Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.

 I got back  by 7:45 so Julie could get home
to be with Rigdon after John got all
the kids off to school and 
had to go to work.
The occupational therapist
came to do his initial
 ... of  Walt's level of
 Then Julie brought Riggy 
to see Grampa.
It brightened up Walt's day!
 Then the physical therapist 
He estimates Walt will need to be
in rehab for two weeks here.
  Then a real serendipity happened!
Dave and Marilyn Gibbons came
to see us.
 They were in Herriman to see some
of Jeni's kids activities, and also saw
Christina's daughter in a play at Utah State. 
It was such a joy to be with them and
talk to them.
Thanks, dear friends, for coming.
Julie and Jacee stopped in to see us.
I can't find those photos right now.

Gary came to stay all night.
Our four kids close here in Utah
are helping me be with Walt 24/7
as he recups from his total
hip replacement.
We are on Day 5 since Walt
broke his hip on Monday, Oct. 8.
Thanks, Gary, for coming tonight.

Here are the photos from Saturday
which I will sort out on Monday, Oct. 15

The occupational therapist came
to work for 30 minutes with Walt.

Time for Brigham Young University Football...
Walt and all of us were excited that the
Cougars beat Hawaii. Zach Wilson did a great job
as quarter back.  He was the QB at Corner Canyon High School in Draper last year.  That is
where David and Julie's (we have two Julies in the family) kids go to high school.

Thanks to Gary, Steve and Natalie, and David 
for coming to watch the BYU vs Hawaii football
game with us.

Steve and Natalie headed
home before half-time.

Gary came for the whole game.
David watched the 
 I'm on my way home to get a good night's 
sleep in our own bed.
 Thanks to David for staying all night with
Dad on Saturday night.
 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2018 

 Walt's first Sabbath Day at the 
Pointe Meadows Rehabilitation Center
 This is where they had Sacrament Meeting and
Sunday School at the Pointe Meadows
this morning.
 Sacrament Meeting was 30 minutes.
Sunday School was 20 minutes.

The person presiding and conducting
said--jokingly--that they are the pilot
for a one-hour block.
 Church tired Walt out.
He had a short nap... 
... before we
went back to the dining room
for lunch.
 Bright blue socks...

 A ward nearby came and gave
a one-hour musical program this afternoon.
It was delightful!

We've never seen such a young
harp player.

  A great highlight of the day
was when Julie and John,
Jacee, Maddie, Jackson, and Rigdon
came to see us.

  We love the Peterson Family
with whom we live!
We are seeing a lot of improvement.
From the fall Monday night when he
broke his left hip, surgery on Tuesday
for a total hip replacement,
transfering to this rehap center,
we have had quite the traumatic week.
We are thankful for all the prayers and
get-well wishes for my
eternal sweetheart.
Thank you so much.
We love you all.
We feel loved and watched over.
  Grampa looking at the darling
poster that the Peterson grandkids
brought to him.
 Here's the poster...
 Gary's here to spend the night,
so I'm going home.

As this October 14th ends,
we pray you have had a
restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.

We testify of these seven truths...

Heavenly Father lives and loves each one of us. He knows us personally by name.  He and Heavenly Mother are the Divine Parents of our Spirits.

Jesus Christ is our Eldest Brother in the Spirit World and came to live on Earth as the Only Begotten of the Father.  Because of His love and Atonement for us, we have the hope of being forgiven when we repent of our errors.
Everyone will be resurrected.

Joseph Smith is the Restorer of all truths back to the Earth restored through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

The Bible is a Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon--buried by the Prophet Moroni--was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith, is the most correct of any book on earth, next to the Bible.  It will change your life for the better.  It is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the True Church on the Earth today.  Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and is the one who named it.

Russell M. Nelson is the Living Prophet of this Church and is the Prophet for the whole world.

Of these truths we testify, in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Walt and Eileen Petersen
 U T A H - October 14, 2018
We are thankful for all the prayers for us during this week of Walt's injury and surgery.
We love you!