Monday, July 18, 2016

Traces of Time . . . July 18-24, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ July 18, 2016 
July 24, 2016
in IDAHO ~

How do these Spring and Summer months 
zoom by so quickly?!
Happy Fourth of July

July 7th 125 years since my 

Grandfather Huffaker born

July 24th - Happy Pioneer Day

July 18, 2016 - Monday

Family Home Evening at Ken and Bonnie Hansen's home.
A delicious Dutch Oven Dinner was served by Ken and Bonnie, along with fruit salad, tossed salad, rolls, and missionary sugar-free punch.  Two divine desserts were served -- Sherry brought a Black Forest cake, and G'lenn and a yellow poke cake with strawberries on top filled with vanilla pudding.
Hansen's thriving garden makes a wonderful backdrop!
A great lesson on exercise was given by Ken, Bonnie, and Scott.  It really motivated us to get back to exercising to the limit of our gereatric abilities.
Here are Walt, Dan, Bonnie, Ken, Sherry, Steve, Bonnie, Ken, Scott and G'lenn.
Bonnie took this photo with the same ones with Eileen sitting by Walt.
It was a great evening.  We really enjoy being together.
Thank you, Ken and Bonnie Hansen for being such a great host and hostess!
Tuesday - July 19, 2016



Wednesday - July 20, 2016
I woke up with a more persistent cough than my usualy chronic allergy cough.  It got worse as the day went along.
By evening I knew it was something worse and Walt concurred that I should start the 6-day course of Arythromicin (which I had gotten the Rx for June of 2015 and hadn't had to take for what I thought then was this bronchitis-type cough coming on).

Daniel and Kelly graduate from Brigham Young University - Idaho.

Thursday - July 21, 2016

We were up at 4:30 a.m. so we could drive Janie and Shawn to the Idaho Falls Airport for their 6:30 flight to Prague, Czech.  They are going to observe the big Dance Festival where their Idaho Ballroom Academy tour team will perform next year.

When we got home to Burley, we slept for an hour and then got ready to go to the funeral of Forrest Hall.

The rest of the day I mostly slept from having taken a double dose of cough syrup to keep me from coughing through the funeral.

I was able to get up to heat up some Veggie soup, then stayed awake for some of Donald Trump's acceptance speech.

Friday - July 22, 2016

We love Friday mornings when Kathleen Hedberg, our ward Family History Consultant, comes for two hours to help us with Family History.

I'm working on life sketches to put into  I came across this photo of my great-grandfather, Charles Albertson 1845-1911 when he was in the Civil War at age 19 or 20.
Here's a photo when he was older.
Copied from Family Group Record of Eileen Albertson Petersen 11 Jan 1993.

At Albertson Cuz'n Reunion Aug. 8-9-10, 2003, in Boise, Idaho, we received the 3 1/2 page life story of Charles Albertson, compiled by Kate Albertson (wife of Paul, who is son of Carl who is a son of Cyrus).
In addition there are 12 letters he wrote to his parents from the Civil War, from 1862 to 1865.  One is in his hand writing.  The rest have been transcribed by Kate Albertson.
This is priceless information to have.

Paul said there was a short window of time when Kate went to the National Archives on the Internet and could do a search of letters from the Civil War soldiers by the person's name.  When she put in "Charles Albertson," it showed his letters were stored in the State of Georgia Archives.  She sent for them.   Later when she went in to the Nat'l Archive site, they no longer were linked to the state archives and she said she would have never thought to look in the Georgia Archives for letters from Charles Albertson.   This is a miracle his letters have been found and we have copies of them now.

Charles and Mary Ann moved to Albion, Idaho, sometime between 1875 and 1877.  Their first four children were born in E. Tooele and then eight more chldren were born in Albion. 

Kate also had great copies of photographs of the Charles Albertson's father and mother: Henry Albertson and Jane Dunmire Albertson, plus the obituaries of Henry and Jane.

Charles died at age 65 in Kansas when he was on a business trip.  He was taken to his home in Albion, Idaho, to be buried.

Saturday - July 23, 2016

Puttered around the house doing odd jobs here and there.  Walt took me with him (actually, I'm his partner in this calling) home teaching to Dan Black this afternoon.  Dan is so knoweldable about many things and he worked with airplanes in the air force, I think it was.  He told us today that he couldn't become a pilot because his eyesight wasn't 20/20 if I understood him correctly. 

He is like the pilots, however, in the sense all pilots love talking about airplanes and experiences with them.  Of course, Walt, as a pilot, also loves talking about airplanes.  In fact, of all the things he can no longer do in this phase of "old age," he said he misses flying the most.

Then we went to visit our neighbor Jean Neibaur.  She is a widow who lives on the corner of 2400 and Burton Avenue.   We enjoy our visits with her.  I told her that when we first moved to Burley, since we had not grown up here (we both grew up in Wendell--when Walt was a senior, I was a 7th grader) it was hard to figure out who was related to who (or whom?).

It took us several years to figure out all of Betty Shelby's sisters (can't remember their maiden name).  I think Betty told us she grew up in Oakley.  I should ask our friend Ilene Mai, because her Mom, Wanda Critchfield, was a sister to Betty Shelby.  The other sisters we know of--in addition to Wanda--are: Wilma Parrish, Carol Handy, and one other I can't remember her name, but she and her husband ran a drive in that was like a root beer drive in on the corner of Overland and 27th.  It has been a beauty salon recently, but looks like it might be something different now.  It's that little white building on our left when we turn right off Overland onto 2400 when we're driving to our home on Burton Avenue.  

That early evening about 7:00, I dashed out to do some quick grocery shopping--when we're out of milk and bread--gotta go get some.  Well, I was gone about an hour (yes, I got more than milk and bread*) and when I got home, Walt came into the bedroom where I was putting some new shampoo and grooming items.  

He looked really perplexed and told me he'd been through the entire house 3 times and even gone all around the yard looking for his cane.

I looked at him not understanding as I said: "Walt, your cane is right in your hand."  He really didn't know that it was in his hand.

Sure glad I got home in time to save him another trip through the house looking for his cane.

We had a good laugh together over that.

Then we watched "The Lawrence Welk Show," that I had set to record on PBS at 7pm.  Walt wrote a few more notes for his lesson on temples for his High Priests' Group the next day, and then we went to bed.  He has worked several hours each day this week on that lesson.  They gave him this topic two or three weeks ago: WHAT THE LEADERS WANT US
to focus on the past two General Conferences.

Sunday - July 24, 2016   P I O N E E R   D A Y

Hope you all had a chance to see the wonderful Pioneer Day program in Music and the Spoken Word today.  It was terriffic!   

See my post on Friday, July 22, for some information about one of my pioneer great-grandfathers.

Here's a photo (the only one we have so far) of my Grandfather who is my Dad's father. 
Any snapshots or photos that he had during his marriage to my Dad's mother were all burned when her house burned down in the late 1930s or early 1940s.  They had divorced March 6, 1928.

Clarence Albertson 1877-1955

Traces of Time . . . July 18-24, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ July 18, 2016 
July 24, 2016
in IDAHO ~

How do these Spring and Summer months 
zoom by so quickly?!
Happy Fourth of July

July 7th 125 years since my 

Grandfather Huffaker born

July 24th - Happy Pioneer Day

July 18, 2016 - Monday

Family Home Evening at Ken and Bonnie Hansen's home.
A delicious Dutch Oven Dinner was served by Ken and Bonnie, along with fruit salad, tossed salad, rolls, and missionary sugar-free punch.  Two divine desserts were served -- Sherry brought a Black Forest cake, and G'lenn and a yellow poke cake with strawberries on top filled with vanilla pudding.
A great lesson on exercise was given by Ken, Bonnie, and Scott.  It really motivated us to get back to exercising to the limit of our gereatric abilities.
Here are Walt, Dan, Bonnie, Ken, Sherry, Steve, Bonnie, Ken, Scott and G'lenn.
Bonnie took this photo with the same ones with Eileen sitting by Walt.
It was a great evening.  We really enjoy being together.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ July 11, 2016 
July 17, 2016
in IDAHO ~

How do these Spring and Summer months 
zoom by so quickly?!
Happy Fourth of July

July 7th 125 years since my 

Grandfather Huffaker born

July 24th - Happy Pioneer Day

July 11, 2016 - Monday
The Family of BenJoe and Delena Markland
in San Salvador, El Salvador
They blessed their twins--Mateo and Dixie on
August 4, 2013 at our Campestre Ward in San Salvador.
Brother Markland was called as the Stake President
of our Los Heroes El Salvador Stake in
October 2014.

We learned that our friends from San Salvador, El Salvador--who are in Utah for a family reunion--had a huge tree fall on the tent their family was sleeping in.  

The Natural Disaster in the Provo RV Park
BenJoe was able to lay across his 3-year-old twins when he heard the tree cracking. The full force of the tree fell directly on his two oldest sons--Joseph 9, and Dallin 7 at 4:30 a.m.

Extended family and other campers at the Provo RV Park by Utah Lake came running and helped lift the tree off the boys just enough to pull them out.

The boys were rushed to a hospital in Provo via ambulance. Then they were taken to the Primary Childrens' Hospital. Joseph has a lacerated liver and injuries to his eye socket.
Dallin has a broken femur.

Fast forward to Sunday, July 17....
After being treated throughout the week at the Primary Children's Hospital -- Joseph and Dallin are able to go to church with BenJoe's parents in Ogden.  They are thankful for the miracles of this week.

Monday afternoon --  Marge Green brought us some wonderful fresh vegetables from her garden--new red potatoes, beets, cucumbers, and a zuchinni.  Can't believe at age 89 she's out there still gardening.  Verl is 90 and it's hard for him to get around.  They are good friends from our Seventh Ward days.
(My camera card wasn't working so I didn't get a photo.)

July 12, 2016 - Tuesday 
We spent a lot of our time today trying to get some computer glitches worked out to enter an online account. So frustrating,
Walt said to the on-line helper after about 30 minutes or more helping us work through it all: "You get the award for having the patience of Job!"
Walt said she really laughed.

We watched an old 1954 movie with Laurence Olivier, Burt Lancaster, and Kirk Doublas about the Revolutionary War time that I had recorded on July 4th.

July 13, 2016 - Wednesday

We drove to Twin Falls early to do sealings at 11:00 with our Burley 3rd Ward High Priests' Quorum.  There were 9 from our ward: Don and Ardyth Green, Dan and LaRae Crane, Ken and Bonnie Fronk, Dan Black, Dan Green, Gary McCall and us.  Grant Starley was the sealer.  The three Dan's brought several family names to be sealed.  Brother Starley said we had made a lot of couples happy today who became "eternal sweethearts."

Walt and I changed from our white clothes to go have lunch (we got "Happy Meals" at McDonald's and that was just right for us), then we dashed in to Target and got a new ironing board. My camera card stopped working last Sunday, so I got a new 16GB one and it is working great.

At 1:40 I had an appointment with Dr. Kurtis Reed to take out the stitches from the Mohs surgery of July 5th.  One of his nurses took out the several stitches. 
Walt thinks there were about 7 stitches....actually 1 on each end and 5 continuous stitches in the middle of those.
Then we rendezvoused with Dale and Connie at the temple to do a three o'clock sesson.
This week marks 44 Sessions we have done with Dale and Connie since we began doing sessions together in May 2015.
It marks 52 total sessions we have done since May 2015.  Dale and Connie have also done more sessions on different days when they have been out of town on our Wednesday temple days.   It's a great tradition.  Walt would like to do even more sessions.
It was my turn to choose the restaurant, which was The Mandarin House.  But Dale said the last two times they have eaten there they didn't like the food, so my second choice was Mexican food at LaCasita's.  
It's across the singing bridge that doesn't sing any more on the south side of Twin.  Walt and I ordered a taco and an enchilada with rice and beans.  

We took Highway 30 back to Burley and enjoyed seeing all the crops.  I wish I'd had Walt get a photo.
We got home about 7:30 and saw some of the news coverage of the horrible terror attack in Nice.  What is our world coming to??

July 14, 2016 - Thursday

The only photo I took today was of the new red potatoes and peas that I put together in homemade white sauce. Marge Green brought us some wonderful fresh vegetables from her garden on Monday.

I got a haircut today then followed up from my Monday Dr.'s appointment to calibrate our wrist blood pressure cuff.  Dr. Lindquist had me get a blood test.

July 15, 2016 - Friday
Kathleen came this morning to help us with family history.  She found another ancestor of Nellie Katie Olson Petersen.  She has three ancestors now on "reserve" for Walt to have their temple work done.
Around four o'clock Julie came with Rigon.  They are here for the Bricki which is "The Brent and Vicki Peterson Family Reunion."  Max, their darling dog will be staying with us till Sunday.  
Mostly he lies by the front door waiting for Julie to come back.  He did like to be by Walt to get some left-over cooked hamburger patties.
July 16, 2016 - Saturday

Janice, my sister, and her daughter Vickie, stopped by to see us. We watched a DVD that Connie had made from some of Daddy's old home movies.  Then we had lunch together.
I reheated the peas 'n potatoes in the white sauce, had just cooked the beets. 
Janice commented: "There's nothing like fresh veggies from the garden!"

Then they were on their way back to Utah--Midvale and Orem.  They had driven up to Gooding on Friday to buy a block of rodeo tickets for 25 of Janice and her kids' and grandkids' Family Reunion in Gooding on the Saturday of the County Fair on August 20. 
What a great reunion for them coming up.
Walt and I always enjoy being with my sister and her family.
July 17, 2016 - Sunday 

We drove out to the View Ward to hear Kent and Marilyn Searle speak about their three years serving as the Mission President and wife of the Colombia Barranquilla Mission.
(I couldn't get the current photo that they had in The Voice this week.  And I forgot to take my camera this morning after I had put the newly-charged battery back in.)
From View we drove over to the Unity Ward where Derlin and Nancy Taylor were speaking about their three years as Mission President and wife over the newly created (in 2013) Washington Vancouver Mission.
   I didn't get a photo of them. {Gina, will you please send us a photo of them from their Mission Report Day? Thanks.}
Here's President and Sister Taylor with one of their missionaries--Elder King.
Here's a photo that Elder King showed and said that of all the Senior Couples serving in the Washington Vancouver Mission, Elder Lambert was his favorite.  
Sister Taylor told today that this Elder Lambert passed away within a month of him and his wife finishing their mission. Elder Lambert is the son of Joe Lambert of Burley who had his 100th Birthday Open House on May 28 this year.  Elder Lambert and his wife were at his Dad's Open House, then passed away soon after that.
Now here are some photos that our daughter, Jennifer Petersen Brewer, took (remember I forgot my camera) today at the luncheon after the Mission Report of President Derlin and Sister Nancy Taylor recently home from their three-year calling as Mission President and Wife of the Washington Vancouver Mission.
They estimated that about 230 returned missionaries came.
These missionaries sang the missionary song in Sacrament Meeting, which was a combination of [I think the first one was] "Let Us All Press On,"  then "Called to Serve."  It was sung with much gusto and enthusiasm.  A very spiritual feeling was felt by these great missionaries.
They fed all these returned missionaries, friends, and family.
Of, course, Ross and Karen Taylor drove up from Riverton, south of Salt Lake City.  When Derlin started his talk with: "I am overwhelmed, to say the least, with all these family, friends, returned missionaes, and mentors who have come today.  He has told both Ross and Walt that they are among his "mentors" and he doesn't know where he would be without them.
Here's a little brighter photo of Ross and Walt.
They had to get right back to Salt Lake -- Heidi is here from Italy with their son Ethan who enters the MTC Wednesday for his Utah Provo Mission.
Today is their son Aaron's 50th Birthday!
So we say: "Happy Birthday, Aaron!
Our son Steve, knows all about that as he will be facing that birthay in December.  These "kids" think they are getting old.
They are still y-o-u-n-g!
They don't really know what "old" is! 
Walt was happy to greet Jen's good friend from her high school class of 1992--Gina Granata Taylor, who married Derlin and Nancy's son, Brian Taylor.
The Granata's were our neighbors by Burton Avenue and we were close friends.  Walt has a nickname for most everyone he likes a lot, and hers was "Gina Gina Lola-lola-bridget-ta."
Here's a photo of Gina and Brian and their family the night before the Mission Report.
Of course, it was a true SERENDIPITY to have our daughter JEN BREWER surprise us as she came into the Sacrament Meeting unexpectedly.  She flew to Salt Lake City from Rochester, Minnesota last night (after their family made that 19 1/2-hour drive back from Utah just a week ago Friday) She drove up to Burley this morning.  She has been asked to speak on nutrition at two sessions tomorrow at the Rexburg Hospital.  Then on Tuesday she has been asked to speak at a Girls' Camp session like an EFY on the Utah State Campus.
She will fly back to Minnesota Tuesday evening.
Jen likes surprises.
I found this photo of Derlin and Nancy with two of their returned missionaries that come to their Mission Report.
We gave our thanks and goodbyes.  Walt and I were able to give Derlin a hug and talk with him a minute outside the chapel doors as we entered Sacrament Meeting.  
He said to Walt: "I don't know how to thank you for all you did for me when you were my bishop."
I said: "You already have by serving this mission."
All too soon, Jen was on her way to Rexburg.
I said: "Jen, we need a photo of you by Dad so we can
prove you were actually here for 6 hours today.
As the shadows begin to fall, we hope you have had a
restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.
We share our testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored in these latter days to never be taken again from the earth.
Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us.
Jesus Christ is His first-born spirit and His Only Begotten Son in the flesh.
He was sent to earth to become our Savior and Redeemer.
Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Great Restoration.
Thomas S. Monson is the Living Prophet of the entire earth today.
The Book of Mormon is true and is 
Another Testament of Jesus Christ
as the Bible is the Testament of Jesuc Christ.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is
the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Of this we testify,
In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, Idaho, U.S.A.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ July 4, 2016 
July 10, 2016
in IDAHO ~

How fast these Spriing and Summer months
are zooming by...

Happy Fourth of July


We're going to drive up to Lake Cleveland, then through the City of Rocks, ending with supper at the Rupert Square Independence Day celebration.
Driving through Albion, we stopped for a while at their celebration and ran in to Ray and Jolene Robinson.  Their daughter, Becky who lives in Idaho Falls was there with her five children.  The three boys were off to play some old-fashioned games--like gunny sack races--and couldn't stay for a photo.
Lake Cleveland had a lot of campers.

...and a lot of fishermen and women.
We almost got to stay a while for the Almo parade at 3:30, but the policeman blocking traffic told us how to go back a ways and take the rode a mile over to the Citiy of Rocks road.
He said to Dr. Petersen: "You were my doctor when I was a little boy."   

Our kids think Walt runs into someone who knows him anywhere in the world he goes.
Paula Nelson, Debbi Jones sister, walked up to the parade just as we had turned around and were driving by where the police pickup was parked.
At City of Rocks, the young man walking by the parking area for the trail to the look out, kindly took our photo.  He said they had just rappelled up and back down Castle Rock.  His group was from Washington D.C.  He said it had taken them 5 hours.  People do come from all over to rappell these famous rocks.
It took us about 45 minutes to drive through the City of Rocks National Reserve with making that one stop.
Walt took a lot of photos while I was driving. I may add more later.
We got home about 5pm and decided we needed a nap before going to the Rupert Square Festivities to have supper.  But when we woke up, we were still too tired to go, so just had supper at home and watched an old 1938 movie about Alexander Hamilton.

It has been a great Fourth of July together.

Here we are last 4th of July week with Dale and Connie at the Rupert Square where we'd seen "Forever Plaid" at the renovated Wilson Theatre.
Yes, God Bless America today and always.  And God has and always will bless America. That's why we need to always follow Him.  Walt and I pray that we will always keep His 
Commandments and Honor Our Covenants.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 

 I had Mohs Surgery this morning in Twin Falls.  It only took Dr. Kurtis Reed one cutting to have clear margins from the squamous cell carcinoma spot just below my right eye.
Dr. Reed and his assistant are excellent at what they do!  I am very thankful for their expertise.
Now we're on our way to see the Brewers--Jen, Jerry, and their 7 children--who are in Provo 2 1/2 days after their Brewer Family Reunion in the Vernal area July 1-4.  Friday morning they make the 18-hour drive back to Rochester, Minnesota

We rendezvoused with Brewers Tuesday evening in Orem at Cascade Park.  First thing Walt had some questions for Dr. Jerry about spots on his face that need watching for pre-cancer or cancer sighs.
Also coming were David and Julie, Anna, Sam, and William.  Julie and her four, Jacee, Jackson, Maddie, and Rigdon were there.  Gary, Jacob, and Isaac where there, too.  Steve and Carter were able to come later after something they had to be to.
Sarah, Jacee and Anna were excited to see each other.  Anna and her family are going to Jackson Hole area in Wyoming tomorrow for their Stake Youth Camp.  Julie, David, and Josh are also going.  Julie is the Young Womens' president in her ward.  I thought I got a photo with Anna in it, but guess I didn't.
Jerry's sister, Robyn and her husband Darrin, were flying out at 5am the next morning so they were there with their 4 children.  They live in one of the Carolinas. (I can't ever remember if it's North or South Carolina.)
I didn't get a photo of the siblings till the very end, so only Jen, Steve, David and Gary were there for the sibling photo.  Julie had left with Jacee and Rigdon. Jackson and Maddie rode the few blocks from the park with us to the rental home where they had the big cousin sleep-over with 17 cousins.
Steve and Seth have an ongoing tennis match tradition.  Seth as a 8th grader last year, played on the high school tennis team in Rochester.  Carter came with Steve, but I don't think I got a photo of Carter-who will be a sophomore next year at West Lake.  Carter has been on a great soccer team for many years.

July 6, 2016 - Wednesday

Here's the sibling photo for Wednesday--Jen, Julie, and Gary.
Steve was planning to come Wednesday morning also, but was called in to an unexpected meeting for his job.
 Gary cooked a pancake breakfast for everyone...
...with a syrup tasting contest.
The one everyone liked the best was the homemade one, made from the recipe handed down from my Grama Huffaker, to my Mom, to me and now to our kids and grandkids. It's made with Mapeline--and I think the recipe is actually the one on the box that 
the bottle of Mapeline comes in.
Then Jerry changed the dressing from 
my Mohs surgery of the day before. 

 He said it looked perfect.  My eye didn't turn as black and blue and they expected it to.  However, I had put ice on it--15 min every hour--on our drive to Utah the day before.
I was surprised and happy that I hardly had any pain.
It just still had a little bleeding of fresh blood, so Jerry tightly put the covering tape on with instructions to 
not change it for two days.  
Not everyone gets to be checked by the head of the Dermatology Surgery Department at Mayo Clinic.  And he won't like me telling everyone what a 
great Mohs surgeon he is!  
Dr. Brewer is the one who trained Dr. Reed, whom Jerry said is the best resident he has had at Mayo Clinic.
So I'm in good hands all around!
Then we got to go on a wonderful tour of BYU with Seth and Sarah, who as 9th graders, are hoping to go to BYU and they and their family are allowed to be driven around campus and stop to go into the building of the major they are considering.  Then they are given a packet that explains how to prepare to become a student there.  (Mainly it takes working hard for top grades, high ACT, service and leadership experiences, plus other skills.)
Here's Sarah and the excellent guide for her tour in front of the Performing Arts building, which Sarah is interested in as of now.
Here we are in front of the tour cart.  In addition to the driver-guide it holds 7.
Next stop was at the apartment where Jen and Jerry first lived when they were married, then over to The Riviera where Jen, her brothers and sisters, and also Jerry lived during their years at BYU.  All seven of our children graduated from BYU.
I didn't get out of the van to get photos, but I did get a photo of the sign for "Creamery on Ninth" where they all stood in line for 40 minutes to get BYU Ceramery ice cream cones.  They were all too tired to stand together for a photo with their cones.
After pizza for supper, Jerry put on the movie "Back to the Future III,' while most all the kids watched that while the adults talked out on the patio.  Sarah had fun with Abbey and Jacee.  They are all near the same age.

  We have 4 granddaughters born in the year 2000--so Janie has coined them as "The Millennial Girls."  But the other granddaughters born a year or two later all have fun together.
Here is Sarah with Abbey -- who is the first of the Millennial girls (the others are Emma, Ashley, and Anna).
And here is Sarah, Abbey, and Jacee--ages 14, 16, and 13.
Everyone was tuckered out at the end of this day.

July 7, 2017 - Thursday
Had 13 cousins together today...
Have had as many as 18 together to be with their Brewer cousins this week. Fun cousin time.
We said goodbye to the Brewers as we left the "Hang Time--extreme trampolines" in Provo as the last cousin activity before the Brewers will be on their way at 5:30 tomorrow morning to make the 18-hour drive back to Rochester, Minnesota on Friday, July 8.
In birth order are twins: Seth and Sarah, 14; Ben 11; Joshua will be 9 on July 31; Lizzy 6 1/2; Adam, 3 1/2; and Anna 1 1/2.
After lunch at Golden Corral, we had a rest at Julie and John's, then headed home about 5:30, pulling in to our driveway at 9:30.  It was exactly 210 miles from Saratoga Springs to Burley.
After they got packed Thursday night they watched an old movie filmed in Utah in 1993 about kids playing baseball.": "The Sandlot."
July 8, 2017 - Friday
Brewers headed out at 5:30 a.m. for Minnesota. We called at 10:30 this morning and they were in the middle of Wyoming. 

This afternoon we went to the viewing of Laurel Anderson Jensen's husband, Reed Jensen.  Laurie was a nurse at the Cassia County Hospital Emergency Room for many years.
She was always an excellent nurse.  Walt appreciated her expertise all those years that she helped him with many emergencies that were brought to the hospital.
Here we are with Laurie's oldest daughter, Tamara.  Tamara said to Walt: "You were a big part of my growing-up years in Burley.
At the dedication of the grave at the Riverside Cemetery in Heyburn, I had left my camera in the car, so didn't get any photos there.  As we were driving back to Burley, we stopped at the cheese and ice cream shoppe on the first floor of the "Upper Crust" Restaurant.
What a serendipity to be there at the same time as Charmaine Ralphs and her daughter Becky, and Becky's two daughters.
It's always nice to have a little ice cream on a hot summer afternoon.
Walt had me drive over to the river while we finished our ice cream.
There were several boats at the Snake River this afternoon.
July 9, 2017 - Saturday

Before entering the temple with Debbie Cunningham Harrell.
Three hours late Debbie came out front to take photos with her Burley 3rd Ward friends who came to be with her in the temple--Bishop Steve and Michelle Gerratt; Dave and Marilyn Gibbons--her home teachers; Dan and LaRae Crane; Terry (an officiator in the session) and Pat Greenman, formerly Burley residents; and Walt and Eileen Petersen. LaRae Crane and I are Debbie's visiting teachers. Walt and I taught Debra the Temple Preparation lessons.
I am going to put the above photo in again and make it extra large to try to get a good closeup of Debra.

Then Sister Swallow came out after finishing her Saturday morning shift at the temple.  She was Debra's attendant.
It's not often to be able to get a photo of your temple attendant.  Sister Swallow was an excellent attendant.

This is Debbie's sister, LaDonna who came before the session and waited the whole time until her sister had finished her session.
It was so nice to have Bishop and Sister Gerratt as the witness couple. So Michelle was sitting on one side of Debra, and as her escort, I was sitting on the other side of her.
Then we had lunch at The Sizzler with Debra, LaDonna, Dave and Marilyn Gibbons.
I had learned several years ago from Brother Gibbons to tell a person going through the temple for the first time that they only had to remember two things: 1. Their new name, and 2. How they felt.  So many new things are learned in the temple, that it takes going many times to learn and remember everything.
Debra said she was going home and writing everything down of how she felt.
As we were going to the temple doors at eight o'clock, Debra told us that her bishop and then the stake president had told her that as she entered the temple, to leave the outside world and all her worries outside and feel the peace and serenity in the House of the Lord.
It was an honor and privilege to be with Sister Debra Cunningham Harrell this morning as she received her endowment at the Twin Falls Idaho Temple -- the House of the Lord.

July 10, 2017 - Sunday 
David and Marilyn Gibbons spoke at Sacrament Meeting today.  They had written down that the Bishop had asked them to speak on July 17.  But they spoke today when they saw their names printed on the program.  And they gave great talks about missionary work. And Dave spoke about his three years as the first counselor in the Idaho Twin Falls Mission - 2013 to 2016.

Bishop Gerratt also called on Gary McCall and Steve Ormond to come and share their testimonies.  They also did a great job.

Our Sunday School lesson #26 covered Alma 223-29 "to encourage us to strengthen our conversion and increase our desire to elp other become converted."  Ken Weeks teaches with conviction and gets class members involved in answering questions, along with discussing the scriptures covered.

Candace Wyatt taught our Relief Society Lesson #13 "The Temple--The Great Symbol of our Membership."  

It began with a quote from the Prophet Howard W. Hunter:
"It is the deepest desire of my heart to have every member of the Church worthy to enter the temple."

Here is a great  quote from the lesson about temples.

          "The temple is a place of instrution where
            profound truths pertaining to the
            Kingdom of God are unfolded.  It is a
            place of peace where minds can be 
            centered upon things of the spirit and 
            the worries of the world can be laid aside.  
            In the temple we make covenants to obey
            the laws of God, and promises are made 
            to us, conditioned always on our faith-
            fulness, which extend into eternity"
                            --The Priesthood and You, Melchizedek
                                             Priesthood Lessons--1966, Salt Lake City:
                                             The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
                                             Saints, 1966, p. 293

The Stake Relief Society President, Sister Boemer, who was visiting, said that she thinks of her temple recommend as her "Passport to Heaven."

Monday, July 11, 2016

We were so saddened this morning to see in the news that a tree had fallen on a family's tent at 4:00 a.m. while they were sleeping in the Provo R.V. Park by Utah Lake.  Then we saw
our friend, BenJoe Markland's, post that it was his family!

They are visiting family in Utah.  They moved to San Salvador in October 2011 after we had been there just three months.  He was called as our Stake President there just a week before we finished our three years, three months' service in El Salvador.

President Markland posted on his face book page:

He had just posted this on his face book page two days before, Saturday, July 9, 2016: