Sunday, August 13, 2017

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August 7, 2017 
August 13, 2017
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Monday - August 7, 2017
 Our neighbor, Steve, getting ready to be over feeding 309 of the Burley West Stake youth and leaders at The Trek at Martin's Cove, Wyoming 3 meals a day for 3 days...Aug 9-10-11, 2017.

 We drove to Twin Falls Monday for Walt
to see his urologist, Dr. Hadley.
Walt really likes him.
 Walt doesn't have to go back for one year.
 This is at the St. Luke's Medical Plaza in Twin Falls.

Tuesday - August 8, 2017

                                     When Walt got back from having the                                                             car serviced,
                                         he took me to breakfast at McD's.

We felt like having pancakes and sausage.
 We had parked by this fancy, dancy "three wheeler."
 Monday afternoon we went to the Book Plaza.
Walt needed a large print Book of Mormon.
 When we got home, Walt read the mail.

Wednesday - August 9, 2017

 We went to the temple to do an 11:00 sealing session with the Burley 3rd Ward high priests.  Then we did a 1:00 endowment session.  Dale forgot we had told him we'd be doing the earlier session this Wednesday.  He went to our usual time 3:00 session.  When we left the temple at 3:30, I forgot to get a photo of us.
I took this photo of Walt when we got home.
 He went right over to turn the hose on to water the lawn.
These 90 degree days take a lot of water to keep the lawn green.
 Walt got a photo of me before I went into the house. 
This show our "Familia Petersen" plaque by the door.
Thursday - August 10, 2017

We had a catch-up day. I didn't take any photos today.
We did go to the 1:00 program at the Burley Library about the Solar Eclipse.

We taught a Temple Preparation Class to a wonderful couple this evening...the second half of Lesson #1 about the Three Degrees of Glory.  The first part of Lesson #1 is about The Plan of Salvation.

There are several visual aids for the Plan of Salvation
and the Three Degrees of Glory...
Here's another graphic...more detailed:

And here's a third graphic:

The Plan of Salvation is also called "The Plan of Happiness."
We are thankful that because of the Restored Priesthood Ordinances, we can strive to become a Family Together Forever!
Friday - August 11, 2017

Our neighbor, Irene,
came over just before we left and asked if she
could help weed our strawberry patch.
Irene and Tom are great neighbors! We love them.
 We got to Utah about three o'clock.
Julie showed us her pumpkin patch.
They were a month late planting it so think
they won't get very big pumpkins this fall.
 But they will have a lot of little pumpkins... 
 Julie helped Walt walk on the uneven lawn...
 Then she showed us where the latest "rumor" is of the
location of the newly announced Saratoga Springs Temple might be: on a bluff across Redwood Road from their home. 
 Julie took a photo of us together.
From there we drove over to Gary's home, where we rode with him to the Sundance Outdoor Theater for a Bar-b-que dinner, then to see
McKell and Isaac---his oldest and youngest--as they performed in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  We have seen it several times at various venues, but somehow I missed that it was the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It was a joy to be in the mountains.
 A tractor pulls us up part of the mountain
in an attached trailer.
 McKell came by as we were going through
the buffet dinner line.
 Then as we were eating, here came Isaac
from the Children's Chorus bus.
We heard him saying: "Hey, I know those people...
my Dad, and Grandpa and Grandma."
 Half-way on up to the amphtheater,
Gary had us stop for some photo shots.
 We tried to put our heads in as far as we could.
 Some people came by  and said they'd take
a photo of all three of us together.
 The deal was that then we would take photos
of them together.
 I got a photo of the set.
 We were on the back row of the regular seating.
 We had an excellent view.
 Then back of the regular seats is the "grassy area,"
where people bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on.
 No photos were allowed during the show.
Isaac, age 11, came up to talk to us after the finale.
 Gary had brought him a "bag of many colors,"
which had three colors of Gatorade, M&M's,
multi-colored Gold Fish, and other colorful treats.
 Isaac is like McKell.  He loves to perform on stage!
 As we started back down the hill, 
the cast was lined up along the trail.
It was fun to talk with McKell.
 She, too, was excited about her "bag of many colors."
We thought that was very clever of Gary.
 How proud Gary is of his oldest daughter, as are we!
 We can't believe that McKell will be starting her 3rd year at 
the Utah Valley University in Orem next week.
She is on a theater scholarship, majoring in theater performance.

Saturday - August 12, 2017
Saturday morning some of us were able to gather for breakfast.
Everyone got a kick out of the hobo dream breakfast.
 We went to the "One Man Band Diner" in Lehi.
Steve and Natalie, Kimble and Carter came.
 Natalie had to leave to drive over to Grangeville
or Grantsville by Tooele to get something for her
brother that he bought on line.
Kimble and Carter also had a swim pool employee
meeting they had to get to.
Steve had been up early for his bi-weekly 6:30-8:00 a.m.
tennis match with his friend Bret Francis, whom he
had roomed with many years ago in Washington D.C.
Bret lives up in Salt Lake County, so they trade
off the locations of their Wednesday and Saturday morning games.
  Walt shared some of his biscuits and gravy
with Gary who got the Ham Quickie breakfast.
 Got this photo of Walt with two of his sons.
Julie had texted that Rigdon didn't have a good
night so they wouldn't be coming.
John had taken his scout troop on a camp out.
He said he loves all his scouts, but it's extra
great to be able to camp with his son, Jackson, 
just like he used to camp with his Dad.
 When we got back home to Burley,
we went over to wish Loanda Manning
a "Happy 100th Birthday."
 She told us that her actual birthday is September 14th,
but this week was when her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids
could be here in Burley.
 When you're 100, most of your friends
are already in heaven.
However, Loanda had a lot of 
family and friends there.
 We talked with Andy and Jane Wilson.
 Here are Loanda's kids, Doug Manning on
the far right and his wife, Cindy is second from
the left.  Tony Morley is on the far left, and
his wife, Jane, is second from the right.
Jane and Cindy are sisters.
I didn't get the name of the gal in the middle.
She may be a daughter of Loanda.
 Shelley Orton ______ and her Mom 
came from Cedar City.
Shelley told us she was in Steve's Class of 1985 
and sends greetings to her classmate.
She said they had moved back to Burley for a while
and loved it, but her Mom needed some help, so they
moved back to Cedar.
Her daughter and husband have just started at
the University of Utah...where he's in Pharmacy School.
She said maybe they'll run into Steve's son, Kimble.
Sunday - August 13, 2017
Today Dan Murri asked Jackson Hill and Sylvia Heiner to come and share their experiences this past week at the Martin Cove's Trek. They both said it was a greater experience than they anticipated, using "Awesome," Sylvia said she found out when no one can shower, after two days the odors are not pleasant.  She described how one young man cried when he told her he wished he had been able to help the young women and their "Ma" in the "women's pull" up the hill.

Jackson Hill thanked Brother and Sister Ormond for all the work they did in preparing such good food for all 309 on this Trek.

Then Craig Helms gave a spiritual talk on "Repentance." Satan tries to make us think that when we do something wrong, we can never be forgiven. But he is the great deceiver and lier.  The whole purpose of the Savior's Atonement for us was so we could be forgiven and go forward with our life.  He quoted Elder D. Todd Christofferson, the Apostle, who said: "Repentance is possible only because of Jesus Christ."  The initiative to repent is a message of love.  The cost of repentance is worth it. Repentance brings peace.

Greta Hansen, who just graduated from BYU Idaho in Music, played a beautiful piano solo.  She actually majored in Violin.  Her comforting music left a very peaceful feeling.

Dan Murri then had asked Bonnie Fronk to speak about the new Path program of the Church on Self Reliance and how the first group had done here in our stake.  Bonnie said she was a little skeptical of it at first, but has seen how many lives it has helped become better in the area she and Ken worked with: Finance.

Lanada Kerbs was asked to share how this program has helped her. 

President Tracy King closed out the meeting by sharing some of the good experiences on Trek and how the youth marvelled at looking up at the stars and contemplating the stars and the expanse of the universe.  He talked about how Moses saw all the creations of God and that it is through the Priesthood power that this happens.

In Sunday School, Lydon Crane taught Lesson 29 "Building the Kingdom of God in Nauvoo, Illinois." He focused on how we can follow their example and build the Kingdom of God where we are.
He and his wife were a "Pa" and "Ma" on Trek and marvelled at how well the young men and women did.  He said when the early pioneers came through the desolation of Nebraska and Wyoming, it must have helped them be prepared to brave the desert of Utah and make their homes there.  They came to rely on God and became strong from their trials.

I was taken with his conclusion: "The Gospel is not about Joseph Smith or Thomas S. Monson, but about us preparing to meet the Saviour, our King, and becoming like Him."

At the end of this Sabbath Day, we pray you have had a peaceful and a restful experience.

We pray we--and you--will set our hearts on becoming Christ-like, repenting of the things we do wrong, and going forward to be ready to meet our King, Jesus Christ, at His Second Coming with a pure heart and clean hands.  

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, Idaho.  Sunday, August 13, 2017