Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Stake Presidency in our Burley Idaho West Stake April 25, 2010

Chad Jones, President
Tim Preston, First Counselor
Tracy King, Second Counselor
We sustain our new stake presidency
with all our heart, might, mind, and strength!
Walt congratulating President Jones.

(I lost the first blog I did for this event, in which

I had quotes from Pres. Jones talk.

But it's too late tonight to redo it all....)

A heart-felt Thank You to our outgoing Stake Presidency:

President Joseph M. Sagers

President Garth Williams, First Counselor

President Leonard M. Beck, Second Counselor

We will love you forever.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Walt, April 17, 2010 "76"

Walt with Fisher family at end of finale of their
Idaho Ballroom Academy Spring Concert - Rexburg - April 1 6
This shows how young Walt was at age 27

when we married.

See cutline below...


I can't get my photos from yesterday and today to download.

Walt celebrated his birthday today with Janie & Shawn,

Daniel, Katie, Heidi, Sam, Ashley, and Michael Fisher in Rexburg.

We got back to Burley in time to watch the Lawrence Welk show,

then I put in the 1942 "Flying Tigers" movie with John Wayne,

but 2/3 of the way through, it said "disc scratched" and

no amount of trying to wipe it clean helped.

So we got to see the last half of the

Utah Jazz/Denver Nuggets Round 1 Playoff game.

The Jazz kept right with them until the last 6:51 minutes.

Names for photo above (lost photo, had to reload it).

Walt with Gary & Kathy, Natalie, Jacob, Steve, Julie, and Maddie.

This was when he had accompanied a young Elder home to Utah

just prior to our March 13 release.

Just home from Argentina - with our son, Steve.
Warm weather, but Walt can't do this until May 9, 2010 -- when it will be one month

after his hernia repair.
Walt helping Grama A plant flowers in summer of 2008

This is how the towns in Idaho and Utah looked in the 1930s

when Walt was born

April 17, 1934. I did this at 11:30pm Sat., April 17, so I don't know

why the date of Sun., April 18 came up!?

I wanted to scan some photos of Walt when he was young,

but I don't have my scanner to do it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's good to be home...

A quiet Sunday dinner at home.
Yes, we're just hangin' out together here in Burley, Idaho.
Start working in the temple April 14 on the Spanish session, Wednesday evenings.
Walt's recovering well from his hernia repair on April 9. Two of our darling grandchildren--Jackson and Maddie.
I loaded my photos from the first week in April, and they're lost in the computer somewhere.
This was our last of 5 days with kids/g-kids in Utah over Easter/General Conference week--Thursday to Monday. It's great to be able to drop in on our kids.
Walt renewed the tradition of father's,sons,grandsons going together to the General Priesthood Meeting on Saturday.
We thankful for the counsel from our Prophets and Apostles for these perilous times Some old photos from our Feb. 2009 in Uruguay Walt's friend from his 1954-57 first mission in Uruguay--
Cesar Guerra
I have discovered I'm a jinx to any computer I touch.
My desktop is slower than frozen molasses...and after John worked so many hours to get it speeded up. My laptop won't connect to our newly purchased Internet Cableone plan,
and now I can't get my MixPod music on our blog to "change and save."
Anyone have another music program for blogs that works?

Opps, forgot I had this photo in....also from the Mission Museum in Uruguay.
I'm looking for the "Mormon Modernaires" photo, and the softball mission team for friends who served missions in Uruguay. Sorry guys, I'm still looking.

I know it's not Easter anymore..........I tried for 20 min, and thought I'd "changed and saved" the new music 5x...but the "Save" mode has disappeared from MixPod.
Guess you'll have to listen to Easter music till I can get some help.