Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's good to be home...

A quiet Sunday dinner at home.
Yes, we're just hangin' out together here in Burley, Idaho.
Start working in the temple April 14 on the Spanish session, Wednesday evenings.
Walt's recovering well from his hernia repair on April 9. Two of our darling grandchildren--Jackson and Maddie.
I loaded my photos from the first week in April, and they're lost in the computer somewhere.
This was our last of 5 days with kids/g-kids in Utah over Easter/General Conference week--Thursday to Monday. It's great to be able to drop in on our kids.
Walt renewed the tradition of father's,sons,grandsons going together to the General Priesthood Meeting on Saturday.
We thankful for the counsel from our Prophets and Apostles for these perilous times Some old photos from our Feb. 2009 in Uruguay Walt's friend from his 1954-57 first mission in Uruguay--
Cesar Guerra
I have discovered I'm a jinx to any computer I touch.
My desktop is slower than frozen molasses...and after John worked so many hours to get it speeded up. My laptop won't connect to our newly purchased Internet Cableone plan,
and now I can't get my MixPod music on our blog to "change and save."
Anyone have another music program for blogs that works?

Opps, forgot I had this photo in....also from the Mission Museum in Uruguay.
I'm looking for the "Mormon Modernaires" photo, and the softball mission team for friends who served missions in Uruguay. Sorry guys, I'm still looking.

I know it's not Easter anymore..........I tried for 20 min, and thought I'd "changed and saved" the new music 5x...but the "Save" mode has disappeared from MixPod.
Guess you'll have to listen to Easter music till I can get some help.


Julie said...

looks like you had a great dinner. We had a pretty quite Sunday here too. We were all tired from a big weekend of babysitters and reunions. Love you.

Janiece said...

I am enjoying being home...though we find out tomorrow if I "get" to move to Utah to wait for my heart or if I have a little more time in Burley.
Glad you are adjusting to being home. I love the Spanish Session...what a wonderful experience.