Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Walt, April 17, 2010 "76"

Walt with Fisher family at end of finale of their
Idaho Ballroom Academy Spring Concert - Rexburg - April 1 6
This shows how young Walt was at age 27

when we married.

See cutline below...


I can't get my photos from yesterday and today to download.

Walt celebrated his birthday today with Janie & Shawn,

Daniel, Katie, Heidi, Sam, Ashley, and Michael Fisher in Rexburg.

We got back to Burley in time to watch the Lawrence Welk show,

then I put in the 1942 "Flying Tigers" movie with John Wayne,

but 2/3 of the way through, it said "disc scratched" and

no amount of trying to wipe it clean helped.

So we got to see the last half of the

Utah Jazz/Denver Nuggets Round 1 Playoff game.

The Jazz kept right with them until the last 6:51 minutes.

Names for photo above (lost photo, had to reload it).

Walt with Gary & Kathy, Natalie, Jacob, Steve, Julie, and Maddie.

This was when he had accompanied a young Elder home to Utah

just prior to our March 13 release.

Just home from Argentina - with our son, Steve.
Warm weather, but Walt can't do this until May 9, 2010 -- when it will be one month

after his hernia repair.
Walt helping Grama A plant flowers in summer of 2008

This is how the towns in Idaho and Utah looked in the 1930s

when Walt was born

April 17, 1934. I did this at 11:30pm Sat., April 17, so I don't know

why the date of Sun., April 18 came up!?

I wanted to scan some photos of Walt when he was young,

but I don't have my scanner to do it.

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SAYDA said...

Happy birthday Walt! So good to have you back!