Saturday, March 28, 2009


I can't get a photo edited out of just Carter to we get some of the family taken at Thanksgiving November 2007. Carter is on the front lower right in white, next to Cortney who is on the very front far right. Kimble is next to Carter, with Natalie and Steve behind--all in white. Our aim for this family photo was to make it easy to identify the separate families by their colors. However, when the photographer put the dark blues, greens, and blacks together, it's hard to differentiate. HAPPY BAPTISM DAY, CARTER! WE LOVE YOU! LOVE, GRAMPA 'N GRAMA MISSION.


Carter, we are so happy you are being baptized today. I'm trying to load a photo, but haven't been able to so far. I'll keep working on it. However, you are such a handsome young man, when I put youi photo on, all the ladies, young and old, will fall in love with you!

We wish you a wonderful day today in Lehi, Utah, with your Mom & Dad--Steve & Natalie, and siblings: Kelsey, Cortney, and Kimble, and your other grandparents who can come and lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends!

You have made the rightest decision in your life up to now--and that is TO BE BAPTISED!

Our bodies are here in Argentina, but our hearts and spirits are with you today.
Love, Grampa 'n Grama Mission - Walt & Eileen Petersen

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Went to the zoo, the flamingos were first...

Hna. Petersen loves flamingos and these were very bright pinkish salmon colored. Hna. Petersen's laptop has malfunctioned (she turned the power button off incorrectly and now nothing will boot up) so it's been a long process to get these photos re-entered from her camera into Elder Petersen's laptop and onto the blog. Maybe....maybe there will be more zoo photos later.

Had lunch with Elder y Hna Petersen at Burger King

There's lots of Burger Kings, even more McDonald's, but no Wendy's. This is when Dr. Petersen had to drive down to the university center of Buenos Aires where the medical school, pharmacy school, and other colleges are. He had to get the new battery for his otoscope so he can look in the missionaries ears when they tell him they can't hear well. Most of the time their ears are full of wax and when he irrigates it out...they think he's a miracle doctor who has instantly restored their hearing.

I'm dressed just like these missionaries...

Yes, white shirt and tie, dark dress pants, and a black name tag...we're all missionaries here in Argentina.

Helping Dr. Petersen take out ingrown toe nail.

So many of the young Elders get ingrown toenails from not cutting their toenails correctly, from shoes that are too tight, or just plain all the walking.

Flat Stanley - Argentina Milenesa...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Once in love with Aimee...

In case you can't understand the words to our current first song:
Dedicated to our new missionary...Sister Aimee Fisher - Oklahoma Tulsa Mission
Once in Love with Aimee
Frank Loesser
Once in love with Aimee, always in love with Aimee
Ever and ever fascinated by her, sets your heart afire to stay.

Once you're kissed by Aimee, tear up your list it's Aimee
Ply her with bonbons, poetry, and flowers, moon a million hours away.

You might be quite the fickle-hearted rover so carefree and bold
Who loves a girl and later thinks it over and just quits cold.

But once in love with Aimee, always in love with Aimee
Ever and ever sweetly you'll romance her, trouble is the answer will be
That Aimee'd rather stay in love with me.

(instrumental), always in love with Aimee
Ever and ever fascinated by her, sets your heart afire to stay...repeats

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


MTC MARCH 18, 2009

Aimee Lorene Fisher - Age 21 - Feb. 20, 1988
Proud Parents: Shawn & Janie Petersen Fisher, Rexburg,Idaho.
Proud Siblings: Daniel,18; Katie,15; Heidi,12; Samuel,10; Ashley,8; Michael,6.
Proud Grandparents: Walt & Eileen Albertson Petersen,Buenos Aires,Argentina/Burley, Idaho; Budd & Irene Fisher, Declo,Idaho.
Proud Grandmother in Heaven: Lorene Robins Fisher
Proud Great-Grandmother: Verna Huffaker Albertson,age 89, Gooding,Idaho; Elna Howarth Robins,age 93,Burley,Idaho.
Proud Great-Grandparents in Heaven: Arnold G. Albertson, Ray & Jane Prescott Petersen, Lloyd R. Robins, GGF/GGM Fisher
Proud Aunts & Uncles: Sherry & Shane; Blaine; Shanna; Gary & Kathy; Steve & Natalie; David & Julie; John & Julie; Brian & Michelle; Jerry & Jen.
Plus lots and lots of cousins, whom you are the pathfinder missionary for.
Sister Aimee Fisher, we love you! Elder Ballard told one mission president the answer to his question of how to be a successful mission president was to pray they send you missionaries from IDAHO. Aimee, you are an answer to a mission president's prayer!
God Bless You! "...the angels will go before you, and be on each side of you."
Doctrine & Covenants 84:88.

Elder Stanley with other missionaries...

Look closely to see Elder Stanley's missionary white shirt, dark dress pants, and black name tag just like the other missionaries.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aimee's "Farewell" is today in Rexburg, Idaho...

Called to serve. The first grandchild to become a missionary - Aimee, we pray for you to have the words you wish to say and that Heavenly Father would have you say today as you speak in Sacrament Meeting today in your Rexburg ward and as you prepared to leave in 2 days for the MTC to begiin your Oklahoma Tulsa Mission,
18March2009 to 18September2010. OKLAHOMA.
Remember Grampa's favorite mission scripture in the e-mail he sent you yesterday, Doctrine & Covenants 88:84 or is it 84:88...I get mixed up. I'm not quite the scriptorian he is, but I am on my 19th time reading the Book of Mormon.
Love, Grama Mission P.S. Called to Serve--favorite missionary hymn; God Be With You...our prayer for you; How Great Thou Art--Grampa's favorite hymn; A Mighty Fortress--Grama's favorite hymn; Battle Hymn of the Reupblic--everyone's top of the list.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Argentine family joins the Flat Stanley fun...

This Dad and his kids were waiting for a taxi but were glad to hold Flat Stanley for a photo. They smiled and said "Gracias" at the end.
These are some of the photos I tried to put into "slides" yesterday.

Security Guard lets Flat Stanley in Area Office.

Our area office, as well as our apartment, have security guards, as most every other place here in the big city has. It makes me feel safe when Dr. Petersen has to travel far away to take sick missionaries back home and I'm alone for several days. I know no one can get into our building who isn't known by the guards or has the proper ID.

Bike shop next to the fruit stand...

Jacee, the bike store owner is holding Flat Stanley. You can see he has children's bikes for sale behind the exercise bike he is sitting on.

The fruit stand lady weighs the fruit inside...

It was 7 pesos and 9 centavos (10 to one peso) for 2 peaches and 2 about $2 U.S. since 3.5 pesos = $1 U.S.

The Baker and his Wife, and a Fruit Stand

Flat Stanley goes to the bakery and the fruit stand.

Flat Stanley went to the bakery...

The baker and his wife...she is wrapping up the chicken empanadas.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dog walker with just 4 dogs...

Our elevator in our 10-story apt bldg didn't work this morning, so we walked down the 4 flights of stairs. I waited out front while Grampa Mission drove the car up out of the basement garage. "Wouldn't it be fun if a dog walker came by so I could take a photo of him with Flat Stanley," I thought. Just then one came by! This one had 4 dogs. Some have up to 15!
Jacee, I tried 5 times today to put about 20 photos we took of Flat Stanley today with the dog walkers, at the bakery, at a fruit stand, helping your Dr. Grampa excise an ingrown toenail, and help me on my computer at the office. I've thrown in the towel on that project (my computer just quits....and then all the photos I had in are not saved....Que lastima!) I'll put some more photos in tomorrow.
Love, Grama Mission - Argentina P.S. I may send Flat Stanley home tomorrow in the pouch to you so he'll get there in time for your April due date for your Flat Stanley report.

This is a dog walker with 9 dogs...

Dog Walkers have up to 15 dogs at one time. People love their dogs here so these dog walkers get paid more than most people in Argentina. In my broken Spanish I couldn't get him to understand when I asked if he would hold Flat Stanley for the photo. He did give permission to take the photo of him with the dogs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grampa Mission having lunch with Flat Stanley...

Dr. Petersen would have shared his empanada, but Flat Stanley doesn't really ask for anything. We just enjoy having him around for company because it reminds us of his good Kindergarten friend and our 6-year-old darling granddaughter, Jacee.

Flat Stanley had lunch with us...

Did the 2 pages we sent about Flat Stanley's visit to Argentina tell about Empanadas? Walt went over to the bakery (panaderia--not sure that's spelled right, my Spanish is very limited)yesterday, and in addition to fresh French bread, he brought two chicken empanadas. You can also see the smidgen' of cake by F. Stan.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three birthdays to sing for...

Elder Theobold, Hna. Aidukaitis, and Hna. Allred had/have birthdays this week. I baked the two cakes on the right. Hna. Bowen had these fun "sparkler candles." Elder Aidukaitis and his two daughters sang "Happy Birthday" in about 7 languages to the honorees. Very fun.
The 24 present enjoyed delicious pork burritos and taco salads at the pot luck supper. I made a plate of my left-over cake for the Aidukaitis's, the Bowen's, and Theobolds. I had one piece of white and one piece of chocolate that I brought home for our lunch today. That's what I found a "smidgen" of this morning.

Elder y Hna. Bowen hosted FHE last night...

Elder Bowen gave a message of hope to the Sr. Missionary couples serving here in Buenos Aires. And asked us all, when we return home, to recruit 5 couples to serve missions. He said hard times ARE predicted for the last days. But we all know The Lord is in charge and we will be all right.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A real Gaucho for Flat Stanley, who's still wearing his outfit...Ride 'em cowboy.

The Gaucho belt shown has a lot of coins attached to show how wealthy they are.
They don't use the long ropes like our American cowboys use to catch their cows. They use bolos, which are three short ropes with balls attached at the end. The gauchos throw the bolos that wrap around the cows legs and trip them.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jacee, Flat Stanley is in his new Gaucho outfit...

Jacee, will you please color my face, hands, and hair. Thank you. Grama can't find any coloring pencils or crayons after someone else's Grandmother Mission made this Guacho outfit for your Flat Stanley. Thanks. I'm going to hurry now and catch up with those real Gauchos I just saw riding out to the Pampas here in Argentina.

Flat Stanley is trying to catch up with these Gauchos...

The cowboys in Argentina are called "Gauchos."

Famous Igauzu Falls on border of Argentina and Brazil

Flat Stanley has learned about the famous Igauzu Falls on the Argentina and Brazil border, but he hasn't had a chance to go there yet.