Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dog walker with just 4 dogs...

Our elevator in our 10-story apt bldg didn't work this morning, so we walked down the 4 flights of stairs. I waited out front while Grampa Mission drove the car up out of the basement garage. "Wouldn't it be fun if a dog walker came by so I could take a photo of him with Flat Stanley," I thought. Just then one came by! This one had 4 dogs. Some have up to 15!
Jacee, I tried 5 times today to put about 20 photos we took of Flat Stanley today with the dog walkers, at the bakery, at a fruit stand, helping your Dr. Grampa excise an ingrown toenail, and help me on my computer at the office. I've thrown in the towel on that project (my computer just quits....and then all the photos I had in are not saved....Que lastima!) I'll put some more photos in tomorrow.
Love, Grama Mission - Argentina P.S. I may send Flat Stanley home tomorrow in the pouch to you so he'll get there in time for your April due date for your Flat Stanley report.

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Janiece said...

I have loved seeing all the places flat Stanley has got to visit with you.
How long is your mission stay this time?
I can not believe that Kira is down to only 26 days! It is so crazy!