Wednesday, March 18, 2009


MTC MARCH 18, 2009

Aimee Lorene Fisher - Age 21 - Feb. 20, 1988
Proud Parents: Shawn & Janie Petersen Fisher, Rexburg,Idaho.
Proud Siblings: Daniel,18; Katie,15; Heidi,12; Samuel,10; Ashley,8; Michael,6.
Proud Grandparents: Walt & Eileen Albertson Petersen,Buenos Aires,Argentina/Burley, Idaho; Budd & Irene Fisher, Declo,Idaho.
Proud Grandmother in Heaven: Lorene Robins Fisher
Proud Great-Grandmother: Verna Huffaker Albertson,age 89, Gooding,Idaho; Elna Howarth Robins,age 93,Burley,Idaho.
Proud Great-Grandparents in Heaven: Arnold G. Albertson, Ray & Jane Prescott Petersen, Lloyd R. Robins, GGF/GGM Fisher
Proud Aunts & Uncles: Sherry & Shane; Blaine; Shanna; Gary & Kathy; Steve & Natalie; David & Julie; John & Julie; Brian & Michelle; Jerry & Jen.
Plus lots and lots of cousins, whom you are the pathfinder missionary for.
Sister Aimee Fisher, we love you! Elder Ballard told one mission president the answer to his question of how to be a successful mission president was to pray they send you missionaries from IDAHO. Aimee, you are an answer to a mission president's prayer!
God Bless You! "...the angels will go before you, and be on each side of you."
Doctrine & Covenants 84:88.


Janiece said...

Today is a day of every emotion there is for a parent.
She will be a great missionary!

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Wow, Janiece, you're fast. I'm still "editing" the post.
How exciting that one of your two missionaries is down to a few days.
Thanks for following our blog. And thanks for the fun blog you have...and letting us copy some of your fun gadgets/ideas.
Love, Los Petersen

Jogusboy said...

Yay, Aimee!!

She'll be a great missionary.

And I'm glad to be a proud cousin of her.

Brewer Bunch said...

We are so excited for Aimee!! We love and miss ALL of our missionaries!!

The Jones Crew said...

I'm pretty new at this blogging stuff. But it is a nice way to keep in touch. I can't believe you have a grandchild going on a mission...she is beautiful. We love you both and wish you the best.