Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aimee's "Farewell" is today in Rexburg, Idaho...

Called to serve. The first grandchild to become a missionary - Aimee, we pray for you to have the words you wish to say and that Heavenly Father would have you say today as you speak in Sacrament Meeting today in your Rexburg ward and as you prepared to leave in 2 days for the MTC to begiin your Oklahoma Tulsa Mission,
18March2009 to 18September2010. OKLAHOMA.
Remember Grampa's favorite mission scripture in the e-mail he sent you yesterday, Doctrine & Covenants 88:84 or is it 84:88...I get mixed up. I'm not quite the scriptorian he is, but I am on my 19th time reading the Book of Mormon.
Love, Grama Mission P.S. Called to Serve--favorite missionary hymn; God Be With You...our prayer for you; How Great Thou Art--Grampa's favorite hymn; A Mighty Fortress--Grama's favorite hymn; Battle Hymn of the Reupblic--everyone's top of the list.


Jogusboy said...

dad is in the middle of it all in rexburg right now.

sadly, we decided that it would be better if everyone else stayed home this time. :(

we send out our love and prayers to aimee as she helps others learn of Heavenly Father's remarkable plan.


Janiece said...

I am sure she will be an amazing missionary!
She will be in my prayers

THE CALLS said...

Look at the example she has. What a special young lady.