Monday, March 22, 2010

Life goes on after mission...

The yellow ribbons, bows, and balloons are still
a happy sight that welcomed us home
on March 12, 2010 from
our 18-month mission to the
South America South Area.
The "welcome home" bouquet is still beautiful.
Here are just a few of our goings and comings...
Yes, life goes on after each mission.
We went to a funeral for Albert Holyoak on Saturday morning.
Well, it went from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Nice...but long.
Elden Wood told us Sunday at Church:
"I told Picola if my funeral goes over an hour,
I will come back to haunt her."
It's been wonderful seeing family and friends.
We introduced Walt's brother, Dale,
to our darling friend, Connie Hess,
in 2002 after he had tragically lost his
darling wife, Vicki, in Aug 2000, to
a sudden heart attack at the young age of 55.
Connie's homemade apple pie, said "We love you."
Walt's brother Dale, and his wife Connie had
us come to lunch on Saturday, March 20.
The chicken casserole was delicious,
and Connie sent some home for our Sunday dinner,
along with homemade bread and apple pie.
Thank you so much! Our brother-in-law, Dale Bunn, is just home
from the Boise Hospital having had a subderal
hematoma drained caused from a fall on the ice
in January. He had his 81st birthday on March 12. How nice to see Walt's sister Phyllis. Although she
is not in the best of health...Karen told us she
still keeps quilting. We saw our dear friend, Murk Lancaster, at his sister
Velma Willard's burial...she was 94.
In fact, we saw 26 dear old Wendell friends on Wed, Mar. 17.

(I lost the photo of Murk...will put in a later blog.)

The Relief Society Presidency and committee for this
Relief Society celebration did a great job.
L to R: Emily Garrard, chairman.
Wendy Weeks, president; Sis. Craner, secretary;
Sister Kemp; Sister Nielsen, counselor, and
Sister Jennifer, counselor.
The decorations were beautiful and the soups were delicious.
The birthday cake at our table, decorated
by Chris Kemp, was too pretty to cut.
I enjoyed a nice Relief Society birthday dinner
Tuesday evening, March 16 with friends.
We had lunch with my sister Janice
at Appleby's before heading home.
We needed to discuss our 90-y-o mother's
health and care facility needs.
Kimble and Carter ready for school Tuesday morning
before we left for Dr. Middleton's office in SLC.
because of elevated PSA, Walt got a prostate biopsy.
Results are benign...great news!
(Lost photo of Kimble & Carter with Steve...add later.)

We enjoyed FHE with Steve & Natalie, Cortney,
Kimble, and Carter at their home in Saratoga Springs,
on our first Monday back.
We had driven to Utah
for Walt's prostate biopsy appt the next morning.

Walt figures he had about 1400 hours flying time
since he got his pilot's license in 1967.
He misses flying.
Mostly we flew to medical meetings across the United States.
The furtherst was flying to a medical meeting in Guadalajara
In Oct. 1972...but that was in the twin engine Aztec.
Walt had to check out our "former" Cessna 206 turbo-charged airplane.
We were 1/3 owners until we sold our share just before
we left for the South America South Area Mission.
Maddie having a piece of Julie's favorite chocolate cake from Stokes.
Why would they laugh at the things I carried home in my purse?
Walt said to son Steve: "Now you see why I'm afraid to put my hand down into her purse!"


Julie said...

This might be the all time best picture of you two. Love it! Can't wait to see you again on Friday! Love you.

Janiece said...

I really need to get over and say hi.
I will be at the IHC Hospitl, in Murray on Sunday...but I hame hopong to break out in time to hear you speak in church.

Glad all went well at P. Peterson's appointment.

SAYDA said...

You guys have been so busy. You both look so wonderful. It's so nice to see you at church again. Sure do love you.