Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's wonderful to be home...

Yes, we're home!
It's wonderful to be reunited with family!
For a better photo, go to Julie & John's blog.
(From lower right on our family blog addresses....
just scroll down past all the widgets.)
We arrived at the Salt Lake City airport
on Friday, March 12 about noon.
This is a blog in progress.
I'm going on a ride with Walt now (Sunday afternoon)
around the countryside of Burley. Janie, in the red, was here with Daniel, Katie,
Heidi, Sam, Ashley, and Michael. Shawn had to be at a
national ballroom meeting in Las Vegas.
Brian & Michelle on the left, came with their
four darling daughters. This is one of the new
grandbabies we had not seen: Elizabeth Brinn
born November 7, 2009.
(Elizabeth Jane was born November 2, 2009 and
we will see her when Jen flies in from
Rochester, MN on March 25 for
our speaking in Sacrament Meeting on March 28.)
Gary & Kathy were here with McKell, Abbey, Jacob, and Isaac.
Daniel is to the left. Steve & Natalie were there with Cortney, Kimble, and Carter.
Everyone wanted a photo of their first course.
David & Julie were there with Josh, Anna, Sam, and William.
William was born Oct. 26, 2008 - soon after we'd left.
Julie & John were there with Jacee, Jackson, and Maddie. Brian & Michelle drove from Evanston, Wyoming
with Emma, Taylor, Avery, and Elizabeth.
(this photo got lost....put back later)
Cortney and Katie turned 16 last month.
McKell and Heidi became teenagers during our mission.
(photo got lost of McKell and Heidi...I'll put back in later)
Jacee and Ashley wanted to ride with us
from the airport to lunch at Golden Corrall.
Our dear friends, Ross & Karen Taylor came to the airport to welcome us home.
And we made it okay with every suitcase.
One was over just 1/2 kilo, but they waved it thru okay.
Perhaps that was because one was only 18.5 kilos
and the limit is 23 kilos (50 lbs).
We're thankful for Elder y Hna. Wall driving us to the airport.
Thank you, Frank & Diane.
And we thank each of the other Sr. Missionary Couples we served with.
Eternal friends, for sure!


Julie said...

Hooray! Hooray! You're home! You're home! See you tomorrow night.

The VIPs said...

Welcome home! The gem state is glad to have you back!!

Janiece said...

Welcome home!
Now to adjust!

Walt and Eileen said...

As our friend Janiece said..."now to adjust" is right. Walt described to one of our sons who called Saturday morning: "We're kinda in never-never land right now." But each day it gets better.