Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winding down...

For our last event with the whole group of
Sr. Missionary couples here, we were
taught for 2 1/2 hours last night
about "The Apostasy and the need for
A Restoration" by Philippe Kradolfer.
"Wasn't that incredible!" Walt said as we left.
My husband doesn't use that word very much.
So you know it was really something.
The spirit, which was already very strong,
flooded the room when Philippe bore
testimony of The Restoration at the end.
Watch for his book, soon to be published.
I'll blog the name when it's translated into English.
The other couples treated us to a Chinese Supper
as a "going away" gift.
Philippe and Regula Kradolfer are an outstanding couple.
He was the DTA (Director of Temporal Affairs)
in Mexico City while we were serving
as president and wife of the
Mexico Merida Mission 1995-1998.
Now he's been the DTA here for
the South America South Area
during our time here on this mission.
They have lived in 9 countries, and each know
several languages. We love them a lot.
As we been working side by side this morning
getting our apartment ready
for our replacements to come
(April 1--interim physician and wife for 3 months;
then another interim physician and wife for 3 months
before a full-time area medical advisor can come)
I started to clean out the fridge.
"Here, I'll do that for you," Walt said.
What a guy!
Have I mentioned I love my husband...
my eternal sweetheart!We're goin' home we've done our time...


Janiece said...

Oh my gosh...I started crying hearing the song and reading your blog.
I will miss you being in Argentina...even if I do live right here in Burley!

Please let us know when you will be speaking in church.

Walt and Eileen said...

As of now, we will ge speaking in the Burley Third Ward on March 28.
We'll keep everyone posted.
Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen

Hermana Cheryl y Presidente Evrett Benton said...

Dear Elder and Sister Petersen:

I miss you both so much already, and you just left this a.m.!!

I called your phone this a.m. to tell you that our elder did not have your lost 3 ring binder, and
instead of Elder Petersen´s kind and reassuring voice, I got a generic recording!

I don´t know what we are going to do without you both here in Buenos Aires, but I´m going to try to have increased faith that all is going to work out.

I hope you have found the binder by now.

I wish you both health, happiness, success in your new endeavors, and, most important of all, I wish for you the Lord´s choicest blessings.

Thank you both for all the excellent, steadfast, loving work you did for the South America South Missions.

You are in our hearts forever.


Hermana Cheryl Benton

SAYDA said...

See you tomorrow!!!!!!