Monday, March 15, 2010

We have been released, reported to the Stake Presidency and High Council.Yellow ribbons and yellow balloons adorned our front yard and home...

Bright and early Sunday morning
(even an hour earlier with daylight savings starting)
we were asked to be there at 6a.m. to
give a 5-min each report of our mission
to the Stake Presidency
and High Council.
(I hope I had my eyes open when I gave
my report in English, then testimony in Spanish...
as requested by President Sagers.
Opps....I see my camera has gone waco on the printed date....again.
The date should read: 03/14/2010 or 03/15/2010 on all these photos.
Steve and his boys caravaned with us from SLC to Burley Friday night.
Carter got a tummy ache Saturday evening, so is lying by his Dad.
Janie & Shawn had come last weekend and helped put all our
family photos back up plus helping Julie & John get
our home ready for us to just "move back in."
It was wonderful to have everything in place.
And we like their arrangement of family photos
spread throughout the rooms.
"Thank you" --
small words

Some more family time...
Jen, don't worry, you wouldn't
have enjoyed any of the lively conversations.
(Just teasing.)

Julie & John came up three weekends in a row to
help get our home ready for us.
We really appreciate it! Thanks a million!

(The photo of Julie & John walked away on it's own.
I'm getting paranoid about losing so many photos I upload
in and then they vanish without a trace.
No, it couldn't be the chicken and potatoes' photo that vanished.)
Our dear neighbors, Ruth & Don Melling, brought in Saturday evening
supper for 25...chicken, potatoes & gravy, salad, and pies.
Other dear neighbors, Sherry & Steve Ormond, brought over hot scones and homemade bread.
And then other dear neighbors, Marilyn & Dave Gibbons brought brownies.
We thank each one of them -- it is so appreciated.
No wonder we love living here in Burley, IDAHO!
We woke to a couple inches of new snow Saturday morning, March 13. Yellow ribbons and balloons...withstood the snowstorm.


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Yeah! It's almost doesn't seem are just a short car ride away! I'm kinda glad there was snow so you could see it this year - but now let spring begin!