Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi are here!

They're here! Welcome, Fishers!
Janie, Daniel, Katie, and Heidi have arrived safely!
They don't look like they've traveled for 22 hours since leaving Rexburg yesterday morning.
Yes, families are forever!!!


The VIPs said...

how exciting! hope you have fun!

Julie said...

Doesn't look they are too much the worse for wear! Glad they made it - have fun!

Julie said...

But I can't tell if dad is happy they are there or not...teehee!

Brewer Bunch said...

You may be getting a call from the fun police if you exceed your alloted fun limit for the week!!

Hope you all have a great time!! Wish we could be there!

Jogusboy said...

F-U-N! have an awesome time!

The VIPs said...

Aunt Eileen I was so sorry to hear about your Mom's house in Gooding. Thank heavens that she was safe and that her belongings were safe as well. Hope everything works out okay.

Janiece said...

I still can not believe that we were not able to catch up with you while we were in Argentina.
The sealer for Kira and Sergio's wedding did not speak any english and they could not find someone to translate for us...but the feeling was wonderful.
I loved being in Argentina.

Have so much fun with your company!