Friday, October 16, 2009

Hope to blog Janie, Daniel, Katie, Heidi's wonderful visit by tomorrow...

A couple of things we saw in Argentina......... my photos are in my other computer.
We had 7 days of fun, fun, fun...and one mishap, that I hope to blog by tomorrow.

Lost some photos than were taken on my camera's internal memory when the memory card filled. I have it on the lowest pixels but it will only hold 88 photos, versus the 900 it used to hold. How do I get it to hold more photos like it used to?

Any camera gurus out there to help?

Also...on my mind, when I can get snippets of time to work a little on my Mom's life story...

I've been unsuccessful in a Google search for the jump rope rhyme words for: "Not last night but the night before twenty-four robbers came to our door..." My mother wanted to put it in her life story of one of the jump rope songs they sang...but she can't remember any more of it.

Does anyone know the rest of the words?

We'll be going on a misson health visit to the Argentina Cordoba Mission zone conferences, Monday, Oct. 19 through Saturday, Oct. 24.
Thanks. Eileen


Julie said...

No wonder you haven't been answering your phone!

Can't wait to see more photos!

Janiece said...

you should be able to go into your camera setup and find where you can switch where your photos are stored...that should take care of it.
I remember that jump rope song...I will keep thinking so I can remember it...or maybe just google it and see what I find

Venna said...

Hermano y Hermana Petersen!
You took care of my son serving in the BAS mission with some lumps in his neck a few weeks ago. I just wanted to say "muchas gracias" for that! I served in Cordoba in 1975 and we didn't have good Dr.'s to rely on. I just wanted to let you know as a mother how much I appreciate your service!
Venna Rice
Mom to Elder Gavin Rice

Bishop's Wife said...

Thanks Sister Peterson for your kind comment on my blog. I just learned how to reply to comments today! I've always admired and appreciated your wonderful example of commitment to the gospel. I also enjoy following your blog via Julie. She's such a spectacular mother. What a great way to share your missionary experiences through your blog.

The VIPs said...

I've got the words to your jumprope rhyme!

"Not last night but the night before,
24 robbers came knocking at my door,
as I ran out, then ran in,
knocked me on the head with a rolling pin,
I asked them what they wanted and this is what they said,
Chinese dancers do the splits,
Chinese dancers do the kicks,
Chinese dancers turn around,
Chinese dancers touch the ground,
Chinese dancers get out of town


Not last night but the night before,
24 robbers came to my door,
They stole my watch and they stole my ring,
and then they all began to sing,
Policeman, Policeman, do your duty!
Here comes (insert name) the American beauty!
She can wiggle, she can wobble,
she can do the split
but she can't wear dresses above her hips!

The VIPs said...

there seem to be quite a few versions, here's the website I found that has all of them: