Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, to my Mom...Verna Beth Huffaker Albertson

Mom, you have a great legacy - 2 children, 11 grandchildren, and 40 great-grandchildren, who all love and admire you.
Some memories of my Mom...
Dear Mom, On this Mother's Day I thank you for all you have done for me. I have always felt loved and cherished by you.
You took me to Church in my youth, all those years before Daddy was converted and baptised when I was 16. You shared your strong testimony with me and helped me gain my own testimony. You are a true Christian and an example of an elect lady in Zion.
You read to me when I was little, even when you felt you couldn't get through another "Bucky Bug" in rhyme.
You taught me to cook and clean like your Mom, my Grama Huffaker, taught you.
You have always worked very hard, both in our home and at your outside jobs from working on you Dad's farm bringing in the cows, driving the derrick horse, to a waitress in Bliss the summer before your Senior year. As a newly married waitressing in Ketchum, picking potatoes and plucking turkeys for Christmas money, then during the war years in Long Beach, California in the interior decorating drapery section of the big Department Store. Back in Idaho ironing at the Wendell Cleaners, then going to Twin Falls Business College in the evenings which led to your great job in Gooding at the Southern Idaho Production Credit Association for 27 years until your retirement in 1984, two years after we lost Daddy.
You kept our home very clean, and cooked delicious meals, including homemade bread, "Johnny Jump Ups," which I later learned were scones, and "Little Pigs," which I still call link sausages. It's fun to remember how you let me lick the bowl when you stirred up "scratch cakes," and no one can bake an apple pie like yours.
I felt secure from the winter storms, as well as from the storms of life, with you and Daddy.
I can never thank you enough, but I hope to help pass on all the things you did for me to your future generations.
Love, Eileen

Mom has just moved...
My mother - Verna Beth Huffaker Albertson - age 89, moved from her home of 48 years in Gooding, Idaho, to an apartment at Highland Cove on April 27. Because of her failing eye sight and other infirmities, Walt and I, and my sister had each asked her to come live with us. However, she would not. So with mutual consent, my sister has helped her move to this nice retirement center in Salt Lake City. Since Walt and I are so far away on missions, this is near my sister, Janice, who has really gone the extra mile/s in arranging everything.
Janice said Mom has loved all her visitors. Just last Sunday David & Julie, Josh, Anna, Samuel, and Will came to see her, then Gary & Kathy, McKell, Abbey, Jake, and Issac, along with Steve & Natalie, Kelsey, Cortney, Kimble, Carter came, bringing ice cream to make milk shakes for everyone. Steve made another visit during the week. She's had visits from her brother Don & Marcele, (who live about 10 min away). Marcele went with Mom to Church at Highland Cove Sunday. Ross & Karen Taylor also visited with her. Janice drove Mom to Pleasant Grove to see Sarah & Kenny, Emily and Ashley. Kenny, Janice's son-in-law, had driven the U-Haul to bring Grama A's things for her apartment.
Janice made an appointment with David to have Mom's eyes checked. Janice e-mailed:
"First of all, let me say how wonderful it was to work with David. His staff was great, too." She went on to say that the pressure in Mom's eyes is elevated from her glaucoma, and she has cataracts.
As Mom often says to Janice and me: "Getting old isn't for wimps." Hang in there, Mom. You're a tough cookie.
We're thankful to all who are helping watch over this precious mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother.

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Jogusboy said...

Again, what you've written is beautiful. I decided to copy and paste your writing onto Microsoft Word so that I can show it to her on my next visit. I can't wait until we do, our last visit, (the day before Mother's Day) she told us fun stories about her childhood, her biggest memory from 4th grade, our relatives and more. We were really pleased about how well she could remember things and commmunicate with us. It was a great visit. I know that you are several thousand miles away from home, in a different continent, but the Lord is taking care of us now, especially Grandma A.

PS- Our piano teacher and good friend's son is going to go on a mission in your area. Maybe you will see him, his last name is Baggaley.