Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little of this 'n that from Argentina today...

"...JOSEPH SMITH taught, there has always been physical matter, spiritual matter and intelligence, for they are eternal." This is the ending of an interesting article in the www.meridianmagazine.com today refuting the evolution theory: "Joseph Smith and the Origin and Progress of Life" by Ronald P. Millett. I think it would be good to teach the concept in every family home evening to arm our children with the knowledge of why Darwin's theory of evolution is not correct. I have the reference on file in Burley that my Aunt Marcele Huffaker sent me of Darwin renouncing his own theory of evolution before he died.

The Oreos are a rare treat--here--for the young missionaries after seeing the area medical advisor. These Elders got the rest of the package of 3 each. Now we've found individual bags of mini-Oreos which we give out.

The one not getting the shot loves to take a photo of his companion getting an ingrown toenail excised. They are, however, a great support to their companion and have lots of empathy. Both resolve not to get an ingrown toenail again.

Walt's laptop has gone weird and won't load my current photos, my laptop is deader than a doornail (and who knows how dead that is?!...does it mean it will never be resurrected?). Any way this is how I currently spend most of my days in Argentina...at the office computer, while Walt works on his laptop at the office. He's just finished dictating some missionary phone calls so I will now type them into the e-med program to be uploaded for the Missionary Department, Health Services Committee to keep track of what illnesses and injuries are happening to missionaries throughout the world. Dr. Petersen has the prize for recording the most in the South America South Area.

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