Friday, May 8, 2009

Opps, how about 8 is great...too.

So I didn't get the 7 photos in yesterday, but I do have our missionary granddaughter's weekly letter ready to put in the 2pm pouch today...with photos loaded in the letter.
We grocery shop at "Jumbo's" on Saturdays--our Preparation Day. Here Walt is by a huge fry pan of meat being cooked over gigantic gas burners.

Even though we don't buy this fish, Walt wanted a photo of the ones with their heads still on, lying on ice. Julie, you'd love the smell. Not!
The store has a great variety of things, but hardly any American brands. One time they've had Skippy Peanutbutter $8 U.S. for a small jar. One time we've seen chocolate chips. The gals here just cut up chocolate bars and make chocolate chunk cookies. The brown sugar is thin, the powdered sugar is grainy. But, hey, it's mostly workabe. Just be thankful for your wonderful American products.
I miss tomato soup and canned green beans for Shepherd's Pie; also no graham crackers, Chinese noodles, corn tortillas...well let's just say, we're spoiled in the U.S.of A.
We're thankful to be here and love being with missionaries...both the older and the younger ones. Looking forward to the BYU's "Living Legends" performing next week in Buenos Aires.

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