Monday, May 11, 2009

Buenos Aires...a glimpse of the Casa Rosada

The Bartons had not been to the Casa Rosada since their arrival in January as Employee Service missionaries, so we picked them up after our spaghetti Mother's Day dinner with the Allreds. The highlight of Sunday, May 10--in addition to my sweet children and grandchildren calling to wish me Happy Mother's Day--was the dedication of our Palermo Ward building...but can you believe I left my camera by our computer at the apartment. (Yes, sad day. Walt tried to drive back to get it, but the cars were blocking the exit of the tiny 10-car parking area behind the building.) Walt did take some photos at the end of the dedication on his cell phone, but he couldn't figure out how to download them, so we'll get help today from our computer guru, Elder Chalmers at the office. In the meantime, here's a mini-tour of the Casa Rosada. You may want to scroll to the end to read the "mini-hx" of it.
Walt asks me often, as we drive in this crazy traffic: "What are two kids from little Wendell, Idaho, doing in this city of 15 million people, anyway?"
"We're helping missionaries stay healthy so they can bring the people His truth in this part of the world," I reply.

They're restoring the Casa Rosada for the Argentina 2010 Bicentennial.

And here we are inside with the top of that palm tree showing out the window.

I want to grow a palm tree in our Idaho yard like this one at a patio within the Casa Rosada.

Hna. Petersen and Hna. Barton with one of the grenadier guards at the Casa Rosada.

This is where the Argentine President, Cristinia Fernández de Kirchner (followed her Argentine president husband, Peronist Néstor Kirchner May 2003 to Dec. 2007), governs the Executive branch of the Argentine government.
"Don't cry for me know I'll never leave you..." The famous balcony where "Evita" Peron spoke to her loving Argentines.

Elder Petersen and Elder Barton by "Juan Peron" in the Casa Rosada.

Walt said he almost missed me getting the portrait of Eva Peron.

CASA ROSADA - A mini-hxOne of the world's most famous balconies juts out of Argentina's Presidential Palace, known as the Casa Rosada. The pink building has been the scene of many a political rally, particularly during the regime of the notorious and tragic Juan and Eva Peron. The Italian style building, fronted with palm trees and fountains, was painted pink when it was converted from a Customs and Post Office building into the presidential palace. President Sarmiento decided to appease opposing political parties by merging red and white into a pink color scheme for the palace. Today the building houses a small basement museum displaying some presidential artefacts. Each evening a small platoon of mounted grenadiers emerge from the guardhouse to lower the flag on the Plaza, adding a touch of pomp and ceremony to the pretty building.

The most historical site in Buenos Aires.

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