Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two high priest group leaders trying to find where Jimmy lives...

I think I did this backwards...I forget I have to put the one I want at the bottom in first. Oh well, this is Jimmy whom Walt and Elder Wall (on L of photo) went to visit last Sunday evening. He is young but is a high priest because when he returned from his mission he was put on the high council. In the middle are Manuel, the High Priest Group Leader, and his son, Michael.

Frank--Elder Wall is the other counseler with Walt of the Palermo Ward High Priest's Group. Walt--Elder Petersen has pinpointed where they need to drive to on this Sunday evening, May 3.

But first...time out to talk with a sick missionary. "Oh, you have diarrhea?" Dr. Petersen confirms, and he could add, but doesn't, "So do many, many of the other 2,300 missionaries in this South America South Area." We are surprised that there is more incidence of diarrhea here than in the Central America Area--which is supposed to be more third world countries than here. Well, I guess the proper terminology now is "developing countries" instead of "third world countries."
It comes down to 3 main things:
1)Drink only purified bottled water.
2) Do not eat contaminated food.
3)Proper hygiene, mainly washing hands 30 seconds--often--to remove the germs. "Anti-bacterial" soap is a does not kill germs, nothing kills germs on the hands, the germs have to be removed by 30 seconds of vigorous's the friction that removes them. Even if you don't have soap or water, rubbing your hands on your clothes--for 30 seconds--will remove the germs. The soap and water does get the dirt off. Now, I'll get down from my soap box!

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