Thursday, May 7, 2009

"7" of anything is a special family number...

So on this May 7 I'll try to do 7 photos...starting with these two from yesterday. Our area president's wife gathers the wives together every once in a while for a luncheon and outing. It's a different mixture each time, depending who's available to come. The group incudes wives of mission presidents, Sr. Couple missionary wives, U.S. Embassy employee's wives, and a new gal yesterday was a U.S. Embassy employee, plus others whose husbands have various jobs for a while here in Buenos Aires.
Yesterday 12 of us gathered at the Tucson Cafe in the center of the city, eating on their second-floor outdoor terrace on a balmy May (an Idaho/Utah comparable November)afternoon. We didn't ever get all 12 in one photo, but here are some of us.

After lunch we walked a couple blocks to the Argentine National Art Gallery. Some of it was good, but there was too much skin (as my friend, Ruth Melling says) showing on a lot of the paintings for our liking. We had taken the city bus there, then Hna. Bowen drove 7 of us back to the area office, so we did line up for a photo. (Deana had already gotten off at her ship building on the way; Reva Lou had taken the bus to her apartment.) We just enjoy being together speaking and hearing our native language: ENGLISH! Hallelujah.
More later, Walt's just gone to get the exercise room key from the security guard in the lobby, and I need to join him in the 8th floor exercise room. Maybe I'll take some photos for the blog of our 6:30 excercise time. [Later--I forgot to take my camera up, so no photos of this 30-minute morning exercise session...I only got 7 minutes walking in, but got the 12 min. flexibility in with Walt; tomorrow will be the strength training time after the treadmill and bike.]

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Rhonda said...

7 is my favorite number! Glad you had a fun day and got to hear some English.