Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tuesday, May 5 Walt at end of medical Videoconference from Salt Lake City; Monday, May 4 Family Home Evening in our apartment on "Missionary Health"

Walt talking with a mission president's wife after we have just finished an interesting 2-hour videoconference from the Missionary Department, Health Services Committee out of Salt Lake City for South America; they also did one for all the other area of the world that day, at different times.
I meant to put this separate, but I hit "browse" and couldn't figure out how to get out of it without putting a photo in, and I didn't have anymore of the Family Home Evening that follows. As usual, we forgot to get a photo of me at the FHE. We only had to borrow 4 chairs to seat the 16 Sr. missionaries at our FHE--photos below.

And around the corner are the Chalmers. Guess I didn't get a photo after Frank came.

Here's a better shot of the Allreds, and then the Theobalds. Those are photos of each of our children and their kids in the hutch behind them.

Here is Hna. Burk, the Leckies, and Allreds.

Walt's ready with the power point projector. We have to borrow it from the PEF Department because there is not one for the medical advisor as we had in Guatemala. (A lot of things are different from the Guatemala mission...but hey, we're flexible.) By Walt is Hna. Wall (Frank came a little late as they were getting ready to move from our building the next hoo. We will miss them. They are in a much, much smaller, less expensive place closer to the area office. And since they walk, that will be nice for them. Here, the only area couple with a car is the medical couple, unlike Guatemala where each area couple could rent a Church car for $50U.S. a month.), then the Bartons, and Burks.

For refreshments--oh, there's Frank on the left, so I did get his photo-- I always serve some veggies and fruit for those who don't eat sugar things...for the dessert part I made bread pudding and served with whipped cream because I burnt the sugar when carmelizing it for the carmel sauce. Better luck next time has become my motto. And another important word on the mission: "Flexible."

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