Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day morning...

This is the 45th Mother's Day breakfast in bed I've enjoyed since becoming a mother a month after the 1963 Mother's Day. At first it was just Walt cooking the special breakfast, until we had 7 more helping him. And last year I had grandchildren also helping. Now it's back to Walt again.

Walt told me Sunday night that he had looked for 2 hours on Saturday--while I was in the apartment putting groceries away, washing clothes, etc.--trying to find me a tote for my scriptures, but I loved what he did get: a beautifully carved wooden jewelry box, and a picture of a kitchen with wood-burning stove, pump to have water for the kitchen, and other old-fashioned things like my mother had in the homes she lived in when she was growing up on the farm in Wendell, Idaho. He also had a sweet, homemade card--anyway, I think it was sweet...it was written in Spanish.
This was a fun start to a great Mother's Day that wound up with most all of our kids and some grandkids calling who could get through on the busy lines, plus my being able to talk to my sweet Mother.
A heart-felt thank you to our kids for the fun, surprise Mother's Day package that arrived today. The new Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse 3000 is great--which I'm using right now. The See's chocolates are more delicious than we even remembered. I'm sharing them with Dad, so you can also count them for Father's Day.

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Brewer Bunch said...

What a sweet mothers day! I love you and miss you!!