Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Zone Conferences down, 1 to go...

We have some time on Thursday in Formosa where we have just finished our 6th zone conference and will have the 7th and final one tomorrow morning before returning to Resistencia and flying back to Buenos Aires Saturday morning.
In this first photo Sunday, May 31, we are ready to board the plane for our week's adventure on a mission health visit to the Argentina Resistencia Mission. We love being with the mission president and wife, and their missionaries. We pray that Dr. Petersen's health presentation at the zone conferences help missionaries have better health while serving the Lord to bring many the truths of the Restored Gospel.
He also talks with individual missionaries who have health concerns. He's taken care of one ingrown toenail so far on this visit.
And the adventure began.

Goodbye to Buenos Aires for 7 days.

This is the mouth of several rivers by Buenos Aires going out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Landing in Resistencia for the week...May 31 to June 6. We're always relieved when our luggage makes it to our destination. It was just an hour and 45-minute flight.
As the Mission President drove us to the mission home, we wondered what streets Janie had walked in 1984-1986, and then Brian in 1992-1994, on their missions here.
To be continued...


The VIPs said...

Hi Aunt Eileen- we don't really like BSU because we love our BYU Cougars so much! I realize that it's possible to like both, but it seems like whenever we tell people in Boise that we love BYU we have to hear about how much better the Broncos are. We both attended Boise State and loved our time there but when it comes down to rooting for a football team...Go Cougars! Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah

Julie said...

Yeah, glad to hear you are busy, busy. I just talked to Janie today - two more day of Disneyland. Brian is on his way to Evanston to look at some houses and then back to Dave's where we are all meeting tonight. Love you and miss you!

Jogusboy said...

Whew, sounds tiring. But I know there's no one better for the job than you are. Glad you are able to serve the Lord.