Sunday, June 14, 2009

48 years to Eternity Together...

Walt & Eileen Petersen - Wedding Day
June 14, 1961 - Salt Lake Temple
Wedding Reception in Gooding, Idaho - Saturday, June 17, 1961

More just added 11 a.m. MDT (2pm in Argentina)

Dear Walt...
Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary!
I will love you forever and ever and ever..."until the 12th of never, and that's a long, long time."
Love always, Eileen
This is a blog in progress...more coming

"Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed..."

Happy Anniversary
June 14, 2009 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
My Dearest Walt…
I thank Heavenly Father for having a husband such as you …
One who provides for me, protects me, and loves me… one who blesses me with his priesthood and helps me over the rough spots in life. I am thankful that in this grandiose universe there is a man such as Walter Ray Petersen who came home to Wendell, Idaho from his first year of medical school in St. Louis, Missouri and found me in the nearby town of Gooding.
How thrilling it has been to live with you for these 48 years and have 7 precious babies who have become outstanding sons and daughters, now married to outstanding spouses, who have given us 30 wonderful grandchildren, with two more on the way.
My prayer is that we will live so as to be Eternal Sweethearts and be able to go on forever and ever and ever.
Love always,
Here we are today on our 48th anniversary, just leaving the Stake Conference of the Argentina Belgrano Stake, which was a satellite broadcast from SLC for all of Argentina.
President Eyring, the concluding speaker of 4, told us (we--6 of the Sr. Missionary couples from the USA got to hear it in English [Hallelujah!] at the Institute next door to the stake center): Path to goal of perfection is a trail of ordinances, first one--baptism--is gateway...then ordinances in the Holy Temple...Lord's invitation to covenants we promise to that show the love of God for His children, symbolize as nowhere else the knowledge and power to return to Heavenly Father. In the temple we are sealed to our companion and our children. In the temple we can be baptised and receive the temple ordinances for our deceased family members and others. Because God offers us all He has, there are then great expectations from us. We must give our all...step by step, line upon line...small steps. Pres. Hinckley said 'Just do the best you can.' Each time in temple we understand more.
President Eyring continued: My first visit at the temple I felt I had been there before. When I was baptized for someone I felt that person who had died be cleansed, I felt a healing in my own soul. Testify that through Joseph Smith all the keys of the Priesthood have been restored and our Prophet today, President Monson, holds those same keys that will bless you and your family in this life and for eternity. Pray we may meet again in eternal happiness... end of President Eyring's message...


Brewer Bunch said...

ahhhhh - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I hope your day is great!! Love you and miss you!!

Class of '89 said...

Very sweet! So glad you two met and married 48 years ago. Now look and what you have started.

nat :-)

The VIPs said...

Happy Anniversary! Your marriage is a great example to those of us who follow you

The Call's said...

Happy Anniversary! You are the perfect couple. I think I've told you this before, but you married the year I was born. WOW! You are such good example to us. THANK YOU!!!

Jogusboy said...

Wow, I can't believe that you two have lived a happy life together for 48 years! Happy Anniversary!