Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary" #3 Son and Wife

Happy Anniversary to D & J - June 27 - 15 years and 4 wonderful children, J, A, S, and W.
(I had all your names in and just read your neighbor Brooke's blog that perhaps we shouldn't put the names of our family I edited this post to just have your initials. Are the initials okay or not? Comments, please.)
We love you.


Janiece said...

Let me know if you will be in Buenos Aries around July 24th.

OUR FAMILY said...

I think it is ok as long as you don't connect the first name to the last. That way they can't do identity theft. Either keep your last name and don't mention the first names OR mention the first names and don't use your last name. Does that make sense? That is why we are changing our address.

Our new address is:

Since I use first names, I didn't want them connected to our last name.

I also had tickers for our grandchildren with their birth dates. Quite awhile back I took them off because I heard those are the worst because they can even get their birth day information.Children are the biggest victims of identity theft right now.

Hey I noticed your stars from glitter graphics. If you want to make it smaller to fit better on your side bar. Go to the code that you pasted on your html/java. Delete the old width and height and change it before you safe it. Usually 190" x 190" works good. You can also delete the very last part of the code where it says glitter graphics, and that won't show up on your blog.

Just thought you might want to know.

Jogusboy said...

I think that it is probably best to use the initials. That is usually why I try to use nicknames on my blog.

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Janiece...we may be in Paraguay the end of July, we'll find out next week. Hope we can work it out to see you when you're in Buenos Aires.

Sayda, thanks for the help. We'll try making adjustments on our blog when we get back to Buenos Aires.