Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walt's surgery went well today, May 1, 2012

Walt's surgery went well today.

Dr. Rich came at 4:00 to say the surgery had gone well.
He found more bulging at the L3-L4 as well as the L4-L5
and more stenosis than he expected. So he cleaned out more than he had planned to do, but it needed to be done so it wouldn't keep impinging on the nerve.

Walt was in the recovery room for about an hour and then they brought him to his room on the 14th floor - room 1424.
He had a light supper and sat in a chair for about 45 minutes.  

He said when he was coming out of the anesthesia he could only answer them in Spanish -- no English would come out.

 He has been sleeping for about an hour, and after this 10:30p.m. vital signs check, we are hoping he can sleep for the next four hours until the next vital signs check.

So far his pain level has not gone above a 1-2, and is more like a dull ache he says.

Dr. Charles C. Rich, Jr., the neurosurgeon who did the surgery predicted he would only need to be in the hospital for one night.  So we are planning to go to Julie & John's home in Saratoga Springs for the recuperation, which Dr. Rich said he would like to have him here for four weeks to check the incision and other things

Walt is already trying to figure out how to cut that down to two weeks.

We are thankful to everyone for their love and prayers.


The VIPs said...

So glad to hear that Uncle Walt is doing well- he's sure a strong man. We'll keep you in our prayers!

Sheralie said...

I have been thinking and praying for you. Much love from San Salvador.

Janiece said...

I am so behind.
I was sorry to hear Pres. Peterson was having to have surgery.
I hope it all went very well for him.

Jenni said...

It is always preferable to have a doctor who is capable of listening when you really need to talk to a doctor about a difficult set of symptoms.