Sunday, May 13, 2012

Walt's Post-Op Days 11-12

Walt's still up and down on his recuperation...
David and Julie brought in a take-out Chinese dinner (yummy!) for our day-before-Mother's-Day.  Anna, Sam, and William were with them, but we didn't get their photo.
Gary & Kathy's family was also here...
It was at Julie and John's because it's easier on Grama A to not take her too many  different places.
Our children gave me a beautiful Willow Tree "Grandmother, Tell Me a Story."  It is very precious.
Earlier, Janice drove down from Midvale and we took our Mom to lunch at the new Olive Garden in American Fork.  It was packed. It seems half--or more--of the Mother's in Utah County were being taken out to lunch!
 Janice said: "Mom, it's not very often that your two daughters are together and can be with you on the Mother's Day weekend."
We had a great time being together.
It is always a fun time to be together with family...
Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13, 2012
John and the kids--Jackson in photo--fixed breakfast in bed for Julie.
My 48th Mother's-Day breakfast "in bed"...or on the bed anyway.
Walt gave me the Willow Tree "Forget Me Nots," the book Forget Me Not by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and a beautiful deep lavender orchid corsage.  Gary had given me some See's Famous Old Time Candies milk chocolates on Saturday.  And I got some fun Mother's Day cards from our kids.
Tonight Steve is furnishing all kinds of meat for bar-b-queing--ribs, steaks, chicken, etc., for a special dinner as a finalĂ© to this 2012 Mother's Day.  John slow baked the baby-back ribs all day, then grilled just long enough to crisp up and glaze with the secret sauce.
      Will post photos of this in next post.
Walt wanted to attend Sacrament Meeting this morning.  However, by the time he got his suit on and had walked around in the walker a little, his body was telling him it was too much, and the pain was too intense for him to go.
When Julie & John dashed home to get something for her Young Women, Walt convinced me to go back to Relief Society with Julie and promised that he would not fall during that hour I would be gone.
     He kept his promise!
Julie's ward does a nice thing for the mothers every year on Mother's Day.  The young women teach primary, so all the Primary and Y.W. leaders and teachers get to attend Relief Society.
And their ward gives each mother a 1.5 oz See's Classic Milk Chocolate Bar.  Delicious!

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