Monday, May 14, 2012

Walt's Post-Op Day 14

Walt wanted to see if he could start walking outside today.
We walked about 3  blocks in Julie's neighborhood.
I couldn't get photos because my camera card won't engage into the
camera any more. Walt said I may have to buy a new camera before we go back.
      Julie took one of us ready to head out....with our walkers (I used Grama A's walker) and our hats....It got to 80º today in Saratoga Springs.
Tonight after supper, John & Julie and kids hoed their new garden for family home evening.  Jacee, Jackson, and Maddie didn't think that sounded like a fun FHE, but they were good sports about it.
    I held the camera card in with my thumb and snapped the photo with my other hand. Awkward, but it worked.

If you click the photo to enlarge it, you can see what Uncle Steve is talking about when he e-mailed: "I feel the pain on Jack's face."

John is teaching the kids the difference in the little corn stalks just coming up and the weeds.
Walt enjoyed talking to Dale & Connie when they called from their California Los Angeles Mission.  They are working with a Spanish-speaking branch (?ward).
 Walt said he did feel more pain after walking, so maybe he'll have to wait a while to walk some more outside.  He's still icing his back and is anxious for the appointment at his neurosurgeon's office on Thursday, May 17.
He's hoping he will know more about the continued length of time for recuperating before going back to his temple duties at the San Salvador El Salvador Temple.
Continued thanks for your love, prayers, and support.


Connie and Dale said...

It was good to talk to you again. We pray for your continued healing. We are assigned to two Spanish speaking wards. There is a Spanish speaking stake here in Los Angeles. Connie and Dale

Walt and Eileen said...

It's nice to finally have a comment.