Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Walt's Post-Op Day 15

Our son Steve took us to lunch at Chili's today. Then he drove us over to Highland to see a beautiful home they are just finishing.  Steve started a custom home company "Picasso" a year or so ago.  Now Julie's husband, John, works with him.  
   We are staying with Julie and John during Walt's convalescence.
Walt is still in pain today. Steve is holding him up in the above photo.  Then he got his walker again.
   Tomorrow he has an appointment at his nuerosurgeon's office and hopefully we will know more then.

Steve's son, Kimble, walked over to Julie & John's yesterday after his karate class.  He is a very neat 13-year-old young man .
I took several other photos, but my camera is not functioning and most of the photos did not "take" when I thought they had.
   We ordered a new camera yesterday which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  Hopefully, more photos then.

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Mike and Candace said...

Hope Walt is feeling better soon! How fun to be awaiting a new camera -- all the more memories to capture. :) Enjoy!