Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walt's Post-Op Day 8...

Yesterday Walt decided he would start taking a whole pain pill at a time and not just 1/2 as he has been doing randomly...
   And Karen reminded him that in her nursing days it was  "take the pain pill before the pain becomes too intense."
    Aaron is helping hold Walt up in this photo.
It was a great visit with Ross & Karen Taylor and their son Aaron today.  He flew in to SLC from North Carolina to then fly on to Idaho Falls to do a Navy recruiting session at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg on Thursday, May 10.
The Taylors are great friends who lived just 3 houses south of us on Burton Avenue in Burley, Idaho, for many years.  Ross & Karen moved to Salt Lake City several years ago and built a home in Riverton.
Aaron is a radiologist with the Navy and has recently returned from 3 or 4 years living in Spain, overseeing the medical needs for the 3500 military personnel.
Aaron and Walt were still talking when his folks were trying to get him over to see his sister, Leslie, and then back to the Salt Lake Airport for his late afternoon flight to Idaho Falls.  
We really enjoyed visiting with them.

Then Julie and Maddie brought in a Chinese lunch after they saw Jackson do a dance for the "talent day" in his first grade.
Maddie, 4, surprised us by eating with chop sticks.

After lunch Walt was tuckered out and had a nap. Just before he got sound asleep, Elder Larry Gibbons called him from the Temple Department to see how he was doing.  He told him he was doing better today, but overall it looked like he could be here the whole 4 weeks that Dr. Rich told him he would need before going back to San Salvador.
They keep reassuring Walt that he is to take as long as he needs to be better before going back to his duties as temple president.
   That's also what President Falabella. the Central America Area President, told him yesterday when he called from Guatelama.

While Walt was napping, a darling bouquet of flowers was delivered by the Lehi House of Flowers. They are from his cousin Bill Prescott, his wife Sharon, and their family.

Then Jacee and Jackson came running into the house from school, saying: "Mom, Mom..."  What a blessing Julie can be home with them and be here for them when they arrive home from school.

Walt's been good at icing his back to help the swelling go down which should help lessen the pain.
    Day by day he thinks he is getting a little better.  He just wishes it would happen faster.
   With all the prayers for him here and in El Salvador, we know that he will soon be completely healed.
     We are thankful for all the love and support for his recovery.

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