Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 Saratoga Springs, Utah

Walt's Post Op Days #6 and 7
Monday, May 7 - Walt with Grama A
Tuesday, May 8 - Walt with Lorna Gorringe Coombs.
Lorna helped take care of our children when they were growing up.
She was our main baby sitter. She graduated from Burley High School and left for BYU-Provo in 1974 when Jennifer was born.
Now she has a wonderful family of 5 and two grandchildren. Their daughter Kori is serving in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission.
For a while this morning, Walt felt like he had turned a corner and was feeling better.
But by tonight his right leg is hurting and he doesn't feel as well...
Lorna brought Walt a big bag of Snickers. She said he could share it.
We know your prayers and thoughts are helping him through this trying time.  Thank you for your love!

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