Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walt's Post-Op Days 16-17-18

Saturday, May 19 - Post-Op Day 18
Fisher and Mechams come from Rexburg to see Grampa
Janie & Shawn, Michael - Aimee & Michael
They had left Heidi and Ashley with their Jazz Dance group at Lagoon for the competitions throughout the day.
Gary, Jacob and Isaac; Steve & Natalie also came over...
Natalie took this photo.
I took this photo...
Friday, May 18...Post-Op Day 17:
Julie getting ready for the Y.W. annual fund-raiser auction...
Jacee helped maked 29 bows with a shimmery center...
...Grampa did some computering
Thursday, May 17 - Post-Op Day 16
Walt signed up at the Saratoga Springs IHC Physical Therapy center with Derick Woolf teaching him what needs to be done.
    We didn't get any photos because my old (only 1 1/2 yrs old) camera completely stopped working and the new one didn't arrive until May 17.

It's so nice now to have a new camera that works.
John helped me order on line an Olympus Stylus 5010 sky blue which arrived in 2 days with no shipping costs. Thanks, John, for your expertise on computer ordering.

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