Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Recuperation Room at Julie & John's Home...

Julie & John have turned their front room into a "Recuperation Room" for the post-op phase of President Petersen's recovery...

They brought Maddie's bed from the basement up to the main floor.
They had a bedspread set to use that had not worked in their master bedroom. They rounded up end tables, lamps, and a vanity table for me.  Some of these items they bought especially for the "recovery room."
Maddie is sleeping in the extra bunk downstairs.
Dad was sent home from the hospital with a back brace to use for about a month when he walks.
Walt and Julie are standing at the front door.  Right behind Julie is the wide curtain divider that John put up to close "our new room" off.

The Chacons came to visit us this morning.  Adrian and Ester, who are from El Salvador are now living in Orem.  They were full-time temple missionaries for the Guatemala Temple when Walt was the medical advisor for Central America (Mar 2005-Feb 2007).  Later they were also temple missionaries in the Costa Rica Temple.

Julie took her Dad with her to run some errands so he could get out of the house.  I stayed with Grama A.

When they got back, we had lunch and then Grampa and I had a nap.  Julie taught a ballroom class at Jacee's grade school right after school.
Well, the photo is from her BYU Ballroom Tour Team days...1994-1995.

Richard Roberts, Iowa, and Julie Petersen, Burley, Idaho
Ballroom Dance Champions - B.Y.U.

At the U.S.A. National Competitions - #3

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