Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012 - Walt's Post Op Day 5

It's 9:55pm here in Saratoga Springs, Utah.
I've just helped Walt get to bed.
His pain is still quite significant.
        Here we are today after dinner with 3 of our families.
I stayed home today with Walt and Grama A.
We all agreed that it wouldn't be good if Walt fell and no one was here to help him up.  He's staying very close to the walker when he gets up and down.

After Church sweet Isaac Walter, age 6, came to be by his Grampa who was having a nap.
Here is everyone who came for dinner at Julie & John 's today:
John & Julie, Jacee, Jackson, Maddie;
Gary & Kathy, McKell, Abbey, Jacob, and Isaac;
David & Julie, Joshua, Anna, Sam, and William.
    So we were with 1/3 of our grandchildren, and 6/14 of our kids and their spouses.
Steve & Natalie moved Kelsey to Boise this weekend.  She is working there for the summer.  Kimble and Carter went with them.
We loved being with them the first four nights we were in Utah.
It's always hard to see our kids and grandkids drive away.
David & Julie's family is loading up.  They live about 25 minutes away in the Hidden Valley area of Draper.
Gary & Kathy's family is loading up...but are just 7 minutes away in the Sunrise Meadows division of Saratoga Springs.  Three wards in their stake were divided into four wards today.  They are in the new ward.
Spence Lloyd called today.  We got to know him when he and his family lived in Burley for a few years.  He was Walt's counselor in the stake presidency for a short time just before he was unexpectedly transferred back to Salt Lake City.  Ralph Rasmussen, Walt's second counselor had just moved to Utah.
    Since Spence served his mission in the area of Guatemala and El Salvador, he was asking about the new temple and it came up that
Elder Frank Wall from Salem, Utah, is one of our full-time temple missionaries.
    "He was my first District Leader when I arrived in the mission!" exclaimed Spence.   He sends his greetings to Elder Wall, whom he said was a fantastic missionary who baptized many families.
     "He still is a great missionary," President Petersen said.
    It is a small world!
Here's a photo of our FHE on April 16 that the Walls--far right--hosted.  In fact, they honored Walt, which was the night before his 78th birthday.  Each couple was given a question to ask Walt about his life, and we recorded his responses.  
  The rest of our full-time temple Sr. missionary couples are:  Left to right: David & Marilyn Gibbons, from Burley, Idaho. They are taking our shifts while we are gone to help Walt's two counselors and wives.  We are so grateful for their help.
Walt, from Burley, Idaho, who was into the tenth day of this problem with his back and leg. He had fallen 3x, and took a fourth fall two days later. (I'm taking the photo.)  Little did we know that four days after this FHE we would be on our way to Utah.
Next are Lon & Nancy Thompson, from Jerome, Idaho -- they were our coordinators for our shift of the Wednesday evening Spanish speaking shift in the Twin Falls Idaho Temple.
Trent & Arlene Kitley, from Twin Falls, Idaho -- he was in our temple presidency during its first three years, and she was an assistant to the matron.  They had been our coordinators on the Saturday mid shift we did for a year at the Boise Idaho Temple.  He has been called as an assistant recorder in our San Salvador El Salvador Temple.  
    These four couples have been so vital and great in helping all our new temple workers--about 130 of them, during this first 8 1/2 months since our San Salvador El Salvador Temple was dedicated on August 21, 2011.
     We miss being their fulfilling our calling and being with everyone. It's wonderful to be with family, of course, but our calling now is to be at this Temple, and we feel we're not fulfilling that calling.
   However, Walt is becoming resigned to the fact that he may have to take the full four weeks' recovery time that Dr. Charles C. Rich, Jr. his neurosurgeon, strongly recommends.

And now, just as Walt was going to bed, his brother, Dale, and wife Connie, called from their California Los Angeles Mission.  It was great to talk with them, but Walt was in too much pain to talk very long. 
You who know Dale and Connie can follow their mission on their blog.  You can get to it from their blog address on the right column of our blog.  They are wonderful missionaries!

We cannot show our gratitude nor say thank you enough for all your love and prayers.

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