Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missionaries come, and missionaries go home...

Elder y Hna. Theobald have one more week and their 18-month misson here in the South America South Area will be complete and they will return home to St. George.
They are over the area music and have taught over 500 students how to play the piano. Over 100 of these met all the requirements to receive a teclado from "The Harman Program."
The requirements are: 1. Learn to play the 60 hymns.
2. Pass the directing music class.
3. Pass a written piano test.
And, also to receive the teclado they promise to play in Church,
and teach others to play the piano.
The most amazing is that the course is only 3 weeks.
Elder Theobald said at their farewell FHE at the Bowen's Monday, August 31, that they have had students playing hymns in Church after 2 weeks of their "crash course." They teach the right hand (and like learning to type, students are not to look at the keys nor their hands), then learn cords for the left hand to go along with each hymn.
They are sharing this method with the world--at no charge, of course--on a website that has just been completed. I'll post the web address when I get it.I haven't loaded tonight's FHE photos, but here is the group of Sr. Missionary couples when we had a "surprise" 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for them back in April.
Everyone in the photo was there tonight, except the Chalmers (3rd couple from right who went home in July). Elder Aidukaitis and his family were at the FHE tonight.
Special guests were Elder y Hna. Bowen, our area president and his wife. Elder Bowen always has just the right words of wisdom and advice for each occassion,
this time about the eternal marriage covenant.
And in the photos below: Just arriving...August 25, Elder y Hna. Fuqua from Wellsville, Utah for the past two years, and before that 40 some years in Oklahoma. They are the PEF--Perpetual Education Fund--replacements for Elder y Hna. Chalmers.
Even by the third day it's still not easy to get your bearings in this Buenos Aires Metropolis of 13 million people...all seeming to be going somewhere at the same time!
This is a photo from the same evening I posted earlier when we had them come to dinner.
Now my back pain is relieved enough sitting up in this chair that I'm going back to bed.


Janiece said...

so are you feeling well enough to stay a little longer?

I will try to call you before we leave Argentina.


Julie said...

Wow? I can't believe how fast they teach them to play. We need that here - we don't have any young women who know how to play. Love you!