Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We love to be with missionaries...

The area medical advisor takes very good care of missionaries... We especially love Sister missionaries...
If I had my camera...I'd also be posting a photo of us with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean behind us. We drove south 4 1/2 hours yesterday to Costa de Este, a small town on the east side of Argentina's southern Atlantic coast.
However, since I left my camera in the mission home Friday evening after our #4 zone conference, I've been in withdrawal the past 3 days.
We had a fun Sr. Missionary Couple outing on Saturday -- no photos.
We had stake conference Saturday evening, Sunday morning -- no photos.
Monday we had a fun drive out into the country side to the ocean -- no photos.
I thank the person who invented the camera...I've really been missing mine.
The mission president is bringing it today when we rendezvous with him for the #5 and final zone conference for the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission.
It's nice listening to the waves as I sit for a while at four o'clock this morning to let my back pain ease so I can sleep a little more before we're up and on our way for the 20-minute drive on over to the stake center in Mar del Ajo.
We do love to be with missionaries who truly are bringing the world the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for the Savior's Atonement for each of us. We pray we will do our part in helping prepare for His Glorious Second Coming.


Julie said...

I've always loved that you take a million pictures! I have my moments, and when I forget my camera I am so sad. Thanks for making sure we had so many memories - you are such a great mommy!

SAYDA said...

Those missionaries are so lucky to have you. I love all your pictures alway!

Janiece said...

I still have my fingers crossed to see you before we leave Argentina.

Kira asked me to tell you and Pres. Peterson that she would love to have you at the temple when she is married Oct. 10th the sealing is at 4pm.

PS...I hate it when I forget my camera!