Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Palermo Ward friends in Buenos Aires...

Gotta love little kids anywhere, don'tcha. When we got to our apartment at 11:10 Tuesday night I said: "Well, we've been on the Argentina social time tonight."
We were at Nora's birthday party from six till eight o'clock, then arrived at Alejandro and Monica Carbajal's farewell party at 8:30, which was scheduled to start at 8:00. There were 4 other people there when we got there, but by 10 minutes before 9:00 when the Bishop gave welcome remarks, there were about 40 ward members, with more still coming.
From Nora's birthday party at the stake center, we came over to the farewell ward party in our building for Alejandro and Monica. They are leaving Sept. 3 to return to their hometown of Mexico City where he pursues a job promotion. They have spent their first year as newlyweds in Buenos Aires. He has been our executive secretary. Monica is not a member, but everyone in the ward loves them both and many warm words of affection were expressed to them this night. We learned a new tradition at this farewell party: Each person or family who came in brought a liter of soda pop with them. The Relief Society Presidency furnished frozen pizzas they had cooked and served cold, cut up into bite-size pieces.
- - - - - I had a photo here of the serving table at the farewell party...but it has gone the way of cyberspace. You can see the end of the table by the little boy in the first photo. The other end of the table had about 15 liters of soda pop, which is called "gaseosus" here.
- - - - - - - - - -
These cutlines are for Nora's birthday party serving table. Yes...we had two parties in one night. What a social life!
* * * * * * *
Below at Nora's birthday party: We love the typical little sandwiches, empanadas, and pastries they serve at their Argentine parties. Beyond this table, behind that man was a table with all the liters of soda pop.
Yes, we enjoy most of the Argentine food,
but mostly, we love being with our new Argentine friends.
We were invited to Nora's 65th birthday party...She is a jewel and a stalwart member of the Palermo Ward, Belgrano Stake. She is over the stake family history.
She had us each take a number, then we got to choose a little wrapped gift that had that number on it. Walt got a little key chain. I got a darling tiny glass container with a lid and a silver necklace inside.
"Nora, you have given more gifts than you have received tonight," I said to her.
"No importa, no importa," was her happy reply.
Then the next day, Elder y Hna. Allred (in the above photo with us and Nora) and we took Alejandro and Monica to lunch at "Kansas" our favorite restaurant here. I may or may not post about it with photos.
I need to apologize for all the "posts" that haven't happened that I had said in some of my posts I would "add to, or tell more about later" and it didn't happen.
As I read back on some posts this morning, I see that I'm not very good at following up.
Guess I get busy doing missionary work and the blogging world is left behind.
And that's as it should be. But what I am able to post is a good record of our goings, comings, and feelings while serving in this
South America South Area of the world -
September 2008 to March 2010.
Wow...almost a year since we left September 7 for our training in Salt Lake City for this mission.
Carry on everyone - wherever your corner of the world is right now.

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