Saturday, September 5, 2009

A mission has many aspects...

We are so thankful for the Atonement of the Savior for all of us. We pray we will serve this mission with honor and help show the Lord our gratitude by magnifying our callings here. Serving a mission has many aspects. And the Prophets even counsel us that having some wholesome recreation helps rejuvenate us. I always love it when my sweetheart comes up with an idea for a Friday "date night," as he did last night. Walt saw a missionary with a health concern, then spent several hours dealing with a complicated health problem with another missionary via several phone calls, (even missing Chinese Friday) then drove over to a health clinic for a Sr. Missionary. I could tell he was having a stressful day when he said at 6:30: "I have an idea. Let's wind up here in the office [we were getting ready for the 5 zone conferences we'll we attending the next two weeks for the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission] then go to the apartment, pop some popcorn and watch "Hoosiers." Watching a basketball movie of the sport he loves the most helps him unwind. We left the office at 8:55...and yes, we popped some corn and watched the DVD. We always enjoy seeing it again. Thursdayfternoon we had driven the Walls out with us to do a temple session. Our temple here is closing November 1 for an extensive 18-mo to 2-year expansion remodel, so we're trying to get there as often as possible before that. It was a small session with just two men and four women, but it's always good to feel the peace and calmness in the temple. The Allreds had been working in their apartment Wednesday on a "Food Storage" presentation for Saturday, so hadn't gotten into their daily missionary attire clothes yet when we took Alejandro & Monica to lunch. We took our friends to "Kansas, which advertises the best beef in Buenos Aires" for lunch on their last day before flying back to their hometown of Mexico City. They gave us each a little remembrance gift. What a sweet, young couple! It was a rainy day. The "Santa Rosa" which are the rains that they say start the end of August actually started September 1 and it has rained every day since. We both love the rain. But we could still see our fun 25 skyscraper skyline out our window...though not all the buildings are visible in the photo through the rain clouds. Oh, yes, and I caught the train this time--which isn't hard to do since one going in either direction goes by every 10 to 15 and night. B.A. is a busy city ! Keeping warm in my fuzzy bathrobe while sitting at the computer off and on throughout the night for 20-30-min stretches while my back recoups to be able to lie back down. I let my back settle down while Dad showers, so I can stand long enough to shower.Finally, on the sixth photo I got him to smile a little bit after his 40-min exercise. I so miss going up to our 8th floor exercise room with him each morning after we we're up at 6:30. They have such great equipment to work out on. He dislikes exercising but is obedient to the missionary rule to exercise 30 min 6 days a week: 20 min cardiovascular, then rotating days of 10 min strength training with flexibility. Then we did 10 min of back exercises in addition.
However, as we were walking in to the temple Thursday, he told me his back had started hurting that day. "It must be contagious," he added.
At ages 75 and 70, we're falling apart piece by piece.
We'll take it one day at a time till our mission's end:
March 30, 2010
Just another day way doooown south. And now I'm going back to bed to get the missionary required 8 hours nightly sleep.

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