Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zone Conference #5 of 5... then Elder Petersen leaves on special assignment...

The mission president took this photo of us as we were leaving. He let us do our presentation right after his talk at the start of zone conference. We had seen six missionaries before the z.c. started, and two right after our presentation. So we saw over half of the 14 missionaries in this zone. We left a touch after 12:00 noon, and made it to our apartment by 5:00...leaving a little over an hour for Walt to repack for his 4 days in Paraguay. The remis taxi picked him up at 6:45, and his flight went out at 10:10.
Today he was scheduled to make the early-morning drive with the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission President and his two counselors to the Neocleve Indians. President Wade said it was a 5-hour drive over bad roads to the northern, wilderness-type area of the country. Dr. Petersen has been given special permission to help re-establish the health clinic for these Indians there.
He took the camera, so we'll share some of his photos next week.
I'm not sure if he was missing me already, but he called twice after he left the apartment before his plane took off last night.
After the zone conference my sweetheart of a husband suggested we take an extra 15 minutes and drive in the 2 miles from the road to let us get a photo on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.
Remember, I mentioned I had left my camera Friday at the mission home, so I didn't have it Monday night when we stayed by this scene.
The mission president brought my camera to the Tuesday zone conference, so we did get a photo after all. Not the pretty Cancun turquoise water and white sand, but it is a beach and an ocean.
These puppies flocked around our car as we were ready to leave. The tiny Church at Mar del Ajo' had small classrooms, and a small chapel. This southern-most zone had 4 Sister missionaries

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Nat said...

I LOVE the picture diary. What a great thing you are doing by being there on your mission. The boys always pray for you on your mission as well as Aimee.