Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on Elder Petersen's health visit to North Paraguay...

Walt had some time to be in on some of the meetings in the Church. He said after the meetings at the Church they handed out dry biscuits to the little children which they treasured as if they were candy. Makes me realize we take our abundant, delicious food for granted! I am grateful for all that we and our family have been blessed with. And thankful for the Gospel that blesses the lives of so many throughout the world.
Here is Dr. Petersen with the non-medical person who helps take care of the health clinic. This is on Wednesday afternoon when he is getting ready to see patients. He saw 23 that afternoon, then 32 the next day.
Hna. Wade had packed them a lunch, which they stopped and ate along the way. There were 3 vehicles that were loaded with medicines and things to take to the Nivacle Indian members. Elder Petersen rode with President Wade. He said it was 38C that first day. (I think that's close to 100 degrees F.) The two Sisters were from the Church Employment Service Office to help teach about finding jobs. President Wade's mission presidency secretary went, and his two assistants.
This is what the road was like for most of the 5-hour drive. Somewhere along the line we had been told it was a dirt road most of the way. The dirt road was just 2 km off the main paved road over to Abundancia (which is Spanish for Bountiful).
Walt is always intersted in how things are being built--remember both his father and my father were carpenters in Idaho. The man holding that rope in the background is pulling up a bucket of cement (he said the bucket is on the ground hidden by that car). Then the other man on the top will work with the cement. This is across the road from the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission Office.
He was overwhelmed on takeoff Tuesday night seeing the expanse of the 13-million size city of Buenos Aires lit up. He has three photos like this to show all he saw from the window of the airplane.


Julie said...

Sounds like dad was very needed with the Indians. Glad he had a good tme and that he returned home safely!

Cindy said...

My son is serving in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission. He has been there 15 months. He loves the Paraguayan People & loves being a missionary. We so appreciate President & Hermana Wade - they are so awesome. I also appreciate the work of you and your husband. What a wonderful gift your husband is giving to the South American people. Take Care.

Cindy Curtis
St. George, Utah
MM Elder Tyler Curtis