Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The zone conference that was--Day 1

At the end of zone conference, an ingrown toenail usually attracts a crowd. The Elder asked his companion to come in and was okay with others coming to cheer him on.
When I saw him before zone conference, I asked: "Elder_____, how is your toe?"
He asked back: "How did you know about my toe?"
"Well, you were just in the office yesterday and had Dr. Petersen take care of it," I answered.
"Oh, that must have been my twin brother," he laughed.
Yes, he has a twin in another Buenos Aires Mission -- can you belive they both had ingrown toenails at the same time, same foot: the right, and same side of the toe?!
I've heard of twins being so much alike....but this is something else!
The missionaries are grateful for Elder Petersen taking such good care of them.


Janiece said...
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Brewer Bunch said...

that is crazy!! I can't believe they both had the same thing at the same time... and that they were both in Argentina missions also - crazy!

SAYDA said...

What an interesting story! That is so amazing!!!