Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A nice morning drive...

After a 1hour 20 minute drive in heavy traffic, arriving at 8:59 a.m., and sitting in our car in front of the stake center ten minutes with no one in site, Walt called the mission president, and I heard:
"We think we're at the right stake center, but no one is around."
Then I hear, "Oh, I must have written it down wrong. No problem, President, we needed a dry run anyway to be sure of how to get here."
The zone conference was the next day.
So we'll be heading back along the same route this morning.
We are amazed at the network of the 4-high stacked overpasses every time we come back into the city. They don't really show up well in the photo.

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Brewer Bunch said...

Wow - that looks like some crazy freeway system!! I'm amazed that you can maneuver your way around so well! I'm glad that you got a 'dry run' to the stake center :)