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Traces of time...June 29-July 5, 2015

This week in Burley - June 29-July 5, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Monday

We could hardly sleep because it was so hot.
This morning we were still so hot, Walt called Darrell Roskelley to come and help carry our two window air conditioners up from the new basement.
It was like having our own Celestial Room after being in Hades!
Even though they were getting ready to go to Rexburg to see Sam in a play and do some other things with their daughter Jennifer and Bryon and family, he still took the time to come over and help us.  What a guy!!
This evening was the monthly Family Home Evening at Ken & Bonnie Hansen's home.  They served Dutch oven bar-b-qued ribs. Delicious!
A strong wind came up and we took everything inside, but in 15 minutes it had blown over (we thought) so we took everything back outside.
And all the side dishes--potatoes & peas from, tossed salad from, fresh fruit, hot homemade rolls, rhubarb-raspberry muffins, dessert of strawberry shortcake, and refreshing cold cherry Sprite were all scrumptious.
Then they set up chairs for us to gather and hear Gary and Debbie Jones speak to us about their 18-month mission in Nauvoo that they returned from in April.
Gary said there are 350 missionaries in Nauvoo who are busy from early morning to late at night.   Debbie also talked about the marvelous experiences they had and what  testimony-strengthening time it was.  
Gary was assigned to the Facilities Maintenance (FM) and Debbie was assigned to the different sites, and then to the Land Records which has the family history of everyone who lived in Nauvoo.
They shared some of the of ♫♫♪ music ♫♪ they performed in the nightly productions about pioneer life.  The last few months Deborah was assigned and the Productions Director.
We all had a great time together.
Left to right: Bonnie, Ken, Walt, Gary, Debra, David, Marilyn, Scott, Dan, Jacque, George, Bonnie, Ken.  The Roskelleys were in Rexburg, McCalls had family here from out of town, and Mellings are in St. George. (They hope to be home by the end of July.)
Bonnie Fronk always takes a photo of the group that I can be in.
Same as above except Eileen by Walt.
We thank Ken and Bonnie for being such a gracious host and hostess.

We appreciated several who helped us carry in the different bowls of fruit, and those who helped gather it back into our car.  Just as we got everything gathered up. The wind return with rain.
Scott stopped at our home and helped us gather all the bowls of fruit into the house.  It was so appreciated as we would have been really wet from the steady rain.

June 30, 2015 - Tuesday
This is what the strong, strong wind burst did in the night. Several big branches were blown from the elm tree in the back yard over the fence into the Lutheran Church's lawn.  Our sweet new neighbors--brought their power saw and cut up these limbs and hauled them away. 
Here's our back yard, which the Nilsson's also gathered the limbs up.
Dan Murri and Steve Ormond came to see the damage.
Walt went down to the old basement to look for the wheat grinder again.  I went behind him.
July 1, 2015 - Wednesday
When we went to the funeral for Karen Wahlquist, we saw the big equipment clearing up the big tree by the Jeppsen's that the wind had blown down.
next There was a lot of family at the funeral and a lot of ward members and friends. Bishop Terry Jeppsen gave a precise summary about the Plan of Salvation and about families being able to be together forever through the priesthood ordinance of the temple sealing power.
   We drove to Twin Falls and rendezvoused with Dale and Connie to do the 3:00 temple session.
When we don't have someone to take the photo of all four of us together, we take a second photo.
We went to Idaho Joe's Restaurant for old-fashioned home-cooked food.  Dale and I had chicken fried steak.  Walt had a taco salad, and Connie had Quiche Lorraine with fresh fruit on the side.
We enjoy  our weekly rendezvous time to be together.
July 2, 2015 -Thursday
We still can't find our wheat grinder, but I did bring a can of white wheat up from the basement.
 I made blender whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.   Yes, you can put the whole kernels in the blender with milk and the other ingredients and it makes a  nice pancake batter.  I'll have to share the recipe.  They remind me exactly of the whole wheat pancakes my Grama Ella Huffaker used to make.  So yummy
This afternoon Walt had his toe nails checked and trimmed by the podiatrist.

July 3, 2015 - Friday    
I got my hair cut this afternoon at Salon Sensations by Jenny.  Then we rendezvoused with Dale & Connie in Rupert for dinner and to go to the stage play "Forever Plaid."  
Our original plan was to eat at one of the booth's around The Square, but it was so hot...right at 100 degrees--so Dale suggested we eat at the Drift Inn, which is right on the Square, and we readily agreed.
The building this is in is on the National Register of Historic Sites. It was originally a bank in the 1809--three years after Rupert was founded.
Walt had chicken fried steak this time, I had pork 'n noodles, Dale had home-made meat loaf, and Connie had chicken fried chicken.  We highly recommend the Henry's at Drift Inn!
Then we went to the refurbished, historic Wilson Theater to see "Forever Plaid." 
It starred four brothers from Provo, Utah.  They were good and we enjoyed it as did Dale & Connie.  
However, it didn't compare to the "Forever Plaid" performed at the Oakley Playhouse some years ago starring Wayne Blauer, Wendell Wells, Kerry Arritt, and Mike Feldman.  Walt and I thought our local cast in Oakley harmonized better and were just all around more enjoyable to watch.
Since Connie grew up in Rupert and graduated from Minico High School, we decided to walk around the Square to see if she saw anyone she knew.  There was a large crowd listening to a group singing in the Gazebo.
And then Connie did see someone she knew--her brother Boyd Phillips, his wife Jean, and their daughter who has just graduated from Utah State in communications.  How fun to talk with them!
We were dumbfounded that people were paying $20 to be slung up so high in a bungie-type ride.  It took our breath away every time we heard the bong when someone was slung up to the highest point in the sky.  Looks terrifying!!

You can see one of the two red towers and the light in the middle is how high the seating apparatus for two has been flung into the air, nearly above the trees.
We ended the evening with each having some ice cream, and enjoying sitting at a picnic table in the cool breeze.

July 4, 2015 -Saturday
We had a quiet Fourth of July at home together, watching Patriotic movies.  We did go outside to get a photo by the flag the Boy Scouts put in our yards each holiday.  We didn't see any neighbors out, so we took a photo of each other.
Here's the photo Walt took of me.
Then we took one by the flag on our front porch.  Then Walt took a "selfie."  Got half of his face and a tiny corner of my shoulder.
Here's one of him by the flag on our front porch.  And those are the only 10 minutes we were out in the heat.
On PBS we watched the Washington D.C. Symphony concert and fireworks.
Hope you all had a fun and safe Independence Day.

July 5, 2015 - Sunday
We had an inspiring Testimony Meeting with 13 sharing their testimonies: Bishop Gerratt, Sister Nelson, young missionary, a little girl, Emily Hill, Michael Hill, David Gibbons, Sister _____, Jacque Gorton, Missionary Sister, young boy who was confirmed today, Michelle Gerratt, Eileen Petersen.
   (I got mixed up and thought our Sacrament Meeting ends at 12:10....but it's 12:00 noon straight up.  So I may have caused our meeting to go overtime a few minutes. I apologized to the Bishop after the meeting.)
      Many testified of Heavenly Father, the Savior, of Joseph Smith the Prophet, and Thomas S. Monson, our current Prophet.
   We had another great Sunday School lesson in Gospel Doctrine class taught by Bonnie Fronk about the Holy Ghost, taken from John in the New Testament where Christ taught about this Third Member of the Godhead.
   And in Relief Society Ellen Petersen taught about pioneers, with Jean Hamblin and Amber Grayson sharing about their great-grandmother and 3-g-m.
We have been asked to teach a second couple for Temple Preparation. Walt says because of privacy I cannot share the two couples' names.  We are enjoying this calling and hope these two couples are, too.

Walt called Ruth Melling to see how Don is doing.  They have been at the Rehabilitation Center in St. George since the middle of May.  Ruth said today that Don can get out of bed on his own now.  It's not easy but he works hard to get onto his feet.  We continue to pray for him to continue to improve each day.  They do not know when they will be able to come back home to Burley.

We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
Heavenly Father directed His Firstborn Son, Jesus Christ and Adam to create this earth for us to live on.

   We are thankful for the beauty of the the parts of this world we have lived in or visited.  We pray we will be good stewards over our part of the world where we spend our mortal habitation.

We are thankful for having received the Gift of the Holy Ghost to be our constant guide and companion when we live so the Spirit will be with us.

 We are thankful for the freedoms we have in the United States of America, and thank all the men and women, past-present-and future, who have fought or will fight to keep it free.

We share these traces of our time this week with you at the end of this Sabbath Day -- A Hallowed Day set aside by our Father in Heaven.

With love, Walt and Eileen Petersen
Here we are at the Nauvoo Temple in July 2010 where Elder and Sister Jones spoke about at our FHE this past week.
Now in our 54th year together...

 Goodbye until next week...

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