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This week in Burley - June 22-28, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Monday

♫♫♪♫♪ "Today is Monday, today is Monday...
  This is the day we wash our clothes....
    wash our clothes, wash our clothes,
        this is the day we wash our clothes,
          early on Monday morning."
     especially after being gone for five days.   

    Brother Weeks mowed our lawn.  It's really looking good!
For family home evening, we watched some educational short movies together.

June 23, 2015 - Tuesday

Today Walt worked some more on Lesson #3 for Temple Preparation, and we taught the Herreras at 7:00 this evening.

June 24, 2015 - Wednesday

Today our daughter, Mary Jane "Janie" celebrates her birthday in London, England.  They have been on a trip for Shawn's Sabbatical leave to work on his Ballroom Dance with the head of Dancesports top teacher who lives in Slovenia.  Janie has also been doing work for their Idaho Ballroom Academy to find sites for their tour next summer.

Here is her post from London today on face book.
Dad liked Paris so much more than he thought he would! We had an adventure traveling on the overnight bus (10 hours) to London instead of riding the bullet train ($18/ea instead of $250 each). Traveling with the commoners was not his normal travel experience!
But being back in London feels like being "home". Finally somewhere where we know our way around and can read all the signs!
We went to "Memphis" last night. Loved it! We hadn't even heard of it, but the ticket counter guy recommended it and it was great.
 — with Shawn R Fisher.
Here are Janie & Shawn inside the theater where they saw "Memphis" in London.
By the _ottenham Court
Janie and Shawn at Earl's Court Station.  They fly back home on Thursday, June 25, in time for the BYU-Idaho Dancesport Extravaganza Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 25-26-27 in Rexburg at
Here's what Heidi Fisher, Janie & Shawn's daughter, our granddaughter, posted on face book:

I love being apart of Dance Alliance especially because I get to dance withDaniel and Kelly Fisher! Don't miss our show this weekend! Thursday Friday and Saturday 7:30 @kirkum auditorium - BYU-IDAHO - June 25, 26, and 27, 2015. 
Heidi Fisher photo...

Here's one of her at ballroom dance practice with her brother Daniel Fisher.
And here's a photo of Daniel's wife, Kelly, (in foreground) practicing for the Dance Alliance Extravaganza....she is a wonderful addition to the Fisher Family!
All of the above pictures were what happened on the day before Janie's birthday -- June 23rd.

Now here are her actual June 24th birthday activities (just posted at 4:00 p.m. Mtn. Daylight Savings Time -- but be night in London.
 This is how we like to travel now: Through someone's pictures of the trip they are on.

Janie’s birthday – June 24, 2015 – in London
Had a very perfect birthday with lots of favorites: London, strolling through two museums - at my own pace (no bored children pushing toward the exit), enjoying the English gardens of St. James Park, Cornish pasties for lunch and American steak for dinner. Then - choosing a Birthday pastry of chocolate chocolate. Yum. Days don't get much better than this --
Updating our Big Ben picture - the first one together was in 2000. We're looking just a bit older these days...

[Eileen’s note: They sure know how to get the photo of a landmark in full view with them in the foreground, don’t they!]
 My favorite city walk - Buckingham to Trafalgar Square through St. James Park.

The Churchill War Rooms was truly fascinating. Made us feel so much gratitude for the sacrifice, leadership, and endurance that it took to win the war. Seeing the actual planning rooms and maps still with the final pins of the battle fronts was very sobering.

My choice for dinner? Steak of course!
Toughest decision all day - what to choose for birthday cake. I was finally able to settle on three... Thanks to hubbs for getting some milk from the corner grocery to go with it!!

Janie, looks like you've had a wonderful birthday in London today...

June 25, 2015 - Thursday

Today we left for Twin Falls to rendezvous at the Temple with Dale and Connie to do a three o'clock session.

Then we all chose to have lasagna at Maxie's.  We enjoyed talking with Doug and Edie Adams, who has been Connie's neighbors for many years in Burley.
With them was their daughter Danielle and her husband, and Charlie Jones.
    It's always great to run into old friends.

We stopped at Costco to get gas, since we were under a fourth of a tank.  As Walt said: "It's better to fill up and not worry all the way home (40 miles) to run out of gas."

We also got some fruit at Costco to fulfill our pot luck assignment for our Empty-Nesters' Family Home Evening next Monday when Ken & Bonnie Hansen are doing a "Dutch Oven" dinner.

Gary Jones stopped out in front to talk with Walt for a few minutes.  They got back the end of April from their mission in Nauvoo.  Walt and Gary have been close friends from the time we moved to Burley in 1966 -- wow, can it be 49 years ago?!

June 26, 2015 - Friday 

We were both out of energy today and had a hard time focusing.  However, Walt did get the lawn watered and we bought a new slow-soaker hose at King's.  The one we had for many years has stopped functioning.
  And we did go out to Walmart for Walt to order glasses for his new prescription.  I couldn't find my new prescription to also order new glasses.

I saw some pork chops I'd put in the freezer a couple of weeks ago so we had an old-fashioned farm supper of meat, mashed potatoes, home-made milk gravy, green beans and salad.

Walt had been wanting some Popsicles for these hot days, so I bought a bag today.  All that coldness tasted so good on this hot June afternoon.
June 27 2015 - Saturday  

Brother Weeks mowed our lawn.  He does a top-rate job and our lawn is looking better and better.  What a great service for us!  We so appreciate it.

We went to Walmart again for Walt to change his order.  Since he had picked out the same frames as he had before, he just had them take his lenses out of the broken frames and they put them into the new frames.  David had told him that the prescription had hardly changed.

We enjoyed celebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary for Neal & Kenna Wyatt at the open house their three daughters held for them tonight.  (Their actually date was June 24.)

A lot of family and friends came.  And we were able to talk with some of our friends we had not seen since returning 9 months ago.
Two of their darling granddaughters opened the outside door for us when we were leaving.

June 28, 2015 - Sunday

After partaking of the Sacrament today, our Gospel Doctrine teacher, Bonnie Fronk, quoted some great doctrine from Jeffrey Holland that we can think about during the passing of the Sacrament:
1.(will finish later)
The speakers today gave inspiring talks which helped us focus on

Nolan Weeks spoke on
Fidel Gonzales spoke on 
John  Kloepfer, high councilor spoke on

We hope you have had a spiritual, restful, and peaceful Sabbath Day.

Heavenly Father continues to send revelation to earth.
Jesus Christ will return when it is time for His Second Coming...this time in power and glory!
The Holy Ghost prompts us when we have the Spirit with us.

Of this we testify.  
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, I D A H O

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