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Traces of Time... July 6-July 12, 2015

This week in Burley - July 6-July 12, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Monday

Walt is in his workshop trying to fix the frame for Brian's senior picture.

LaRae Crane and I went visiting teaching to Cindy Young, Bonnie Rose, and Debra Harrell.  Here is Bonnie.  We love the sisters we visit.  Karen Taylor spends most of the summer in McCall with D. and family.

I love LaRae and love to be her visiting teacher partner.  We were partners once before between our missions.  She and Dan have served 11 missions...they'd go in the winter for six months between farming seasons.

July 7, 2015 - Tuesday

 Walt worked some more on our falling-down back-yard fence.
We had supper at Burger King tonight.

July 8, 2015 - Wednesday

We went early to the TwinFalls Temple where Walt's High Priest group was assigned to do sealings at 11:00 a.m.
Left to right: Eileen and Walt, Dan Black, Dan and Delores Green, Dan and LaRae Crane, Bud McClaws.  Grant Starley was the sealer today, and Joyce Cox, a temple worker also came in to help us.
We did some shopping at Costco, had a nap and Dale and Connie's home, then the four of us did the 3:00 session.
After this we had supper at Shari's.

At Shari's, every Wednesday is "free pie day."

They even let you take your pie home if you're too full to eat it there if you're too full from their wonderful dinner entrees.  We were.
Walt chose Marion Berry, and I chose coconut cream.

Don't forget:  At Shari's, on Wednesday with each dinner order, you receive a free piece of pie.
(And we just found out that every second Monday at The Wayside Inn lunch is free for Sr. Citizens.)

July 9, 2015 - Thursday

 Thursday, Kathleen Hedberg came to help us re-learn Family Search and Family Tree.  She is such an excellent teacher and so willing to help us.  She's coming back the week of July 20, after we get back from July 13-17 at Island Park and Yellowstone Park with some of our families.

Everything is new and different on Family Search now.  She's also helping us with Ancestral File and how to send GedComs to our family from our Personal Ancestral File "PAF."

That afternoon my visiting teachers came. Allison Burgess and Lori Baker.  Busy young mothers....well in a few weeks, Lori will be a first-time new mother.  I appreciated their visit and their message.  And Allison is going to have the first grandson for the Burgess family and I think for her side of the family, too.

That afternoon we also went Home Teaching to Dan Black.  He has a lovely garden in his back yard.

That evening we taught our "Tuesday night" Temple Preparation class to Jose and Crystal because she had had to work late on Tuesday.

July 10, 2015 - Friday - First Day of the Wendell High School

All-Alumni Reunion (held every three years)

We drove an hour west to our Wendell High School All-Alumni Reunion.  Walt is talking with George and Violet Benson -- Classes of 1945 and 1948.

Here's a better picture of them.

Here we are with Edith Dean Pehrson and ___________
(If any of you classmates can help me fill in the names I can't remember, please let me know. Thanks.)

Here are 6 classmates from the Class of 1957.  Two more came on Saturday.
Left to right: Bevery Brownlee Mason, Bevery Barrus Christofferson, Eileen Albertson Petersen, Lucille Hunsaker Campbell, Jim Campbell, and Merolyn Bailey _________.

Walt talking with Jack Gough.  I think he was the Class of 1950 or 1951.

These good friends are Joyce Carman Smith, Class of 1954, Nathan "Mac" Smith, Class of 1953, who live in Provo.  Bob Byce, Class of 1953, worked with my Mom at the Gooding PCA (Southern Idaho Production Credit Association) for many years and he still lives in Gooding. Mac and Joyce stayed with him and his darling wife Edy on Friday night.

Walt is with Wayne and Debbie Chandler.  When they lived in Burley, Walt delivered some of their children.

Dee and Pattie Christensen are dear friends who live in the Burley area...maybe Declo.  Dee is the Class of about 1949 I think.

We went for supper at The Farm House in Wendell. We enjoyed looking at Betty Jenkins Graffe's scrapbooks with photos from each All-Alumni WHS Reunion.
What a fun first day being with classmates.
   When we got back to Burley, we went to the viewing for 
Vaughn Stoker who was killed on July 4 when thrown out of a car driven by his nephew.  Very sad.

July 11, 2015 - Saturday - Second day of 

WHS All-Alumni Reunion

"I'll never forget when you made 33 points at the Buhl game," said Blaine Murray, Class of '54.  ( (Walt told me later It was only 32 points," then added, "It was the funnest game I ever had." He had never scored that many points before or after."  The radio announcer started calling him "the radar kid!")
That's something for a sophomore to remember that after 63 years later!
Blaine became a nuclear physicist, traveling all over the United States seeing that the nuclear plants were functioning correctly.

Carolyn Nelson Chandler's sister on the far right came from Pocatello--Ruth Nelson ______, Class of 1942, age 90 was brought by her daughter, in the middle.  Her daughter said "My Mom is 90, Carolyn is 80, and I'm 70."

Verla Christenson Lancaster, on the left, is also the Class of 1942.  Her husband, Murk, passed away 2 1/2 years ago at age 88.  We miss him.  Rulon and Carolyn to the right of Walt, live in Wendell where Rulon purchased the farm Carolyn's Dad had owned, and then added land to that.  He was "Farmer of the Year," during his farming years.

Here's Verla, she and her sister Arlene Christenson Skeem, never seem to age.  We are sad we didnt' get a photo of Arlene.  Arlene's husband, Wayne Skeem, age 90-something wasn't able to come.

This Middle School is right behind the High School.   We liked the picture of the school mascot - the Trojan.

A photo of us at the luncheon.

 Viewing some of the 200 classmates who turned out. As always, some travel long distances to come, and some of the classmates who live right in Wendell or close surrounding areas do not.  We wished more had come. 

Glen Spencer is on the left--chairman of the event, and next to him are two of the other members on the planning committee--Berdell ______________________, and Gary Cox.

Joyce Stephenson Cox, was also on the committee.

Bonnie Feckner __, , Class of 1951, got a wasp stink Friday 
night and had "Dr. Petersen" check it.  It was really swollen.  He told her what would be best to do for it.

Here is Barbara Smith Gibbs, Class of 1954 of '55.  She told us that she and her husband, Gordon, were diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.  She survived and he did not.  She lives in Rexburg.

Too soon it was time to say "Good Bye."
Walt is talking with Monte Peterson, who also helped on the committee.  To the left are Nathan "Mac" Smith--'53 and his wife Joyce Carman Smith--'55

Left to right: Edy & Bob Byce.  Bob Class of 1953, with Mac and Joyce Smith. Mac and Joyce stayed overnight with the Byces in Gooding on Friday.
As Mac was ready to head back to Provo he said to Walt and me: "This may be the last time we drive up for the reunion.  We just don't like to travel this far any more."

Here are Joyce Stephenson Cox, Class of 1953 or 1954 and Edith Dean Pehrson, Class of 1952. Joyce said she would stand in for her sister Carol Stephenson Dye, Class of 1952, who wasn't able to come from by Ucon by Idaho Falls.  Carol had said: "I want to be at the reunion, but I don't want to drive from Ucon to Wendell to get there."  
That's how most of us "older-than-dirt" classmates are getting to feel.

And we say to all our classmates and friends who put forth the effort and money to help this reunion happen:

"Thanks for the memories..."

   {There were four of the girls Walt had dated in high school, and he said he would still choose me.   Whew!}

Here is the Class of 1952 in 1952

Here are the Class of 1952 classmates who came to the reunion--63 years later: Front row: Rulon Chandler, Carolyn Nelson Chandler, Joanne Sprenger Stickle*, Betty Jenkins Graffe.
Second row: (Eileen Petersen--Betty asked me to join in their class photo, but I shouldn't have--it makes it confusing since I'm in the Class of 1957.)  Walt Petersen, Edith Dean Pehrson. 
*Joanne lost her husband, Dick Stickle, Class of 1953, four years ago in July 2011.

I don't have the Class of 1957 classmates photo of 1957 scanned in yet.  Here are these classmates who came to the reunion this year: 
Front row: Helen Schiffler ______, Beverly Brownlee Mason, Donna Wellerd _____, Beverly Barrus Christofferson, Dale Miles.
Second row: Merolyn Bailey _______, Eileen Albertson Petersen, Lucille Hunsaker Campbell, Jim Campbell.

...we will have these moments to remember.

July 12, 2015 - Sunday

We rode with Dave and Marilyn Gibbons over to Jerome to go to the Sacrament Meeting of the Jerome 2nd Ward to hear Lon and Nancy Thompson speak after having just returned from the temple mission to the Guatemala City Temple.
(Someone took a photo of the six of us together - The Thompsons, The Gibbons, and The Petersen's....but evidently they didn't hold the camera button long enough and it didn't take. So we don't have a photo of the six of us together.)

The Thompsons did a wonderful job of speaking and after their 3-hour block invited to stay for the luncheon at Lon's brother's home: Kurt and Judy Thompson who have a beautiful, large home south of Jerome.

We left in time to get back to teach our 3:30 temple preparation class, but the couple didn't see us in our Burley Ward this morning, so by the time we discovered that, it was time for them to go to their 4:30 dinner appointment.

We went home teaching to David Hansen.  Alice is in Europe for two weeks with her sister, Miriam, and a group of 200 some band and choir members.

Then we went to the viewing for our good friend, Keith Crane.
It's always sad for a family to lose their husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  Gilbert told us he was wanting to go because since his stroke over two years ago, he had not been able to speak and was so frustrated.

My photo didn't turn out very well lit.  I'll have to get a copy from one of the other family members who were also taking photos.  
Ramona - who is also having some health problems - looked very beautiful today.
Keith and Ramona's children in order of age are:

Rozann, Lisa, Tracy, Gilbert, and Kelly.

     A Forever Family.

Now as this Sunday comes to a close...

We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
The Church of Jesus Christ is true, restored from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

We are thankful that because of restored Priesthood ordinances Families can be together Forever in the Temples--The Holy Houses of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Walt & Eileen Petersen - Burley, I D A H O

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